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Automation Testing - Selenium

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1 Automation Testing - Selenium
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2 © 2013, ICreo Technologies Pvt Ltd
What - Challenges Timeline Requirements ASK Less than 3 weeks Almost zero lead time No time for a discovery and understanding Zero Documentation Existing application on cold fusion Application getting migrated from ColdFusion to ROR Key Challenges Script created for ColdFusion application to work for migrated ROR Automation scripts should be browser compatible User friendly reports depicting % completed , % to be completed , time taken so far and time to complete Cross Browser capability Cross Platform Capability One click installation © 2013, ICreo Technologies Pvt Ltd

3 © 2013, ICreo Technologies Pvt Ltd
How - Approach TBM quickly formed a team of automation experts and a team of manual test engineers Team browsed the existing ColdFusion application to understand the functionality, with a bit of hand holding from migration team With the understanding of requirements and expectations, created a plan and a delivery model for automation scripting and framework deployment Created test cases by exploring the application, both high level and low level test cases One round of complete manual testing was performed to ascertain the stability of the application Identified 177 defects identified with 65 P1 issues in the existing ColdFusion application Icreo’s Proprietary selenium hybrid framework with acceleratory was deployed for quick scripting and completion A hybrid framework was quickly put in place, with functional decomposition, data driven and key word driven model A complete regression suite with functional decomposition, ease of installation , working on multiple browsers, OS, carry and deploy method, execution driven by excel key words and test data populated through excel file. Automation scripting was done and deployed in Linux and Windows environment ROR application was regression tested using the newly created automation pack Prepare Design Execute Plan Deploy Expand © 2013, ICreo Technologies Pvt Ltd

4 Tools, techniques – HOW contd…
Selenium Reusable Library Accelerators TestNG Java AutoIT ANT HTML Reports Excel Data Feed Script Error Logs Excel Workflow Definition Script Performance Reports © 2013, ICreo Technologies Pvt Ltd

5 © 2013, ICreo Technologies Pvt Ltd
Benefits Hassle free installation Plug and play automation framework Monitor performance of the application on a regular basis, page load time errors on page etc., Brought down manual testing effort for regression testing by 100% Test cases created became the basic documentation for the application © 2013, ICreo Technologies Pvt Ltd

6 Intervention outcomes
Scripts can be extended for new functionalities and regression testing with out any manual efforts Zero effort spent on validating migrated ROR application Complete regression automation 65 Priority 1 defects identified, helped fixing in ROR No technical knowhow required - any Business User can run the automation script © 2013, ICreo Technologies Pvt Ltd

7 © 2013, ICreo Technologies Pvt Ltd
Key learning Accelerators extended by another 5% Simple application can be automated in less than a calendar month ICreo Automation accelerators Cross Platform – using same scripts for migration excercises © 2013, ICreo Technologies Pvt Ltd 30-Aug-13

8 © 2013, ICreo Technologies Pvt Ltd
Thank You Contact US © 2013, ICreo Technologies Pvt Ltd

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