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At, we aim to prove our work ethic and provide the expertise in professional and qualitative results, imperative for developing long lasting business relationships.

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1 At, we aim to prove our work ethic and provide the expertise in professional and qualitative results, imperative for developing long lasting business relationships. Once mandated to complete a project, our database design department works to help you improve your data flow with complete an secure databases, where superior performance and dedication are essential. Management Team: Ioana Pestritu Bogdan Toma Alexandru Prisacariu Alexandru Ene Project Manager: Livia Toca Listen to your ideas, understand your needs, exceed your expectations.

2 Connex, the leader of mobile telecommunication market in Romania, is the registered trademark of MobiFon S.A., the company that launched the first GSM network in Romania. Connex is currently a subsidiary of Vodafone Group. Providing a full range of mobile telecommunications services, including voice and data communications, Vodafone currently serves more than 154.8 million proportionate customers worldwide. myAccount is a useful tool for the Connex customers, allowing, besides various functionalities for self-management, the electronic online display of the Connex bill and of the GSM calls for the ongoing month and the previous 3 months. Contact information: Phone: +40 21 302 10 00 Email: Connex 15 Charles de Gaulle Square, sector 1 Bucharest, Romania

3 Interviewee: Mrs. Teodora Pohoata Project Manager Self Support Systems E-mail: The first interview: Personal experience gained from using myAccount ( Information received from Connex Customer Service Connex website: Business magazines: Biz, Capital, Ziarul Financiar offered an overview of what self-care and self-management stand for created a detailed view about different types of clients cleared how the business is computerized and where a human operator is needed confirmed the obvious need of an online store insight from the clients point of view regarding the online business elementary information about the online application architecture data flow inside the system

4 The Activity System Map through its clear and intuitive layout helped us examine the business and build our strategy.

5 Stable database able to support continuous activity, constant changes and large data flow Tracking: Generate comprehensive reports on: Information output from the billing system The future need for an online store Designing a database able to support future development of the online business Filling the demand of administrating various types of accounts in different manners Changing the price plan and extras package to suit the clients needs tariffs and price plan details transactions and bills possible additional and ISP services billed/unbilled calls billed/unbilled internet traffic details for current roaming calls

6 Minimal representation of the business needs Initial design using scarce information Forms basis for future development Basic, general information modeled as a result of the first interview Intermediary stage of development based on first assumptions Important entities outlined

7 The Second Interview: Collected information about the bill e-payment Gathered further information about a future online store: Documented all the assumptions made for the preliminary ERD: the obvious need for an online store the benefits of an online store for the online business the diferent types of products on sale: mobile phones, SIM packs, accesories, promotional materials special offers only available in the online store the difference between private individuals accounts and legal entities accounts the difference between voice and data services promotions and discounts available for price plans and other services


9 The following real example illustrates how our ERD and the myAccount application are interconnected.

10 The ERD was created referring only to the online business. There are two types of Client: private individuals and legal entities. Private individuals can create the account themselves by using the Auto-register option. Legal entities accounts must be created by a representative of Connex Customer Service. An administrator must be designated for the account and he will be able to create accounts for the companys employees. A client_code is a unique number assigned to each type of client: subscriber or online store customer. The address attribute is optional, needed only when the client is an online store customer. An Account is accessed by using a unique user name and a password. There are two types of accounts: private and administrator. Each type of account contains an organizational hierarchy, where all the subscribers are listed (e.g. all the phone numbers of the employees of a company, all the phone numbers registered on a consumers name).

11 A Subscriber must use a price plan. A Price Plan reffers to different types of services: data services (ISP Postpaid and ISP Prepaid) and voice services (GSM Postpaid). Price plans and additional services might be changed or updated over time. This information is kept in the Service Portfolio entity; its status can be: active, inactive or suspended. A subscriber, through a certain service, makes transactions. The charge for each type of service is different (e.g. sms, calls, roaming calls, etc). This information is modeled in the Service Type entity and Transaction entity. The duration attribute reffers to either the volume of a message or the duration of a call (internet access). A Bill may be issued as a result of many transactions. The Destination Profile entity reffers to the billing address of a subscriber. In case the client is a company all the postpaid plans will appear on the same bill. A client may use the online store by making an order. Each Order contains a number of items. Each Item represents a type of product (e.g. handset, accessory, promotional article, SIM pack). Since promotional articles can be clothing, we needed to model an optional size attribute. Each accessory is compatible for a class of models (e.g. Series 60).

12 A subscriber can make different types of requests (e.g. activation/ deactivation requests, changing/ updating requests). The code attribute is a number assigned to each postpaid plan. A subscriber may get feedback from Connex Customer Service by filling up a feedback form. In these situations, an employee is needed to manage requests and forms. The Price entity shows how costs change over time. Certain promotions and special offers can be applied to it. One price is the value for a service, a service type or a product and may have one discount applied to it. One Promotion has many Special Offers, referring to services and products. Through the Price entity, promotions are connected to special offers. The logical attribute "paid" corresponding to the Bill entity shows whether previous bills are paid or not. The total amount listed on a bill is the sum of all transaction and active service costs evaluated during the billing period.

13 The start_date must be before the end_date on the service portfolio, promotion and price entities. At least one price plan must have "active" status, but not more than one for each type (GSM or ISP) of plan. The discount on a special offer cannot outrun 100%. The billing period of a bill starts on the "billing_date" and ends after 30 days. An order cannot outrun the maximum sum of money that can be paid online. A client code is assigned to the account administrator or the consumer whose name other subscribers are registered on. Both subscription code and client code are the same for administrators and consumers, who have many postpaid plans registered on their names. Constraints: Assumptions:

14 A flexible and secure system has been created to allow data flow to be easily controlled. Our solution allows activities like accessing your bill and bill e-payment to be easily managed. The tracking system we created is able to keep historical data (e.g. price plans, tariffs, data services, etc) in storage. Our system meets the need of a human operator in creating administrator accounts, managing requests and feedback forms. The online business has been expanded by adding an online store. Records are kept for orders, deliveries and receipts. We managed to create a strong designed ERD, which meets all of the online business needs. Connex can generate reports for clients and accounts, bills and transactions, orders and deliveries by tracking services, subscribers and accounts.

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