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Time for a Strategic Change From Print to Digital? This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 United States License.Creative Commons.

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1 Time for a Strategic Change From Print to Digital? This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 United States License.Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 United States License

2 In 15 minutes…! 1. Six fundamental shifts 2. An analysis of print storage requests at Morris 3. Possible projects 4. Rationale 5. Some objections 6. Discussion 2

3 A Fundamental Shift The Commercial Space 3 Chroniques et Conquetes de Charlemagne: ms. 9066, fol. 11: jeweller, fishmonger, pottery merchant at town gate

4 4 July, 2010: Amazon customers now purchase more Kindle books than hardcover books Source: press release, July 19, 2010

5 5 In the previous month [June], for every 100 hardcovers amazon sold, it sold 180 kindle books Source: press release, July 19, 2010

6 6 Source: press release, January 27, 2011 That was July and Hardcovers… Jan., 2011: customers now purchase more Kindle books than paperbacks

7 7 In the previous month [Dec.], for every 100 paperbacks, 115 kindle books were sold. Source: press release, January 27, 2011

8 8 Source: press release, July 19, 2010 Hardcovers: now 3 times as many

9 A Fundamental Shift 9 Scholarly Publishing Hamlet, Cranach Press, 1930

10 10 August, 2010, Oxford University Press: Internet may phase out printed OED Source: Washington Post, Sunday, August 29, 2010

11 11 Two million hits from U.S. subscribers per month The current 20-vol., 750- pound print set has sold about 30,000 copies – in 21 years (published in 1989)

12 12 New Devices / New Content …Original nonfiction and narrative journalism for digital devices… …Longer than typical magazine articles but shorter than books, written by experienced reporters and authors and designed digitally from the start. ….Extensive free text and audio excerpts at the site, with links to where you can buy and read them in full.

13 13 New Devices / More New Content …Each Single presents a compelling idea--well researched, well argued, and well illustrated-- expressed at its natural length. They offer nuanced journeys of both fact and fiction. …Includes works by Rich Cohen, Pete Hamill, Darin Strauss, and Ian Ayres.

14 A Fundamental Shift An Engineering Library 14 Book of Knowledge of Ingenious Mechanical Devices ms. Greaves 27, 1486

15 15 UT San Antonio: …the first actual bookless library Source: Inside Higher Ed, A Truly Bookless Library, September 17, 2010

16 16 All printed matter removed Students access 425,000 eBooks and 18,000 electronic journal articles. Librarians have offices and available for consultation.

17 A Fundamental Shift One Scholars View 17 Book of Hours: ms. 2, fol. 171v: St. Jerome in his study approached by the lion (abridged Psalter), c. 1410-15

18 18 The Cult of the Book – and Why It Must End Source: The Chronicle of Higher Education, September 26, 2010 The culture of the book is no longer tenable… Academe must transform itself from a fundamentally print culture to one that is fundamentally digital

19 19 The real reason that academe has been slow to embrace digitizationis cultural, not material: an attitude rooted in the belief that the printed book is intrinsic to scholarship. These attitudes are the products of cultural conditioning and habit… The idea of the book as a printed artifact is no more or less natural than its digital (and nonprinted) counterpart. Until academe, in particular the humanities, lets go of the myth of the bookthe notion that printed books are the gold standard of academic achievementacademe will forever be caught between its digital destiny and its printed purgatory.

20 A Fundamental Shift Government 20 Romance of Alexander, whole page, Folio #: fol. 020v, 1338-1344

21 21 CIC-Google Government Documents Project Source: Partnering with Google to digitize a comprehensive collection of U.S. Federal Documents. Will comprise between 1 and 1.5 million volumes.

22 22 Scanned Federal Documents will be accessible through Google Book Search, with copies also returned to the HathiTrust Repository where public domain material can be universally accessed. Three CIC universities designated as comprehensive Regional Depositories for print, the Selective Depositories will be in a position to make coordinated decisions about print retention.

23 A Fundamental Shift Ubiquity & Usability 23 Psalter and Book of Hours: ms. 730, fol. 9: Creation of the earth, dividing waters, creation of heavens & plants, last 1/4 13th C.

24 24 Source: …nearly 3M free eBooks, bookstore alliances; Read on everything from laptops to netbooks to tablets to smartphones to e-readers. Ubiquity

25 25 Usability

26 A Fundamental Shift 26 SIUC Drogo Sacramentary ms. lat. 9428 fol. 71v Historiated Initial C- w/ Ascension, 8th C., Aachen.

