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Michael Fichetola Audience: Middle School grades 7-8 th Is butter a Carb?!

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2 Michael Fichetola Audience: Middle School grades 7-8 th Is butter a Carb?!

3 Body weight that is higher than what is optimal. Higher amounts of body fat than is healthy. Also commonly defined as: A BMI that is over 30.

4 Body Mass Index (BMI) One of many body composition test Estimates lean body mass to fat body mass BMI takes height into consideration

5 BMI Chart Underweight Less than 18.5 Normal18.5-24.1 Overweight25-29.9 Obese I30-34.9 Obese II35-39.9 Morbidly Obese Over 40 BMI = Your Weight X 703 (height In.)(height in.) Then Compare Answer to BMI Chart

6 Height-Weight Chart Skinfold Calipers Waist to Hip ratio Bioelectrical Impedance analysis Bioelectrical Impedance analysis Underwater (hydrostatic) weighing Underwater (hydrostatic) weighing Click to see examples

7 A brief outlook…

8 15% of children obese in U.S. 32% adults obese in U.S. (up 24% from 10 years ago) In Philadelphia, 57.3% of 2-5 year olds NJ moved into the 20-24% obese category in 2009 (up from the 15-19% 10 years prior)

9 In the past 20 years… Prevalence of obesity in 6-11 y.o. has doubled Adolescents (12-19) more than tripled Overweight/Obese young increases risk obesity later

10 60% go over recommended daily amounts for sat. fat In 2009… only 22.3% of h.s.s. reported eating 5 of more fruits/vegetables daily (when fries/potato chips were excluded) 39% (2-17) get USDAs daily recommended Fiber Intake

11 85% adolescent females dont consume enough Calcium In last 25 years, milk consumption down 36% From 1978-1998 soft drink consumption doubled in females Tripled in males Back then… Present

12 Decreases in Exercise and Physical Activity: Decreases in vigorous-moderate physical activity (sedentary lifestyles) Increased screen time amongst youth (computer, video games, TV) Living Environment: No where to exercise, no $ for gym

13 Family Life Eating habits of children are often shaped by their parents Children model parents physical activity behaviors Parents can encourage child to participate in activities/sports Genetics can contribute up to 30% for weight

14 Things that put you at risk!! Eating too much, or unhealthy foods Drinking high sugar, or alcoholic drinks Video gaming, computer time, watching TV for hours ( too much screen time) Also…… Being a former smoker Those w/ disabilities Having an underactive Thyroid

15 20 fl. oz Soda 170 Calories 46g Sugar 16 fl. oz Energy Drink 100 Calories 27g Sugar High Sugar Drinks

16 Regular Sour Cream & Onion Barbecue Click Popular Chips for nutritional info on your favorites Popular Chips

17 Americas Favorites McDonalds Old #1 Large Coke: 310 Calories Large Fries: 500 Calories Big Mac: 540 Calories 29g fat (260 cal from fat) 10g saturated fat 1350 Calories TOTAL!! Visit for more diet info.

18 Hypertension High Triglycerides Coronary Heart Disease Stroke Gallbladder Disease Osteoarthritis Type 2 Diabetes Sleep Apnea Respiratory Problems Some Cancers

19 How To Fight Obesity To start… Seek a medical evaluation checking for physical issues If no Physical causes… Plan on starting a new diet: Increase proteins and whole grains Limit fats Let calories consumed = energy spent

20 Healthy Eating Habits Eat a wide variety (fruits, vegetables, whole grains, low-fat dairy) Keep portions sizes in check Encourage Parents to model behaviors preached Eat well 90% of the time, Splurge 10% (Not the other way around) Visit for more info on eating healthy

21 Increasing Physical Activity How Much? 30-60 minutes all or most days (30 min. for young adults) Moderate and Vigorous exercise Any type or structure or unstructured activity Physical Activity any body movements requiring energy

22 Decreasing Screen Time Limiting Screen Time 8-18 y.o. avg. 7.5 hours daily screen time (TV, games, computer, etc…) Increased screen time often increases snacking: Leading to poor food choices Overeating Exposure to food ADs

23 Battling Obesity: Eating Habits Eat 5 times a day 1. Breakfast 2. Snack 3. Lunch 4. Snack 5. Dinner Start a weight-management program (keep a diet log, weightwatchers….) Listen to your body (are you hungry or bored?) Eat Slowly and plan meals Limit quantities of snacks

24 Your Not Alone… Seek Counseling help (if needed) Talk to a parent Talk to a close friend Find a support group: Online or in person Dont be afraid to ask for help!

25 Battling Obesity: Get Active! Join a gym Take walks/jogs Join a recreational or intramural team Ride a bicycle to school Play outside Walk the dog ANYTHING THAT GETS YOU MOVING!!

26 YOU CAN DO IT, AND YOU ARENT ALONE You just need to make it happen!!

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