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Delivery Manager Overview

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1 Delivery Manager Overview
MetaPack DM

2 This year over 30,000,000 parcels will be delivered using MetaPack’s software

3 Questions… Parcel and pallet delivery is critical to your business. Are you in full control? Do you get the best service? Are you getting the best price? Are you and your customers fully informed? Do you have the required contingencies?

4 Our Customers Leading retailers have increased their control over their parcel and pallet deliveries by using MetaPack’s independent Delivery Manager system. MetaPack DM improves service and reduces cost. Now this powerful but simple system is more widely available.

5 Our Customers: SME

6 eCommerce- Partners

7 Why a new delivery system?
The parcel and pallet delivery environment is a tough one. Your customers want high service quality, flexible delivery, better information and competitive pricing. The range of services offered by carriers change, while pricing tariffs become more complex. Carrier ownership changes. Some carriers stop trading. Carriers change their systems. Are you in control? MetaPack offers one simple interface to independently manage any range of parcel and pallet carries, more convenient and cost effective than using the carriers’ own despatch systems. You are fully informed and in complete control. You will reduce cost and increase service quality so that your customers’ requirements are met and delivery becomes a competitive advantage.

8 MetaPack DM puts you in control
Use your system to manage carriers and put yourself in control: Use one simple system to manage all of your carriers Make your data entry and despatch area more efficient Choose carriers according to lowest cost or best service or your customers’ preference, or any mixture of these criteria Bring carrier pricing into your own system for analysis and decision making Capture all the discounts and rebates available Avoid all the surcharges that carriers can add Set automatic carrier selection criteria for each delivery, for each type of parcel, for each service and then let the system manage this correctly, right first time, every time Guarantee carrier contingency so you are never let down Manage carriers to meet your needs: not the other way around

9 MetaPack DM keeps you informed
Use your system to be fully informed about delivery and carrier service: Respond to customer enquiries in the quickest way possible with the most information available Be aware of delivery problems that are about to happen or that have just taken place: pro-actively manage your customer relationships Analyse all of your carrier’s performance with comparable data on the same screens Understand carrier weak spots by product type, geography and depots Measure failure against SLA agreements Confirm your invoices with your own data

10 MetaPack DM serves your customers
Use your system to increase customer service Improve first time delivery success by choosing the correct carrier for each job Improve delivery contingency with back up carriers Use carriers for regions and depots where their service levels are highest Reduce return to sender and number of carded deliveries Allow customers to track their own deliveries online Improve customer care processes ( speed and accuracy ) Add new carriers easily and quickly

11 And what do the carriers get out of MetaPack DM?
Most parcel carriers don’t want to take all of a shippers traffic. By giving carriers the business that they want we can reduce your costs and increase your service. For Carriers MetaPack provides preferred: weight and dimensions: some carriers want small products, some medium, some large etc post codes and regions: some want urban, others have advantage in rural areas etc services: some want same day, some next day, some two day etc procedures: some want left safe, others only provide proof of delivery quality: no hand written labels or non conforming labels And reduced cost to serve: no despatch systems and hardware support So it is a win/win!

12 Summary Use one simple system Take control Improve service Save money
Be informed Maintain contingency

13 MetaPack’s DM…..all carrier systems, in one
MetaPack DM is a pay-as-you-go web based platform integrated to all major UK carriers. Access, allocate, control and track any carrier service through one web screen

14 Execution at the point of despatch
Execution enables the multi carrier approach by intelligently streaming shipments to a range of carriers and by efficiently managing the despatch process. Benefits Lower carrier outbound costs Lower data entry, warehouse and despatch costs Greater business continuity/lower business risk Higher levels of customer satisfaction

15 Standard carrier label print and manifesting
Execution Service facilitates use of a common label printer, A4 printer and stationery set to meet the requirements of all carriers. Label printing Manifest printing

16 Save without reducing carrier rates
DM can usually cut carrier costs by 10 to 20%, without reducing carrier rates, by: selecting the best carrier for each consignment; automatically navigating complex tariffs by destination, weight and dimensions; avoiding costly surcharges; eliminating over-servicing and managing best insurance costs. Cut carrier spend without reducing carrier rates! …and reduce process costs: Streamline pick, pack & despatch process Reduce manual keying in Reduce cost of customer care (cost per call) Reduce damages and returns Make better use of pallet deliveries Carrier cost savings vs. current carrier cost -10 % -20 %

17 Reporting services total visibility in a single view
Reporting services generates parcel status and performance reporting for multiple carriers. Benefits Lower call centre costs – fewer and shorter calls relating to deliveries Greater customer satisfaction and retention SLA monitoring of carrier performance Greater (carrier) management productivity and focus Refinement of carrier selection by depot, postcode etc.

18 MetaPack DM results Parcel and pallet delivery is critical to your business Full control  Best service  Best price  You and your customers fully informed  The required contingencies  ………..through one simple system

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