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Community Service.

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1 Community Service

2 Community Service Community service is one of the Avenues of Service which encourages Rotarians to offer service to their communities. Every Rotary club and every Rotarian assumes a responsibility to find ways to improve the quality of life for those in their communities and to serve the public interest. Insert program name and photo.

3 What is Community Service?
Encouraging and fostering the ideal of service to the personal, business and community life of every Rotarian. Opportunities for every Rotarian to exemplify “Service Above Self”. A chance to respond to the needs of a local community.

4 Community Service Projects
Are relevant to the community Serve as a learning experience for Rotarians Identify a Rotary club’s role in its community Determine how Rotarians can help with the resources at hand

5 District Structure The district Community Service chair coordinates and promotes club community service projects within the district. The chair: works with clubs; encourages district-wide participation; shares information and ideas with Rotarians in the district. Insert information on the district level program structure. Who are the key district leaders and how do they serve the interests of the program?

6 Project Resources on the RI Web site
Find and post model community service projects on ProjectLINK Community Assessment Tools (605C) Communities in Action: A guide to effective service projects (605A)

7 Contact Contact the district Community Service chair
in your area or RI Staff: Community Service Coordinator One Rotary Center 1560 Sherman Avenue Evanston, IL USA Tel: Fax: Insert program name and appropriate contact information.

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