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Chapter 8 Section 5 The Age of Jackson.

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1 Chapter 8 Section 5 The Age of Jackson

2 Patronage Elected officials giving government jobs to friends and supporters Jackson made patronage an official policy of his administration Replaced previous Presidential appointees with Jacksonian Democrats

3 Spoils System Refers to loot taken from a conquered enemy
The “loot” was jobs for party supporters Jackson argued that job rotation prevented a small group of wealthy, well connected people from controlling the government The people liked this

4 Tariff of 1828 A heavy tax on imports designed to boost American manufacturing Greatly benefited industrial North But forced many in the South to pay higher prices for manufactured goods

5 Nullify The idea that states could reject federal laws they judged to be unconstitutional

6 States’ Rights South Carolina based their nullification threats on this Powers the Constitution neither gives to the federal government nor denies to the states Each state has its own powers that cannot be taken away

7 Secede Part of a theory that because states created the federal government, they have the right to nullify its acts and even secede, or withdraw, from the Union if they wish to

8 Indian Removal Act Authorized President Jackson to give Native Americans land in parts of the Louisiana Purchase in exchange for land taken from them in the east

9 Trail of Tears The U.S. Army rounded up 15,000 Cherokees and took them on a 116 day march westward for about 1,000 miles to Oklahoma Territory 1 out of every 4 Cherokee died of cold or disease

10 Black Hawk War 1832 A warrior named Black hawk led a group of 1,000 Indians in an effort to retake their land Weakened by hunger and illness, most retreated to Wisconsin Territory where most of them were chased down and killed

11 Second Seminole War Began in 1835 Lasted 7 years
Most Seminoles chased back to Florida where they hid in the Everglades

12 In what ways was Andrew Jackson’s Presidency a change from the past?
Jackson represented voters (at least he claimed to) rather than established institutions He shifted power toward the states and western interests

13 Why did Northerners and Southerners disagree over the Tariff of 1828?
The tariff greatly benefited the industrial North, supporting the products manufactured there It forced Southerners to pay higher prices for manufactured goods

14 Why did South Carolina threaten to secede over the tariff issue?
South Carolina believed that states could nullify federal laws that they judged to be unconstitutional. South Carolina threatened to secede if the federal government tried to enforce the tariff

15 Which 2 branches of the federal government came into conflict over the Indian removal Act
The executive branch and the judicial branch

16 Which branch won? Explain.
The Supreme Court ruled in favor of the Cherokees, but had no power to enforce its decision Georgia successfully defied the Court With the support of President Jackson

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