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Implementation of CAP by U.S. National Weather Service

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1 Implementation of CAP by U.S. National Weather Service
NOAA’s National Weather Service Implementation of CAP by U.S. National Weather Service Ron Jones Office of the Chief Information Officer Internet Services Branch NOAA’s National Weather Service

2 Early efforts for XML format
Severe weather watches/warnings/advisories made available via Internet in RSS – 2003/2004 Very popular with users RSS feeds by state, county, and aggregated national feeds Updated every 2 to 3 minutes

3 CAP 1.0 Common Alerting Protocol 1.0 offered significant improvements over RSS CAP format begun as experimental format 2004/2005 Public coments accepted on format through 2007 CAP 1.0 continues as experimental service

4 HazCollect HazCollect Project utilizes NOAA/NWS infrastrcuture to disseminate hazardous situation messages from local emergency management offcials NWS continues to work with HazCollect project to aggregate CAP messages into NWS datastream Internet page display of warnings as well as transmission over local NOAA Weather Radio transmitters

5 Migration to CAP 1.1 CAP 1.1 features more detailed pre-parsing of NWS products than previously available and also feature ATOM based index feeds. Posted as experimental service mid-2008 Public comments accepted through Decembr 1, 2008 Messages offered in CAP, Atom, and RSS formats Feeds make use of the Extensible Stylesheet Language (XSL) to describe how files encoded in the XML standard are to be formatted or transformed for display by your web browser. It is expected these CAP 1.1 feeds will replace the current CAP 1.0 feeds by December 2009.

6 Medium and long range goals
Much progress has been made in offering severe weather watches, warnings, and advisiories in CAP format; however, there is still much work to be accomplished Creation of bulletins in CAP, not parsed from text bulletin “Push” of CAP feeds vs “Pull” Improved use of CAP by local authorities

7 CAP feeds available CAP 1.0 feeds
Information on Atom format Atom Syndication Format

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