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Karin Schmid, Director Company presentation MTH AG Messtechnik Handels AG.

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1 Karin Schmid, Director Company presentation MTH AG Messtechnik Handels AG

2 About MTH AG History People Products Three-Phase Power Meter Single-Phase Current Meter Heat Meter Ecotrade Water Meters Electronic Heat Cost Allocator Meter Reading by Radio Fleetmanagement based on GPS Index

3 Company/ History MTH AG has been in the business of producing and selling water meters since 1958. The production of heat meters startet in the early seventies of the last century. Our company is located in Siebnen, Switzerland and is the successor of the Standard Messgeräte GmbH of Werl, Germany, which has also been a licensed test center for water measuring devices. Our water meters and heat meters are still beeing produced in Germany. For Information regarding our other products please feel free to contact us via E- Mail. As a trading company we value the quality and integrity of our partners. With our associates we exercise an elaborate quality management program. Togeter with our partners we are eager to enhance our products qualities. 2005 Extension of our product portfolio (Fleetmanagement, electronical meters)

4 Company/ People Karin Schmid, lic. oec. Director Patric Vogt, lic. oec. (HSG) Assistent to the Director Michael Sprave jun., Computer Scientist Friedhelm Sprave sen., Graduate Engineer Head R&D

5 Products

6 Products/ Single-Phase Current Meter 5(63)A Facts Electronic AC-meter with display Current: 5(63)A Voltage: 230 V, 50 Hz Precision class 1 Type 'Professional' with S0 impulse output Typ 'Professional' with data for current, voltage, power, factor of power and returnable energy data The new Single-Phase Current Meter displays a new dimension in the field of energy measurement.

7 Products / Three-Phase Power Meter Facts Three-phase power meter with display Optional with M-Bus Digital AC-meter Display for: energy value tariff 1 and 2, display test, converter constants, impulse constants, impulse length, M-bus Addresses, baud rate Optional with M-Bus interface, Optionally as 2 tariff counters, Impulse output as SO-interface Impulse value adjustable Adjustable transforming ration for 2, 3 and 4 conductor networks Current: 5(65)A, 5//1A Nominal Voltage: 3x230/400V, 58/100V The DHZ is a digital 1 or 2 tariffs counter for 2, 3 and 4 conductor networks.

8 Products / Heat Meter Ecotrade Qn 0.6 / 1.5 / 2.5 m3 / h Facts Low installation hight (77mm) LCD display 6-digit and 360° und 360° rotatable 25 Stichtagswerte Optionale upgrade to reading by radio Optionale upgrade to M-Bus Accurate and safe measuring mode Various information for direct reading on display Excellent cost/performance ratio Ecotrade® is a modern compact heat meter which can be used in residential buildings and small units in non-residentail buildings. Our system alllows easy installation and if needed fast replacement.

9 Products / Overview Water Meters Products Domestic Water Meters for Cold and Warm water Apartment Water Meters for Cold and Warm water Wash-basin Meter Tap Meter Bath tub Meter Meters for concealed installation Valve Metert Pulse Meters for Cold and Warm water Woltman Meter Accessories Welcome to the World of Measuring Instruments for Water and Heat!

10 Products / Electronic Heat Cost Allocator The Electronic Heat Cost Allocator is a measuring device to gather the heat emission of heaters in different units. Facts Gathering of heat emission Automatic saving of cumulative heat consumption of the past year up to the defined end of period date Automatic saving of cumulative heat consumption on each first day of the month High-Contrast multifunctional LCD-display State-of-the-art SMD technic and microprocessor Reliable and tamper-proof Lithium battery with capacity > 10+1 years Meets EN 834, November 1994

11 Products / Reading by Radio on site

12 Products / Reading by Radio via GMS/GPRS

13 Products / Fleetmanagement based on GPS This off-line sytem is designed for vehicle operation recording in the most simple and cheapest, but still complex way. Facts Power Supply9 - 15 VDC InterfaceRS232C Operating temp. -40°C – 70°C PositioningGPS Dimensions109 x 74 x 27 mm Weight0.2 kg Internal memoryUp to 200 000 positions and analyses AccuracyGPS 10 m DGPS <3m

14 Products / Fleetmanagement based on GPS The Track Box consists of the part fixed to the vehicle (connected with the vehicle junction box) and the detachable data memory section with a control panel. Several packages are available to satisfy your needs. We also love to customize the package to fit your requirements.

15 Thank you for your attention! For further information visit us on Or contact us directly under

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