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Web: Web: Mike Short VP – Technology, O2 Group Chairman – Mobile Data Association Mobile.

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1 Web: Web: Mike Short VP – Technology, O2 Group Chairman – Mobile Data Association Mobile Networks - Connecting IT to the future BCS – 1 st December 2004

2 O2 history: independent wireless operator for more than 2 years … June 2000 November 2001 December 2001 May 2002 November 2002 June 2003 October 2003 December 2003 March 2004 September 2004 October 2004 O 2 launched worlds first GPRS services to UK market mmO 2 demerged from BT as an independent wholly owned company Europes first fully operational 3G network goes live in Isle of Man Launch of O 2 consumer brand O 2 Germany EBITDA positive – a year ahead of schedule O 2 UK and Tesco create Tesco Mobile joint venture Launch of Starmap mobile alliance O2 Ireland turns on its 3G network O2 Germany launches 3G O2 Germany & Tchibo launch joint venture O2 UK launches 3G for business customers DateKey events

3 The Mobile Digital Hub Photographs Music Calender Contacts Money P2P Voice/ Video Chat Messaging/ Email Sharing Broadcast (TV/Radio) Web Browsing Music/Video Streaming/ Download



6 Source: NOP World



9 Handsets Develop To Be Mobile Digital Hubs 512Mb Memory, 40Gb+ Removable Storage 16 million colour VGA display High Speed Multi- radio access (3G, HSDPA, WLAN, Bluetooth, FM, DVB) New data entry mechanisms More powerful processors 4 Mega-pixel Cameras Hi-Fidelity Sound & Dolby Digital 5.1 Virtual Surround Sound 3D Graphics Accelerators

10 Messaging Our data strategy is to focus on services & customer benefits not technology. We are championing 3 key categories: Office on the Move Music Business Services –Blackberry, XDA, data cards –Connection Manager –Push e-mail on preferred device –Customised applications Ringtones & music downloads –Digital music player, music content & community –Own music on the move category –Poly & True Tones, Network Ringtones, Music Videos etc. Leader in text & MMS (volumes & revenues) –Evolving from home of text to home of messaging –Drive e-mail and explore IM –Nurture video messaging

11 Were winning high value, data centric business customers

12 Wolseley Group are using the Xda II to improve their customer service Wolseley is the UKs largest distributor of construction products. They have over 800 outlets and 12,000 trade customers. Own well known brands such as Plumb Center, Building Centre, HRPC Centre The Wolseley / Xda II proposition offers heating engineers / plumbers: –wireless button to the Wolseley product catalogue, –access to the store, inventory and pricing databases – job allocation, management and signature capture for the customer organisations Wolseley has saved some of its customers over 200 hours a week

13 Success in business driven by a strong core proposition, innovative data devices and applications Data DevicesPropositions SME Value for money tariffs Business Zones Network Promise One call ownership No IVR Corporate Value for money tariffs O2 Welcome Network Manager (extending to GPRS) Applications Email / Internet Extended Office Independent software vendor programme (ISV) Vertical specific Third-party use

14 Learning the lessons from the launch of GPRS & WAP 3G Network Devices Propositions GPRS Tariffs Promotion Channels Customer Experience Rapid roll-out to 80% coverage Phased roll-out matching customer demand Attractive well-priced devices key to mass market take-up Attractive range & price for the mass market expected from 2005 Lack of compelling propositions & content initially Integrated WLAN/3G/2G propositions; Faster, richer, more interactive over 3G Simple, ease-to-use Complex tariff structures initially. Simpler tariffs boosted take-up Straightforward tariffs that apply to all data services whether using GPRS or 3G Restricted WAP user interface O2 Active boosting usage Data cards difficult to set-up Dedicated data care team Intuitive, simple, easy to set-up user interface with one-touch access Heavy investment in best in class billing & CRM capability Technology focussed Over-promised, under-delivered on WAP Focus on services & customer benefits Only promote when experience is right Channels not geared up to selling data services Dedicated training team Solution selling Customer demonstrations

15 Mobilise your laptop The most comprehensive solution designed to meet the needs of the laptop user Giving customers faster, convenient and cost effective access to email, corporate Intranet and the Internet WLAN > 6000 UK hotspots via partnerships with Excilan, Openzone & The Cloud More coverage than any other single service provider 3G 20 cities by Christmas Matching current GPRS demand GPRS (2.5G) National & international coverage Customer insight I simply want the people in my business to have access to their email & the Inter/Intranet wherever they happen to be. I dont want to know how it works. I just want it to be quick and easy

16 Connected via a simple, easy-to-use interface called O2 Connection Manager O2 Connection Manager offers many customer benefits: – One stop, easy access for WLAN/3G/GPRS – Intuitive & consistent user interface – One click access to email, Internet & VPN – Up-to-date O2 WLAN hotspot locator – Ability to send texts using laptop keyboard – Imported contacts from Outlook or SIM card – Data usage monitor – Ability to set-up multiple profiles – Download free from or pick up a O2 3G/GPRS Data Card – Fully O2 branded with Connection Manager software – Card offer with high value data tariffs Tariffs – WLAN: FOC trial for first two months and AYCE for £30 – Unique & VFM GPRS/3G tariffs: Data Sense and Group Shared Bundles – Charged to the mobile phone bill

17 We are offering our customers choice & flexibility depending on where they are and what they want to do Up to 11Mbps Up to 384 Kbps Up to 56 Kbps Speed is dependent on numerous factors which are uncontrollable – IT network setup, efficiency of providers and number of users accessing the same information GPRS National & International Major UK cities & towns UK hotspots 3G WLAN Speed/Coverage GPRS: Mobile data access for on the move type applications 3G: Ultra fast mobile data access – up to 384 Kbps, making email/LAN access more convenient WLAN: Broadband speed in hotspot area. Replicates in office experience

18 We have received positive feedback from our trialists Pretty easy to use, stick the card in, wait a couple of seconds, find your local area, use the connection manager and away you go Ive found the software easy to use, it makes it very simple and straight forward to get in Connection Manager I can take it anywhere and use it anywhere, if I arrive anywhere and Im half an hour early I can download my emails which is simply not possible otherwise It meets all the criteria, its reliable, its fast. Its relatively easy to use and doesnt have that annoying aerial Having the remote access is brilliant The business case has been my ability to keep, the company system going 24 hours a day

19 We are mapping 3G coverage to customer demand GPRS usage 3G Coverage Phase 1 (Oct. 04) Phase 2 (Jun 05) Phase 3 Phase 4 Phase 5 GPRS Usage All UK mobile networks have the same 3G license agreement to provide 80% UK population coverage by Dec. 2007 London Data Coverage WLAN Coverage (>6,000 hotspots) 3G Coverage GPRS Coverage



22 New Q3 Propositions O2 Friends 50% off calls texts, picture, video messaging to your three favourite numbers. Who would you choose?

23 New Q3 Propositions X Range Promote the functionality of the range of O2 exclusive products –Campaign will showcase the ranges functionality and style X2 – its a camera X3 – its a camcorder Xda II – its a music player

24 New Q3 Propositions Double O2 Double your Talktime, Texts, Video and Picture Messages when you join O2 For new customers on £20+ calling plans 1st October 2004 - 31st January 2005

25 Web: Web: Mike Short VP – Technology, O2 Group Chairman – Mobile Data Association

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