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An Ontario NGOs Campaign for Advanced Renewable Tariffs.

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1 An Ontario NGOs Campaign for Advanced Renewable Tariffs

2 Ontarios Power Crisis Many Nuclear Plants Inoperative Plans to Close Coal Plants Possible New Nuclear Plants New Gas-Fired Plants Concentrated Ownership Skeptical Public

3 OSEAs ARTs Proposal for Rapid Renewable Energy Development Not Cheap, Not Easy But Worth Every Cent

4 Do We Want Renewables? Peak Oil, Peak Gas Nuclear Problematic Kyoto & Climate Catastrophe France & Italy, 2003; 25,000 Dead Public Support High Large Crowds in Ontario Desire for New Manufacturing Jobs

5 If Yes, Then What Works Best? Who Wins Contracts Elite Few or All Who Want Them? How To Pay For Them Capital or Production Subsidies RECs/ROCs/Green Tags Advanced Renewable Tariffs Dunkerque, France

6 If Using a Market Model, Then You Get What You Pay For Ex. Fair Trade Coffee for Premium Price If You Want It You Must Pay For It Yes, Public Wants Renewables High or Premium Prices Deliver More Generation More Quickly More Manufacturing... And More Jobs

7 Why Wind? Reduces Use of Nuclear & Fossil Fuels Most Cost-Effective of New Renewables Relatively Benign

8 Wind Energys Benefits Clean & Green (Mostly) No SO x, NO x, or CO 2 Renewable Net Positive Energy Balance (4-6 months) Domestic: Not Subject to Embargo Does Not Consume Water Modular = Flexible

9 Wind Energys Impacts Aesthetics or Intrusiveness Erosion & Scarring from Roads Length, Width, Number and Slope Shadow Flicker & Disco Effect Climate? Noise--They are Audible Wildlife Habitat Disruption Bird Kills: Collisions, Electrocutions

10 Colorado California Wind Energy Has Come of Age

11 Off-the-Grid Applications

12 Household Applications

13 Farm Applications

14 Small Groups or Clusters

15 World Wind Generating Capacity

16 Wind Growing Rapidly Germany 2,000 MW in 2004 20,000 MW by 2006 30,000 MW by 2012 Spain 2,100 MW in 2004 France USA: 500-2,000 MW/yr


18 High Penetration is Possible

19 Solar PV Growing Rapidly 2004: 2,300 MW Worldwide 600+ MW/yr $7 Billion CAD/yr Major Markets Germany Japan California Rancho Seco, Calfornia

20 Solar Photovoltaic Development

21 Era of Distributed Generation Here Now Resilient, Not Brittle Short Lead Times Near Load, Less Losses Opportunity for Many Fosters Energy Awareness Alberta, Canada Ontario, Canada

22 Distributed Wind Energy Hohe Westerwald, Germany

23 Distributed Wind Energy Thy, Denmark

24 Why the European Success? #1 Public Involvement Germany & Denmark #2 Advanced Renewable Tariffs 16 EU Countries use Electricity Feed Laws

25 OSEAs ARTs Campaign Enlist Support for Community Power Stir Enthusiasm Among Farmers and other Rural Landowners Create Grassroots Political Support Adapt European Model to Canada Place ARTs on the Political Agenda

26 What is Community Power? Local Rooted in and Responsible to the Community Locally Owned Cooperative, First Nation, Farmer-Owned Commercial-Scale Generation Small Projects Making a Big Difference

27 Why Community Wind? Participation = Greater Acceptance Distributed = Greater Resiliency Clean & Green (Mostly) Human Scale Enables Local Ownership New Cash Crop For Farmers

28 Danish Co-ops (Vindmølleaug or Fællesmølle ) 1/4 Capacity Nationwide ~ $1.7CAD Billion 100,000 Households Own Shares 5% of Population Velling Mærsk-Tændpibe

29 German Co-ops (Bürgerbeteiligung) 1/3 Total Capacity ~$7CAD Billion 300,000 Own Shares 2/3 Schleswig-Holstein 4/5 Nordfriesland Amt Hooksiel, Schleswig-Holstein, Germany

