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American Nationalism Chapter 7 Section 1.

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1 American Nationalism Chapter 7 Section 1

2 The Era of Good Feeling Feeling of national unity
Monroe – the unique American experience Economic growth Federal government with a strong Supreme Court Expansion west with transportation improvements Industrial strength

3 Monroe’s Presidency Era of Good Feelings
Two terms 1816 and 1820 Major party- Dem-Rep Federalist have no power & lose influence

4 The Election of 1816

5 The Second Bank 1st bank expired in 1811
Economic troubles-gov. paid high interest on war loans New bank passed in 1816

6 John C. Calhoun From SC Supporter of states rights

7 Henry Clay From KY Known as “Great Compromiser”
Supporter of nationalism

8 Tariffs & Transportation
Dem-Rep helped manufacturers with protective tariffs New England shippers & southern planters opposed the tariff

9 Tariffs & Transportation
Improve national road systems

10 Martin v Hunter’s Lessee
1816 Sup Court can accept st. court appeals and review them. Showed Sup. Court sovereign over state courts Court of final appeal

11 McCulloch v Maryland 1819 1st bank, Sup Court ruled that the bank could be created “elastic clause”(necessary and proper) 2nd bank, ruled states could not interfere with national government

12 Gibbons v Ogden 1824 Congress given right to regulate interstate commerce

13 Nationalist Diplomacy

14 Jackson Invades Florida
Sp controlled FL Slaves and Creek Indians escaped to FL

15 Jackson Invades Florida
Seminoles attack Americans in GA Sp. cannot control the border

16 Jackson Invades Florida
Andrew Jackson sent to stop Seminoles Captured Pensacola

17 Jackson Invades Florida
Sp & US sign Adams-Onis Treaty Gave all of Florida to US Est. W border

18 Adams-Onis Treaty

19 Monroe Doctrine Sp & the quadruple alliance begin to try to retake rebellious South Am.

20 Monroe Doctrine Monroe Doctrine-
1. US will stay out of European affairs 2. Europeans can keep current colonies

21 Monroe Doctrine 3. All European countries stay out of Western Hemisphere 4. If Europeans come to W. Hemisphere, that is war with US

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