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2 Jas Forwarding Worldwide
Efficiency Reliability On a global scale                            

3 Jas Forwarding Worldwide
3.000 Employees 240 Offices in 80 Countries Annual Aggregated Revenue US$ 1.2 Billion Network: Europe – Indian Subcontinent – South East Asia Far East Middle East - Africa - Oceania - North America- South America Jas Mission “To be an organization that is committed to providing service at a level of excellence that exceeds every industry standard, at a price that is fair. We will accomplish this by creating an environment that encourages and rewards our employees on reaching our full potential, and puts emphasis on both competition and equality.” Logistic solutions applicable to several industries such as Textiles, Fashion, Automotive, Chemical, Pharmaceutical , Electronic and Telecommunication.

4 Via R. Sanzio 6/8, Segrate MI
Jas Italy Founded in 1978, Jas has been a leader in international shipping both air and sea for over 30 years 461 Employees Turnover 2010 – Eur : 44.3% Air – 54.5% Sea – 1.2% Other Jas Milan Hub Export Warehouse Fully Bonded Import Warehouse sq. mt. Fully Bonded Milano Malpensa Bergamo Como Torino Biella Venezia Verona Vicenza Genova Padova Parma Bologna Cesena Modena Firenze Montegranaro Roma Napoli Udine Brescia Livorno ISO 9001:2000 certified AEO certified (N° IT AEOF ) Customer Service Security Warehousing X Ray Distribution Technology HEADQUARTERS Via R. Sanzio 6/8, Segrate MI

5 Consolidated relationship with major carriers
Jas Italy Statistics Air Freight Overview Main hub MILAN Secondary hub ROME EXPORT Total Kgs moved in 2010: N. of shipments handled during 2010: IMPORT Total Kgs moved in 2010: N. of shipments handled during 2010: Sea Freight Overview Main hub MILAN Secondary hub FLORENCE EXPORT Total TEUS moved in 2010: N. of shipments handled during 2010: IMPORT Total TEUS moved in 2010: N. of shipments handled during 2010: Iata Ranking (2010) #2 In Italy Consolidated relationship with major carriers

6 Jas Services AIR Freight Sea Freight Road Freight IT Solutions
On Time Solutions Charter 6

7 Jas Divisions Oil & Energy Division Food & Beverage Division
Fashion Division Institutional Division 7

8 Oil & Energy In the Energy Division this is the mantra. Our team in this important vertical market has been up and running for over a year, staffed by professionals with experience of succesfully handling global traffic for well-testing, drilling and supply companies. Consistent with the JAS commitment to quality, our staff have been recruited based on their long experience across the entire spectrum of the Energy Sector but specifically in the areas of: Oil & gas industry Construction and engineering Drilling contractors Platform upgrade Mining Refining 8

9 Food & Beverage Division
GENERAL FOODSTUFF WINE ANS SPIRITS FRESH FRUITS AND VEGETABLES Jas is committed in providing expertise and quality, insuring optimun conditions for transport and handling of Food&Beverage across all major global routes & countries. Jas protect your products whether they are frozen, chilled or simply temperature controlled. The possibility to purchase large quantities of shipments allows Jas to offer extremely competitive services and rates.

10 Fashion Division Jas transport clothes and textiles all over the world. Hanging garments transport is an essential part of our services. Jas is ready to propose you highly qualified freight services in accordance with your individual wish. We can provide Air, Sea and Road containers of all sizes 10

11 Institutional Division
Jas offers a wide range of services to institutional clients. In fact our staff is fully experienced in handling a variety of security and technical support for the military logistics. Jas offers a dedicated staff 24 hours, able to manage on time solutions for countries under armed conflicts, or for all area at risk. We are cooperating with the Italian Ministry of Defense, ICE Institute of Foreign Trade, other Italian public agencies.

12 Expert Friendly Supportive On time Problem Solver Customs brokerage under Jas customs license Insurance Warehousing and Distribution Packing and Crating Projects

13 Customs Brokerage Bonded Warehouse AEO Authorised Economic Operator
Jas manages and operates bonded and free trade zone warehouses where payment of duty is usually deferred until the goods leave the facility. Brokerage Cleaning Customs Consultancy Consultancy on import/export regulations and tariffs Customs Documentation Preparation and Tracking of documentation Consultation, Drawback & Technical Services AEO Authorised Economic Operator The AEO is a voluntary programme, for those companies who want to continue to benefit from simplified Customs clearance and eventual centralised clearance in the European Union. JAS is entitled to: World-wide recognition as safe and secure business partners in international trade; Possibility of prior notification; Lower risk score in risk analysis systems; Reduced levels of risk controls; Mutual recognition of AEO’s under Joint Customs Co-operation Agreements could result in faster movement of AEO goods through third country borders; Reduced data requirements set out for entry and exit summary declarations (Security and safety certificate only); Better position with regard to simplified procedures. 13

14 Warehousing & Security Security Room & Monitors
Warehousing & Cameras Bonded Warehousing X-Ray Security Staff 24/7 Security Room Dangerous Goods Refrigerated area Security Room & Monitors

15 Technology & Support E-Commerce Track & Tracing
Supply Chain Management (Orbis) 24 hours Support Online Quotations Documentation Log In, key in the Hawb, reference or Mawb number in the search interface and you will be able to trace your shipments automatically on the screen, monitor their progress, and download the invoice or the Hawb. The information on your shipments are update using data coming from JAS offices and from several different sources such as airlines and cargo communities. product can be customized following your requirements and this added value service will not have additional cost but it is already included into our general proposal. Orbis is very easy to use if set up properly. This provides minimal strain during transition and implementation for any potential user, internally or externally.

16 Thanks for Choosing JAS


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