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The Reproductive Systems

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1 The Reproductive Systems
Chapter 14 The Reproductive Systems

2 Answers to Learning Exercises
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3 Chapter 14 Answers Matching Word Parts 1 14.1. cervic/o 14.2. gynec/o
14.3. men/o gravida 14.5. colp/o Matching Word Parts 2 14.6. ov/o 14.7. ovari/o 14.8. test/i, test/o 14.9. hyster/o vagin/o

4 Chapter 14 Answers Matching Word Parts 3 14.11. mast/o 14.12. nulli-
pexy para salping/o Definitions endometrium zygote Bartholin’s glands fimbriae perimenopause

5 Chapter 14 Answers Definitions 14.21. vaginal candidiasis
seminiferous tubules menarche perineum ovulation Matching Structures lactiferous ducts scrotum vulva foreskin clitoris

6 Chapter 14 Answers Which Word? 14.31. primigravida 14.32. colostrum
cervicitis embryo nullipara Spelling Counts prostate menstruation placenta hemospermia circumcision

7 Chapter 14 Answers Abbreviation Identification Term Selection
advanced maternal age polycystic ovary syndrome pelvic inflammatory disease premenstrual dysphoric disorder venereal disease Term Selection pyosalpinx varicocele colposcopy oligomenorrhea chorionic villus sampling

8 Chapter 14 Answers Sentence Completion Word Surgery 14.51. areola
hydrocele eclampsia colporrhaphy umbilical cord Word Surgery endo-, cervic, -itis men/o, metr/o, rrhagia hyster/o, salping/o, -graphy an-, orch, -ism a-, zoo, sperm, -ia

9 Chapter 14 Answers True/False 14.61. True 14.62. False 14.63. True
Clinical Conditions orchiopexy cesarean section myomectomy amenorrhea vasectomy

10 Chapter 14 Answers Clinical Conditions 14.71. trichomoniasis
andropause episiotomy placenta previa neonate Which Is the Correct Medical Term? lochia dysmenorrhea balanitis vaginitis leukorrhea

11 Chapter 14 Answers Challenge Word Building 14.81. vaginocele
orchidoplasty endometritis oophoroplasty vaginodynia hysterorrhaphy hysterocele oophoropexy hysterorrhexis vulvovaginitis

12 Chapter 14 Answers Labeling Exercises 14.91. urinary 14.92. prostate
urethra epididymis testicle fallopian uterus urinary urethra vagina

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