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INF5120 Model based System Development

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1 INF5120 Model based System Development
Open Business Model and Service Innovation with VDML and ServiceML Arne J. Berre SINTEF, Norway, Henk de Man, Cordys, Netherlands, and Yannick Lew and Brian Elvesæter, SINTEF IWEI Workshop 3, Standardisation for interoperability in the service oriented enterprise Enschede, March 26th, 2013 Networked Enterprise transFormation and resource management in Future internet enabled Innovation CloudS,

2 highly innovative networked enterprises
NEFFICS Community of highly innovative networked enterprises Applications for highly innovative networked enterprises Virtual Factory Network (Vlastuin) Liquid Hospital – H2O (HSJD) Networked business value analysis models (IC Focus, AAU) VDML Networked process and service models (SINTEF) ServiceML Networked innovation models, leadership and management processes (AAU) CEN/389 Networked enterprises MashApp applications and process support (CORDYS) Networked innovation community services (INDUCT) Enterprise SaaS Cloud business operations and orchestration platform (CORDYS) Google Apps/Waves, Cloud computing & Web 2.0 platform Networked Enterprises on Internet of Services (IoS) and Things (IoT)

3 NEFFICS Platform Networked Enterprise Networked Enterprise Networked
Networked Enterprise Portal (Virtual Extended Factory Liquid Hospital) NEFFICS Methodology and Practices WIki Network Business Operations incl. app/services development Internet of Services /Things Networked Innovation management Network Business Modeling and analysis Dashboard Innov. Portfolio Network search BM canvas Funnel BM canvas Buss. SoaML Service ML Service BM canvas MashApps BOP Instance Case Mgmt Challenge Idea “Change” BPMN BMM Google, COIN, ASPIRE, ... process analysis Value Value formula Business values process BMI (L) SI process AT-ONE VDML CMMN Dashbord BAM KPI’s RFID Sensor Challenge Entity Inter-enterprise Hub Social modeling/Google Wave Networked Enterprise Networked Enterprise Networked Enterprise Networked Enterprise Networked Enterprise



6 Business Model representation  VDML and ServiceML
Six building blocks representation, as high-level abstraction; detailed representation and ”wiring inside”, based on VDML


8 Positioning VDML VDML BPMN SoaML

9 VDML ServiceML Goal Role Value Proposition Value Activity
implies measurable description mandates Role Value Proposition Value Activity Collaboration Service Offering Service Journey Need Capability Org Unit Business Network Community Method Resource owns supports provides requires defines business defines informal or “weak” defines formal or structural expresses performs creates and/or consumes matches participates depicts designs / experiences provides / consumes defines translates into receives articulates Service Architecture Service Contract contains establishes subtype Ideal Expected Actual captures Objective Participant Port Request Service Interface Consumer Provider engages- plays subtypes accesses subtype ServiceML

10 Business Model Innovation (BMI) with VDML diagrams
- Capabilities - Activities - Value Propositions Emergency Admissions Clinical Oversight Obstetrician Obstetricians Pediatrician Anesthesiologist ER Physician Affiliated Doctors Pediatricians Anesthesiologists ER Physicians Maternity Ward Operating Room Recovery Facilities Management. Beds Maternity Ward Admissoins Nurse Nurses Nursing ER Obstetrics Pediatric Operating Room Visit Doctor’s Office Patient Appointments Doctor’s Office Provide Maternity Care Requests Admission Hospital Handle Emergency Emergency Patients Client Monitor Patient Monitored Reports Monitoring Monitor Gestation Obtain Maternity Care Doctor’s Office Hospital Client Monitoring Service Patients Maternity Care Services Doctors Activity Network Diagram Capability Management Diagram Value Proposition Exchange Diagram VDML - - Network Partners Customers Value Formulas - Doctor’s Office Hospital Client Office Appointment Admission Request Obstetrician Services Maternity Care Monitoring Initiate Reports Emergency Doctor’s Office Hospital Client Office Appointment Admission Request Obstetrician Services Maternity Care Initiate Monitoring Reports Emergency Cost of Monitoring Service to Doctor’s Office ... + Doctor’s value from Doctor’s Office Patients value from Doctor’s Office Cost of Maternity Care Services to Patient Maternity Care Value Margin - Patient’s payment Role Collaboration Diagram Role Collaboration Diagram Measurement Dependency Diagram

11 Business Model Diagram

12 Customers and Network Partners with Role Collaboration Diagram

13 Value Propositions with Value Proposition Exchange Diagram

14 Value Proposition expressions

15 Activities with Activity Network Diagram

16 Capabilities with Capability Management Diagram

17 Value Formulas with Measurement Dependency Diagram

18 Value Type library

19 Process Innovation with VDML Activity diagram – and further CMM and BPMN models for execution

20 Service Innovation with ServiceML diagrams


22 Actors with Value Networks

23 Actors with Service Interactions

24 Touchpoints with Service Journeys

25 Opportunities with Service Contracts
Using Business SoaML

26 From Value Networks to Service Contracts

27 Experiences with Service Journeys

28 Needs with Goals/Objectives

29 From Models to Execution VDML ProcessModels Service Models WebServices
Has value Business Architect Identify Services Identify Cases Identify Processes IT Architect Solution Architect Service Models (ServiceML) ProcessModels (CMMN) (BPMN) WebServices WS1 WS2 WS3 WSx Deploy new services Execute / Uses Execute & uses

30 Conclusion The NEFFICS platform provides support for Open Business Model and Service Innovation with VDML and ServiceML From ideation through modeling to execution Videos and demos are available

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