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Uruguay: A Place To Grow With October 2005 AUDACA – Asociacion Uruguaya de Agentes de Carga.

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1 Uruguay: A Place To Grow With October 2005 AUDACA – Asociacion Uruguaya de Agentes de Carga

2 At a Glance Social stability Basic Indicators > Population 043,241 million > Surface173.215 km2 > GDP 04 USD13.216 million > Growth rate `04 12.3% > GDP per capita 04 USD 4.078 > Literacy Rate 97 % Uruguay has... Political stability Reliable institutions

3 The Region Member of Mercosur > 2004 GDP (USD billions) 704 > GDP per capita (USD)3.073 > Population (millions) 229 > Area (millions of km 2 ) 14 > % South Americas territory 77 Mercosur Basic Indicators Brazil Paraguay Bolivia Chile Uruguay Argentina

4 Economy

5 Economic Reform Debt Crisis in Latin America Tequila Crisis Devaluation of Brazilian currency Argentinean Crisis Evolution of GDP GDP (1983 = 100) Economy

6 Inflation 1991 - 2005 Economy Note: 2005, projected by government.

7 Trade

8 > Totally free imports and exports regime >Free exchange market, no restrictions on foreign trade operations >Tariffs: 0 to 20 % (CET for MERCOSUR) General Trade Regime

9 Trade Main Export and Import Products Exports Meat Cereals Skin & hides Mineral fuels and bituminous substances Wool Dairy Products Oil seeds and oleaginous fruits Plastics and articles thereof Imports Pharmaceutical Products Fertilizers Chemical Products Vehicles Vehicle parts and accessories Plastics Electrical machinery and equipment 2004 Source: Uruguay XXI

10 Trade Total Exports (in U$S millions) Source: Uruguay XXI Latest information available December 31st 2004

11 Trade Main Export Destinations 1998

12 Trade Main Export Destinations 2005 Accumulated January - September

13 Investment

14 General Investment Regime > No discrimination between local and foreign investments. > No previous registration or authorization required. > No restrictions on capitals or profit repatriation. Remittance can be made in any currency at any time. > No limits on foreign capital share in companies. > Tax exemptions. Investment

15 General Investment Regime Investment > No price control. > Fiscal and Banking Secrecy. > No exchange rate control. Other Aspects

16 General Investment Regime Investment Special Regime for the Export Industry Temporary Admission This regime makes it possible to enter supplies exempted from all import taxes, provided those supplies will be used to produce goods for export.

17 Strategic Location

18 Strategic Location Platform to the region Río de Janeiro 2.400 Km San Pablo 1.970 km 1.970 km Porto Alegre 870 Km Montevideo Buenos Aires 250 Km Asunción 1.550 km Santiago 1.900 km Uruguay: A safe, reliable and competitive place, displaying the best connections to concentrate and distribute goods, in the richest region of the continent.

19 Strategic Location Platform to the region Goods in transit 2004 : 54% Montevideo Port – Regional Hub

20 Strategic Location Special Regimes Free Port - Montevideo: first and only free port of the Atlantic Coast of South America. -Free merchandise transit, no authorizations or formal procedures required. Within port facilities goods are exempted from all import levies. Free Trade Zones -Areas exempted from Capital and Income Tax, as well as from any other tax created (as from 1987) or to be created in the future. -Introduction of merchandise into the FTZ is exempted from all import levies. -Possibility to develop any industrial, commercial and service activity.

21 Strategic Location Airlines operating out of Uruguay Airports American Airlines -> Daily flights Aerolineas Argentinas -> daily flights LanChile -> daily flights Pluna -> daily flights Lufthansa -> two flights weekly Air France -> two flights weekly Global Connections from their hubs

22 Strategic Location Shipping companies operating out of Uruguay APL Alianca Transp. Maritimo Cia. Libra de Navegacao CMA-CGM Coscon CSAV Evergreen Marine Corp Grimaldi Traghetti Gilnavi Hanjin Shipping Hamburg Sud K.Lines Lloyd Triestino Lykes Line Maersk – Sealand Maruba S.C.A. Mitsui OSK Line Montemar S.A. Mercosul Line Mediterranean Shipping Co. Niver Lines Nippon Yusen Kaisha Pacific International Lines P&O/Nedlloyd Line Safmarine Ltd. Senator Lines Trasp. Maritima Mexicana Ybarra – SUD Zim Line

23 Support & Infrastructure

24 Support & Infrastructre Logistics & Distribution Basic Indicators > Most dense road system in the region > Access to electrical power: 98% of the country > Access to drinking water: 98% of the population

25 Communications > Digitalized telecommunications in commutation and transmission since 1996: 100% > Satisfied telephone demand since 1997: 100% > Highest telephone density in Latin America: 28 > Number of PCs for every 100 inhabitants: 11 > Highest number of hosts for every 10.000 inhabitants in Latin America: 257 > Highest rate of internet users in Latin America: 12% > Percentage of households with fixed phones: 84% Support & Infrastructre

26 Uruguay: A Place To Grow With October 2005 AUDACA – Asociacion Uruguaya de Agentes de Carga

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