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SERVICE MARKETING Swapna V. Muhammed Lecturer, MES College, Marampally.

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1 SERVICE MARKETING Swapna V. Muhammed Lecturer, MES College, Marampally

2 SERVICES The sector of Explosive growth More than 50% of the average familys budget is spent on services Share of services in the countrys GDP is about 60% & likely to grow Service sector is expected to grow @7%

3 MAJOR BENEFITS OF SERVICE SECTOR To provide largest no. of jobs Least affected by recession & highly stable Potential for global trade in services with the implementation of WTO

4 EXPANDING HORIZONS OF SERVICES 1. Financial services Banking Insurance Leasing Merchant banking Venture Capital 2. Postal & Courier services Mass mailing services Insurance Space for advertisements

5 EXPANDING HORIZONS OF SERVICES….. 3. Transport 4. Tourism 5. Hotel/ Hospitality 6. Health care 7. Personal care Beauty Hairstyle Gym

6 8. Education 9. Professional services Taxation Career counselling Legal counselling Investment Management Consultancy Construction – Turn key projects Event Management - Trade exhibition,seminars, meetings, workshops, marriages EXPANDING HORIZONS OF SERVICES…..

7 10. Entertainment / Leisure - Cinema, Water park 11. News Agencies - T.V., Net, Paper, Radio 12. Information Services - Yellow pages, Ask me 13. Public Utilities - power, Sanitation 14. Information Technology 15. Product Support Services - Installation, Repair & Maintanence EXPANDING HORIZONS OF SERVICES…..

8 16. Domestic services - Laundry, Gardening, Child care, security,Pest Mgt 17. Govt. Services - Birth certificate, cast certificate ( network between Panchayaths & Munciplaities) 18. Social & Not- For-Profit service - police - Polio immunization - Protection of Environment EXPANDING HORIZONS OF SERVICES…..

9 Significance of Service Marketing Intensive competition Growing consumer awareness Increasing specialization (hospitals, hotels) Market sophistication Technology

10 Marketing has revolutionized the Service sector Tangibilising the intangibles eg. Changing the smell of hospital Comfortable stay at hospital Network class room Managing Differentiation in terms of offering, Delivery & Image Managing service Quality Customer is the Boss & Boss is always right Standardization & customisation

11 Industrialising the services Synchronising the Demand & Supply Internal Marketing ( satisfy our own employees) Interactive marketing ( Interaction with customers) Relationship Marketing ( establishing relationships with customers) Application of Technology ( Airways- print ticket from computer) Marketing has revolutionized the Service sector…………

12 Why should you Focus on service marketing Tremendous scope for employment Highly rewarding Globalised opportunities Challenging Scope for innovation Scope for self employment (we help) Suited for women ( customer courtesy)


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