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Stage Gate Process for New Technology Consumer Products RC March 25, 2006.

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1 Stage Gate Process for New Technology Consumer Products RC March 25, 2006

2 Discovery Idea Generation IT Product Development/Design (develop technologies) Product Line Management (product pricing, revenue forecasting) Marketing (sales projections, competitive environment) Research (customer voice, competitive environment)

3 Gate 1: Idea Screen Committee consisting of: Divisional VP Product Line Management Marketing Finance Regulatory Network Engineering Decides which ideas to pursue based on Implementation schedule to build product Systems schedule for customer billing Sales and Revenue Potential Capacity issues for product availability Strategic Fit Customer Receptivity GO/KILL

4 Stage 1: Scoping Due Diligence Phase…… Market analysis of competitive products Analyze potential derivatives of existing products P&L, Revenue Potential, ST/LT forecast Training Resources Needed Channel Resources Needed IT spec requirements for billing systems VAS Revenue reports, Customer feedback studies Tariff filing requirements – canvass regulatory needs

5 Gate 2: REGULATORY Determine filing process for product based on pricing structure Determine tariffs needed Contact state Public Utility Commision Develop state rollout schedule ………Timing GO/KILL

6 Stage 2: Business Case Build single and multi year forecasts for ROI across footprint. State launch plan based on filing requirements Systems Timetables for product development and billing integration Sales and Marketing strategy Channel and training strategy

7 Gate 3: Funding PLM - Present Business Case to D&O Committee for funding GO/KILL

8 Stage 3: Development IT Product Design starts to build software product // IT Billing starts to program pricing for billing system based on launch schedule PLM starts state filing process and starts to refine business plan Sets Revenue goals for all channels Marketing Sales Telemarketing Online

9 Gate 4: Testing IT Product/Design rolls out beta test to internal random sample IT Billing tests that product billing codes are programmed correctly to appear on customer bill If product malfunctions or billing tests are not correct GO/KILL

10 Gate 5:Pre Launch PLM and Marketing determine a test market Marketing develops customer profile and targeting criteria for advertising campaign Marketing develops a marketing plan for all channels Marketing manages Advertising Agency to execute Advertising plan PRODUCT LAUNCHES ………………………………………………………….. Post Implementation Review Marketing monitors sales and response tracking during life of ad campaign After six month period contact existing users, sales staff, purchasers for feedback.

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