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Customer Service Certification

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1 Customer Service Certification
Salamanca, Spain

2 Agenda Video (Workplace and Customer Service) Customer Service
Questions and Answers

3 NMHU Video Workplace Development
School of Business Administration Students Customer Service Role Playing

4 Customer Service Outline
Importance of Customer Service Study and Articles of Customer Service CS a Practical Approach Steps of CS Improvement Conclusion and Recommendations Phone Face to Face Facility Layout Discussion

5 Importance of Customer Service
A customer must perceive that they are the most important person on our premises. The customer is not dependent on us in any way and we are not doing them a favor by serving them. They our doing us a favor by using our services (products) and giving us a chance to serve them. w/o customers we have no business w/o bus no job GOOD FAIR BAD Differ, it can be your org. biggest strength Does your business have competition YES - Who – others – local, regional, national, and global Internet around the world

6 Importance of Customer Service
The Reality of Customer Service Bad service A person will tell 9 of 10 they meet about it 13% tell an avg. of 20 Good service A person will tell an average of 4 people about it Only 4% will ever complain about bad service. For every 1 that reports poor service, 26 are unreported. What do you lose (1 person for a lifetime of sales and their referrals) What does a customer look for: Value = Fair Price+Quality+CS The 96% will quietly go away and take their business else where Worth of losing one Autos -200K Grocery 234K Optic .50 * 365 = years $$$7, years $600 year sub $75 * 40 =$$$3,000 Adv revenue (most) Are you in for the long haul? Treat customers beyond their expectations and they will return Mistreat a customer and that will be the last time you see them Good service (customer tells 9 others) Bad service (customer tells 32 others) Customer, employee, and owner/management triad

7 Importance of Customer Service
Focus on the customer 67% stop using a business due to indifferent employee treated them poorly Five time more likely to leave due to poor service than product quality 96% never complain about rude or discourteous service but…. 91% will never again buy from that business Tell their “horror story” at least 9 times 13% of them tell it at least 20 times It cost five times more to attract a new customer than keeping an existing one Why a customer stop doing business 1% pass away 3% move away 5% develop other relationships 9% leave for competitive reasons 14% are dissatisfied w/ product 68% due to attitude and indifference of ONE single employee

8 Importance of Customer Service
If you lose ... Spending $5 weekly $10 weekly $50 weekly $100 weekly 1 customer a day 94,900 189,800 949,000 1,898,000 5 customer a day 474,500 4,745,000 9,490,000 10 customer a day 18,980,000

9 Study and Articles of Customer Service
Management’s Commitment Constant Rewarded Walk the talk Accountability Valued Reinforce behavior with immediate recognition Lead not just manage

10 Study and Articles of Customer Service
Employee’s Commitment Accountability Consistent and fair w/ each other Positive Attitude Owning our own behavior Professional vs. personal Serving the customer

11 Study and Articles of Customer Service
Not a Program it is a Service Mindset Good Leaders treat their employee as customers After social exchange ask yourself how you would I have felt after the exchange. A-to-Z of Customer Service (hand-out) In many studies Empathy is one of the best tools (put yourself in the customers shoes) Since 96% will not say ask yourself

12 Practical Approach Seven Steps to Successful Customer Service
1.Total Management Commitment 2. Get to Know Your Customers 3. Develop Standards and Service Quality Performance 4. Hire, Train and Compensate Staff 5. Reward Service Accomplishments 6. Stay Close to Your Customers 7. Work Towards Continuous Improvement

13 Practical Approach 6 Steps to Great Customer Service
1. Drop Everything to Answer , Phone or Whatever… 2. Do a Little Extra 3. Keep Your Promises 4. Address Problems Immediately 5. Follow Up On Problems, Questions, Etc. 6. Personalize Communications

14 Practical Approach Customer Satisfaction in 7 Steps
1. Encourage Face to Face Dealings 2. Respond to Messages Promptly & Keep Your Clients Informed 3. Be Friendly and Approachable 4. Have a Clearly-Defined Customer Service Policy 5. Attention to Detail 6. Anticipate Your Client’s Needs & Go Out of Your Way to Help them Out 7. Honor Your Promises

15 Practical Approach 12 Steps to Improving Quality of Customer Service
Adopt a Philosophy Communicate and Practice the Philosophy Establish External & Internal Customer Needs Establish a System of Measuring, Monitoring, and Tracking Customer Satisfaction Train Workers So That They Can Be of Maximum Assistance to Customers Empower Workers to Make Some Decisions within the Locus of Their Work

16 Practical Approach Use Employee Teams to Motivate and Encourage worker Participation Involve Employees in Strategic Planning & Decision making Activity Allow Workers to Participate in Designing Customer Contract Strategies Establish a Written Customer Service Guarantee Policy Cultivate a Physical Environment and Organizational Culture Avoid Complacency at All Costs!

17 Practical Approach Six Steps to Excellent Customer Service
1. Impress Prospects and Clients with Professional Proposals & Documents 2. Keep in Touch During the Project 3. Guarantee Your Work 4. Learn to Manage Complaints 5. After the Project is Completed, Give the Customer A Gift 6. Stay In Touch

18 Bottom Line of Customer Service
When we reach out to our customers (empathy) When make our customers feel at home. When we make our customers feel they are getting their money’s worth – and more When we show we care When we give the right advise (they know that we know what we are talking about)

19 Bottom Line of Customer Service
When we recognize our customers When we take responsibility (raise the responsibility by what you expect) When we make our customers feel special When we make mistakes we make it better than before we add value When we keep the promises we make We say thank you clear and loud

20 Phone – Customer Service
Did you know that a caller to your employment can tell and perceive your mood and even if there is a smile on your face by the tone of your voice. Phone Etiquette Company’s name Employee’s name How may I (help, serve, assist) you Listen (jot the callers name down – and use the callers name in the discussion many times if possible) When wanting a different person (it is ok to ask – May I inquire as to whom is calling (and or the issue)? If placed on hold (example: Sorry for the wait that department is working on a deadline – May I please take a message Transferring Calls (always give the call the extension number in case they need it later) Thank them for calling! Greeting Answer Promptly Ideally within 3 rings Put a smile on your face Speak clearly Identify yourself Use the customer’s name whenever possible Say “thank you” Be attentive to the customer’s needs Putting calls on HOLD Ask permission Try not to leave the customer on hold for more than 30 seconds It feels like a long time and wishes to hang-up Transferring Calls Give name and number of person you are transferring to If the party is not there: Offer to help Take a message Deliver the message Follow up

21 Customer Service Factors

22 Face - Customer Service
Face to Face Respect Kindness Consideration Empathy Friendly and effective service Honesty and feelings of pride Use examples to assist customers In many studies Empathy is one of the best tools (put yourself in the customers shoes) Since 96% will not say ask yourself

23 Customer Service Factors

24 Facility - Customer Service
Facility Layout Customer service area Comfortable Visional designation between work and customer area Tickets Scheme Give employee all five tickets at start of the month Employees give their peers a ticket when they see them performing great Customer Service or “going beyond the norm” Everything that you can use Build trust with customers w/ service Reinforce the need of treating customers right

25 Conclusion/Recommendations
Customer Service Area Complete buy in by management and staff. Reward going the extra mile Perception Fairness

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