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(Example: Contract College – Veterinary College) -Electronically-ViaMaximo.

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1 (Example: Contract College – Veterinary College) -Electronically-ViaMaximo

2 Service Request The service request process is designed to handle the routine/corrective maintenance and other daily facility needs of our campus community. The service request system provides a quick and easy mechanism to request work from Facilities Services/Zone, and works in conjunction with our Maximo System to handle customer billing and material procurement. This mechanism provides a trackable document with applicable information to accomplish needed work.

3 You Dept. Rep. Issue Service request (web based) Unit Facilities (Veterinary Facilities) Review and approve Service request (Maximo) Zone (Contract College) Assign Service request Trade Perform Service request The workflow process

4 You / Department

5 Net ID and Password Portal to Facilities Service Website to issue Service Request You/Dept.


7 You or Veterinary Facilities Veterinary Facilities

8 https://maximo.fs.cornell.e du:8474/ https://maximo.fs.cornell.e du:8474/ Portal to log into Maximo website Veterinary Facilities & Customer Service




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