30 Sydthy Kabelaug Denmark 16 km of Buried Cable Direct to HV Network 26 x V27s (225 kW) ~1 Million kWh/unit Mostly Pig Farmers

31 Middelgrunden Co-op København 20 x 2 MW Off-shore 1/2 Owned by Co-op 1/2 Owned by Utility 8,500 Investors ~$1,000CAD per Share Visible from Folketing ©Bonus a/s

32 Wieringemeer Noord Holland 5 x 600 kW Co-owned 1/2 by Two Farmers 1/4 by Manufacturer 1/4 by Utility

33 Toronto WindShare First Urban Turbine in N.A. Co-Owned WindShare Co-op Toronto Hydro Prominent Location Highly Visible Highly Popular

34 Goals for Ontario? Need Ambitious Targets Bold Vision Enlists Public Support Ontarios 10% Target--Modest Germany--50%! PEI--100% Renewable 2015 Aiming Low Never the Road to Success Bold Measures Cut Consumption Dramatically (1/3) Implement Advanced Renewable Tariffs New Deal for Ontario Farmers

35 Advanced Renewable Tariffs What Are They? Feed Laws or Minimum Price Systems Political Price, Not Political Quota Simple Contracts How Do They Work? Simple, Comprehensible, Transparent Little Administration Where?

36 Renewable Energy Tariffs Status

37 Germanys Renewable Tariffs The Results Renewables from EEG 9% of Supply Renewables Generating 40 TWh/yr 45,000 Employed in Wind Industry 15,000 Employed in PV Industry 135,000 Employed in Renewables 110,000 Jobs in Wind by 2010

38 Germanys Renewable Tariffs The Results 110,000 PV Installations 2,000 Biomass Plants 6,000 Hydro Plants 16,500 Wind Turbines Total of 135,000 Generators! DeWind

39 Solar PV in Germany 2004 20,000 New Systems $3 Billion CAD Total of 110,000 Systems Total 700 MW 2X Wind in Canada! Costs Dropped 25% Since 1999

40 Potential Economic Benefits of Advanced Renewable Tariffs Kirkby Moor, Britain

41 Wind Energy Tariffs --A Job Creation Engine EuropeDirectIndirectTotal Germany7,50037,50045,000 Denmark8,6004,30013,000 Spain7,00015,00022,000 Total 80,000 Enercon, Aurich, Germany

42 Advanced Renewable Tariffs in North America... Unthinkable? Yes, 2 years ago Today? No Now Possible No Longer on the Fringe Growing Trend in both USA & Canada

43 Willingness to Pay Premium... Unthinkable? PEI Gasoline Price Regulation NS Premier Hamm Proposes Gasoline Price Regulation Local Content (Quebec) Why? Social Economy-Jobs Rural Development Halifax Herald, May 20, 2005

44 Advanced Renewable Tariffs in North America Momentum Building PEI Washington State (Signed) Minnesota C-BED (Passed) Oregon PUC Decision California (Introduced) Ontario (<10 MW Draft) Desire for Manufacturing Jobs Awareness that ARTs Deliver Results

45 Advanced Renewable Tariffs From Fringe to Mainstream in North America Ontario Liberal Party National Farmers Union Ontario & Canada Great Lakes United (NGO) BCWEA, CanWEA, CanSIA Sierra Club (USA) Ferndale, Ontario

46 Advanced Renewable Tariffs in Ontario? Were Not There Yet! Could or Could Not Happen Well Know Soon Bureaucrats Fear Cost--and Change Politicians Fear the Bureaucrats Yet Surprising Progress in <2 years

47 Renewable Tariffs are About People-- and Opportunity

48 Advanced Renewable Tariffs Are About Equity Feed Laws are Fair Nearly All Can Play Farmers, Ranchers, First Nations, & Co-ops

49 Renewables: When You Look Closely...... Worth Every Cent

50 Renewable Energy Technology for Life* *from Theologian N.F.S. Grundtvig

51 Renewables Work!

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