27 27 Serials Spending at Morris

28 Three Observations 28 Raphael, Faith, from Three Theological Virtues, 1507

29 Observation 29 Fundamental not incremental change Philippe Halsman, 15th april 1966. USA. New York City. The American trumpeter, singer, composer and conductor Louis ARMSTRONG.

30 Observation 30 All examples within the last six to nine months Earliest drawing of a clock escapement, 1348-64

31 Observation 31 At Morris, the shift to digital lags behind the shift in materials.

32 32 Staff areas for (primarily) processing of print Office of the Electronic Resources Librarian Morris Library, 2nd floor, southwest section

33 33 Do these changes prompt a strategic change in how the library manages its space and staff?

34 Two Disclaimers 34

35 35 A discussion of possible future projects, rationale, and context. At this time, there are no projects at Morris to systematically remove or discard print holdings!

36 36 Strategic changes: Yes All or nothing: No The vision is this… Not this.

37 Print Journals @ Morris All print journals prior to 1996 must be requested Library keeps an (anonymous) electronic file of these requests 37 For journals with full and complete online full- text access, how many requests have there been of the print volumes from storage?

38 38 Total scanned journal pages at Morris via JSTOR: 35,400,000

39 The Analysis Count of requests for any print journal title in a JSTOR sampling Period analyzed: 1/2009 through 8/2010: [almost] two years Results do not reflect direct McLafferty usage of print 39 Gospel of Ebbo (Gospel Book of Archbishop Ebbo of Reims); Saint Matthew, Evangelist; MS 1, folio 92v, c. 816-835.

40 Building a Sample 5% random sample excluding: Absorbed, discontinued titles Titles with no/limited print holdings at Morris Final set: 61 titles (about 4%) 3,277 years 40 Bedford Missal: ms. add. 18850, fol. 15v: Building Noah's Ark, ca. 1423.

41 A Multidisciplinary Sample BusinessEconomicsHistory Political SciencePhilosophyPublic Policy Language & LiteratureStatisticsAfrican Studies SociologyEducationLatin American Studies MathematicsArt & Art HistoryReligion FolkloreArchitectureWomens Studies Health PolicyZoologyEcology BotanyPsychologyMiddle East Studies Health SciencesBiological SciencesStatistics 41

42 The Results! Over nearly two years usage… Examining 61 titles, apx. ~4% of all JSTOR titles at SIUC… Covering 3,000+ years of published content (print volumes)… There were… 42 Ten (10) print items requested for delivery to Morris

43 In Years/Volumes Of 3,277 years/volumes considered, 10 years/volumes were requested (over a period of two years) 43

44 Some Details 53 titles (~90% of sample) had zero requests Six titles had one request Two titles had two requests American quarterly Antioch review No title had more than two requests 44

45 Electronic Usage of JSTOR 45 Total Article Requests: ~274,000

46 Possibilities Remove JSTOR print Remove large print index/abstracting sources Remove print books purchased in digital Remove print SIUC theses and dissertations Remove Govt Publications 46

47 47 Bridging Possibilities Stop binding current JSTOR titles still received in print Remove when JSTOR volumes are posted Stop binding print of SIUC theses and dissertations Looking for a Monastery in the Misty Mountains; detail of monk on bridge, Chen Sun, 1483 – 1544.

48 Where (How) To Begin… Perpetual access to digital A robust print archive (?) Space savings versus time/effort Artifactual or intrinsic value issues 48 Beginning of the World, Constantin Brancusi, French, 1876 – 1957.

49 Why? Re-purposing of space Print deteriorates (slowly but surely) Alignment of practice Simply this: the digital is used, the print is not Money… 49 Woman Meditating, Jean Baptiste Camille Corot, European; French, 1796 - 1875, (artist).

50 Money CLIR: Council of Library and Information Resources On the Cost of Keeping a Book, Courant and Nielsen, June 2010 50 Available at:

51 Costs/Storage Model 51 * All values in 2009 dollars.

52 52 …The costs associated with a print-based world, often assumed to be small, are actually large.

53 Some Reactions 53

54 Reactions 54 Let it be: we already own, not new money It still costs in space, staff and facilities. Print storage cost estimates are excessive Authors highly qualified, study recent Loss of browsing Value? Apparently not when digital available. Cant trust digital We already do; safer then print? A no going back decision Yes; important to proceed strategically

55 Some Reactions These materials define the Library Lets talk about a new definition Not an all or nothing scenario; remember: 55 This… Not this.

56 Discussion… 56 This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 United States License.Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 United States License Where all the cool kids hang out THE LIBRARY

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