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Municipality of Zagreb (HR) Klaićeva Street Parking PPP Project.

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2 Municipality of Zagreb (HR) Klaićeva Street Parking PPP Project

3 Description of The Project Objectives of the Municipality of Zagreb The Lack of parking spaces is a chronic problem of the city of Zagreb. In the wider area of the city centre, a total of 24,450 parking spaces is available (on- and off-street); the city is divided into three zones with different rates of parking. The biggest deficit in the number of parking spaces is on the west side of the city centre. The City of Zagreb has identified the plot bounded by Klaićeva Street (N), Kačićeva Street (W), Krsnjavoga Street (S) and the Mimara Museum (E) for the location of the new underground parking lot. The City of Zagreb invites potential private investors and developers to discuss and review relevant strategic options, and is open to proposition of adjustments and optimisation, as long as default minimum objectives are met: reducing the entry of vehicles from the West in the immediate centre of the city in search of a free parking space ensure a sufficient number of parking spaces for visitors and patients at Children's Hospital Klaićeva Street adequate supply of parking for the entire area (universities, museums, Croatian National Theatre, business centres) improving the supply of sporting facilities for schools and universities increase the quality of life in this area by offering shopping and catering facilities History of the Project The City of Zagreb today has nearly 800,000 residents and more than 286,700 registered vehicles (2012). The Gross domestic product per capita of EUR 18,525 (2011). It is the capital of the Republic of Croatia. The concept of this project was initiated ten years ago, initially as a construction of an underground garage on the western edge of the city centre; to increase benefit from integration and increase the socio-economic benefits, the car park was later combined with the renovation of the sport fields used by surrounding public schools. With the advancement of the project, additional functionalities have been identified by the City of Zagreb to regenerate the urban environment and increase the value, by adding an underground passage to the Childrens Clinic, an indoor sports hall and commercial space, initially designed for shops and restaurants. The broader design was presented by the City of Zagreb for the first time to potential investors in 2010. In 2013, with support of the EBRD, The City of Zagreb decided to take a concrete step towards the implementation of the project by seeking a bankable Public - Private Partnerships contracting model. Rebel, consulting firm from the Netherlands, is appointed to advise the City on the transaction path, together with local partners. On basis of existing studies, design, permits and strategy of the City of Zagreb, a Business Case has been structured and options for procurement established.

4 Parking Zones and Tariffs in Zagreb Parking Zoning in Zagreb The Project is located is the edge of Zone I (Red Zone). The City of Zagreb is currently studying the possibility to extend the Zone I to include the project The situation will be clarified in the Tender Documentation Klaićeva Parking Project

5 Location Map Childrens Hospital Mimara Museum Croatia National Theatre Museum of Arts and Crafts Westin Hotel University Complementary Recreational Facilities Existing Sports Fields

6 Base Design – Citys Own Impression of Ground Level Proposed Indoor Sports Hall Proposed Outdoor Sports Fields Complementary Recreational Facilities Possible Cars Entrance/Exit Museum Complementary Recreational Facilities

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