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Michael Berthel &Anna Zinko 2013 NYU Student Affairs Conference.

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1 Michael Berthel &Anna Zinko 2013 NYU Student Affairs Conference

2 Introduction Who We Are & Why Were Here Adelphi University Be the Change Week 2013: HqM5CXU HqM5CXU

3 What We Know: Background Information Civic engagement has become an emerging focus within higher education, with an increased interest by students to participate in volunteer opportunities. Simultaneously, the student body throughout the United States has become increasingly diverse with more access to women and students of color than ever before. (Musil, C.M.) These two emerging characteristics of the American higher education have brought social issues to a forefront, providing student affairs practitioners with an opportunity to engage their students as socially responsible citizens.

4 Background Information Continued Preparing students to become knowledgeable and engaged citizens is a key purpose of higher education. Experiential learning gained from hands-on service projects may be an important factor in engaging students in social problems. Students who participate in service- learning opportunities are more likely to have an understanding of social justice (Mitchell, T.D.).

5 Social Justice Social Justice is both a process and a goal. The process focuses on the understanding and change of social structures that create inequality. The goal is a global community with social responsibility toward and with others, where resources are equitable and all members are physically and psychologically safe and secure.

6 Service Learning Service-Learning is a teaching and learning strategy that integrates meaningful community service with instruction and reflection to enrich the learning experience, teach civic responsibility, and strengthen communities.

7 Active Citizen Continuum

8 Combining Service Learning & Social Justice Primary Aim of Social Justice Education: Recognize Systems of Oppression & Privilege Primary Aim of Service Learning: Participate to acquire greater skills, values and knowledge while the recipient benefits from the service provided. Primary Aim of Our Programs: Empower Students to Create Social Change by Changing the Systems

9 Assessing Your Climate: How Can This Work For You? Adelphi University: Small, private institution (6,500 students) Predominately White Institution Primarily Commuter Students Generally Socially Unaware/Disengaged Service creates a new pathway to engage students in a dialogue about social justice.

10 Results on Our Campus Be the Change Week at Adelphi University CARE Mentorship Program Bystander Training

11 Be the Change Week


13 Utilizing Social Media


15 Essay Contest Please respond to the following quote in a minimum of 500 words. The questions listed below can be used to guide you. "Be the change you wish to see in the world." - Ghandi What change do you most hope to see in the world during 2013? How will you "be the change"? What have you already done to create change in the Adelphi community and beyond? What do you hope to do in the future? Winner received $100 to the charity of their choice and a $500 grant to complete a consciousness raising or fundraising event. Helped to leverage students to see themselves as change agents.

16 Service Immersion Trip 26 Students participated in the fully- funded trip. Over 90 applications were received. Trip provided students the opportunity to work with the hungry and homeless while examining homelessness as a social issue based in a system of oppression.

17 Reactions to the Trip Participating in the DC trip was the best community service project I have been involved in at Adelphi… It was truly humbling to be able to not only cook for homeless people, but interact with them as well. The trip was definitely an amazing experience. The partnership with YSOP and the dinner at the church made community service so personal; it was refreshing to serve those who were homeless or hungry and then also chat & get to know them. I was reminded of what community service entails - lending a hand to your neighbor. Yesterday, when my group cleaned out an elderly woman's house, I realized that community service wasn't just something I sign up every once in awhile; it's actually something that should be embedded within my lifestyle. I was challenged to be constantly prepared to serve, and to identify those around me who are in need, even if it means that I'm just talking with them and listening. Further, I'm challenged to talk to people I see in the train station on my way home.

18 Be the Change Week Continued Wear Your Cause on Your Sleeve Blood Drive Panel: Is Peace Achievable? Activism 101 (New York Civil Liberties Union)

19 CARE Mentorship Program Began During Be the Change Week Program run by the Hispanic Cultural Center of Oyster Bay Provides children from local schools with supervised activities including homework help, non-competitive games, cultural and civic enrichment activities, health, and character and life skills education. The overall goal of the program is to ensure that children from low income families where English is not the first language do not fall behind in academics and to provide a rich and rewarding experience to the children and their families.

20 CARE Mentorship Program Continued Application/Interview Process 12 students – primarily bi-lingual Volunteer every Wednesday throughout the semester Cohort model Training on diversity and service Guided reflections

21 Discussion How are you combining service learning and social justice initiatives on your campus? Is this a formal partnership? What opportunities exist moving forward?

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