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Calyxinfo Walking through Calyx Info The Organisation.

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1 Calyxinfo Walking through Calyx Info The Organisation

2 A proprietary development methodology commonly used in client engagements by Calyx Info. The methodology combines best components of existing methodologies thus allowing for the full benefits of agile programming techniques to be utilised in a structured environment. In all of the following slides, the Calyx Info team can be based offshore in India, at your offices or a combination of the two. What is CADeM ? Calyx Info All shore Development Methodology

3 Software Development Lifecycle CADEM Contract Finalisation Project Initialisation Requirement and knowledge transfer Analysis and Design Phased Development Unit / Quality Testing Acceptance testing and Rollout Support and enhancement Requirement and knowledge transfer Formalisation of business test conditions Creation of test plans Creation of acceptance test data User Acceptance testing Actions undertaken by Calyx Info Actions undertaken by Client A Process Framework using CADeM

4 Detailed Tasks Align contract to ISO requirements Clearly identify Deliverables Acceptance Criterion Timelines Budget & Resources Issues & Constraints Ensure contract review from Technical, Operational and Commercial perspective (both sides) Ensure signatories are authorised as per Organisation structure. Sign and Date Contract Contract Finalisation CADeM – Step 1 CADeM Calyx India Clients office Onsite Client interface (Calyx Info) Point of contact for client Coordinates all Calyx Info efforts Ensures project runs to schedule

5 Onsite Team Project Owner IT Mgr. / Project Head / End User Mgr. Calyx Info Team Project Manager Technology Manager CADeM – Step 2 Project Initialisation CADeM Detailed Tasks Resource Plan (Team identification - both sides, roles & responsibilities of the team members) Work out joint project plan: Agreed standards Coding Documentation Methodology Quality Assurance Common process platform Risk identification and mitigation plan Create Project Plan Calyx India Clients office

6 Create Use case Documents User Requirements Specification UI Prototypes Screen Shots Sign off Requirements Calyx Info Team Gather and understand Organisational information Business critical constraints Requirements Business overview Critical business path Walk through Current System User Interfaces Existing documentation CADeM – Step 3 CADeM Requirement and knowledge transfer Clients office Calyx India

7 Onsite Client interface Feeds back to client Coordinates with team Provides Design walkthrough Communicates changes Facilitates signoff Calyx Info Team Technical Architect Business Analysts Graphics Designer Create Technical Architecture Document GUI Design Data Model Object Model Traceability Matrix Sign off Design CADeM – Step 4 CADeM Analysis and Design Clients office Calyx India

8 Managed Development Team Project Manager Software Engineers QA Engineers Onsite Client interface Feeds back to client Manage interface Clarifications In House Consultant Communicates changes Create Detailed Specifications Test Plans Unit Test Plan Integration Test Plan System Test Plan Software Development Phased Software Releases Provide Unit Test Result CADeM – Step 5 CADeM Phased Development Clients office Calyx India

9 Process System Test Integration Test (Phase 2 onwards) Quality Assurance Load Performance Test Mirrored Site Roll-out Sign off software for release to client Testing Team Project Manager Testers QA Engineers Onsite Client interface Feeds back to client Schedules UAT CADeM – Step 6 CADeM Unit / Quality Testing Clients office Calyx India

10 Client end process User Acceptance Testing Roll-out services Sign off release Onsite Client interface Supervises UAT Gathers Change requests Schedules Rollout Schedules Training Assists with knowledge transfer CADeM – Step 7 CADeM Acceptance testing and Rollout Clients office Calyx India

11 Agreed support initialised Enhancement process Next Phase initialised Onsite Client interface Review with client Interfaces with support team Review enhancement requests Calyx Info Team Support team Help Desk Team CADeM – Step 8 CADeM Support and enhancements Clients office Calyx India

12 All Shore Development – Options Total Offshore development Client site development Mixture of Offshore and Client site Phased transition from Client site to Offshore

13 © Calyx Info 2009 Your Partners –All Shore Outsourcing

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