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WorldSID debut for UN / WP 29

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1 WorldSID debut for UN / WP 29
WorldSID Tri Chair Committee On behalf of the WorldSID Task Group of the ISO/TC22/SC12/WG5 133rd session of UN / WP 29 Geneva, June 22, 2004

2 Outline Background Scope Organization Worldwide Participation Timeline
Design Worldwide Evaluation Production Release Documentation Other Activities Next Steps

3 Background Need for improved side impact dummy biofidelity
Need for harmonization No biomechanical reason for having different dummies in different markets – no corresponding safety benefit Dummy Type ISO Rating (1-10) SID 2.3 Eurosid-1 4.2 Biosid 5.9

4 Scope Worldwide program to design, develop, fabricate and test a harmonized mid-sized male side impact dummy ISO TR 9790 Biofidelity classification: “good” to “excellent” Design documentation to be in public domain


6 Worldwide participation
AAMA ACEA Alliance Autoliv AUDI BASt BMW Group CEESAR DaimlerChrysler DOTRS – Australia Fiat Ford GM Honda INRETS ISO JAMA JARI JMLIT LAB Lear MIRA NHTSA Nissan OSRP PDB PSA Porsche Renault SIBER* TNO TRC Toyota Transport Canada TRL TRW Volvo VW * EC Sponsored

7 Timeline 1998 1999 2000 2001 2002 2003 2004 Release Finalize Production Documents Set up program and develop specifications Prototype Rev. 1 development and evaluations Pre-production development and evaluations Prototype development and evaluations

8 Design Developed by hundreds of engineers, scientists and technicians
Over 45 organizations from around the world Governmental agencies, research institutes, industry Design Team working under the direction of the Task Group Dynamic Research Inc. (Project Management) Denton ATD DTS FTSS R.A. Denton, Inc.

9 Design Available Instrumentation Head 14 channels Neck 9 channels
Shoulder 7 channels Thorax 19 channels Abdomen 8 channels Lumbar Spine 9 channels Pelvis 24 channels Leg 25 channels per leg Full Arm (optional) 20 channels per arm Available Instrumentation

10 Design

11 Worldwide Evaluation 11 pre-production dummies were evaluated
Organizations from around the world Governmental agencies, research institutes, industry

12 Worldwide Evaluation Biofidelity testing Sled and pendulum tests
ISO TR 9790 tests IHRA proposed tests Sled and pendulum tests Durability Sensitivity (impact location, offset, impact angle) Repeatability Reproducibility Certification and component testing Repeatability and reproducibility Developed certification corridors

13 Worldwide Evaluation Full scale crash tests (25 +)
In-vehicle performance Durability, handling, repeatability Comparison of WorldSID and other side impact dummy responses including ES-2, ES-2re

14 More than 1000 component, sled and crash tests
Worldwide Evaluation Test procedures ECE-R-95 EURO-NCAP barrier EURO-NCAP pole FMVSS 201 pole FMVSS 214 SINCAP IHRA proposed IIHS barrier IHRA proposed AEMDB barrier IHRA proposed oblique pole Vehicle- to-vehicle tests More than 1000 component, sled and crash tests

15 Worldwide Evaluation Highest ISO TR 9790 Biofidelity Rating for WorldSID unacceptable marginal fair good excellent 0 2,6 4,4 6,5 8,6 10 WorldSID 7,6 ES ,7 ES-2 re ,2 DOT-SID 2,3

16 Worldwide Evaluation WorldSID kinematics in 201 pole test
Shoulder shrugs and flexes

17 World Evaluation US SINCAP test Crabbed barrier 62 km/h

18 Worldwide Evaluation Predicts abdominal injury risk ES-2 ES-2re
Abdomen Rib 1 Abdomen Rib 1 Abdomen Rib 2 Abdomen Rib 2 Abdominal Load Sum Abdominal Load Sum Displacement Displacement Displacement Displacement ES-2 ES-2re WorldSID Risk of Injury

19 Worldwide Evaluation Two repeat ECE-R-95 tests
Middle thoracic rib deflection Upper thoracic rib acceleration Thoracic spine accleration at T1 Thoracic spine accleration at T12

20 Worldwide Evaluation Superior biofidelity
Superior injury assessment capability Good repeatability Good reproducibility Excellent handling Good durability Durability: No major damages in crash tests Some acceptable permanent deformation of ribs in severe sled tests

21 Production Dummy available (approx. 12 weeks lead time)
Production Release Worldwide evaluation completed in February 2004 Production design sign off occurred on February 12th, 2004 Production release on March 9th, 2004 Production Dummy available (approx. 12 weeks lead time)

22 Documentation ISO 15830 available in 2005
ISO documentation to support GTR Working draft approved by ISO/TC22/SC12/WG5 May 2004 Currently for review and balloting by ISO/TC22/SC12 Committee Draft Late 2004: review and balloting by ISO/TC22 Start process for ISO DIS 15830 DIS: Draft Internationl Standard?, which must be agreed at the highest levels in ISO ISO/TR available by end of 2004, assuming editorial and technical approval s at each stage ISO available in 2005

23 Other Activities Draft presented at ISO/WG 6 Meeting in May 2004
Injury risk curves ISO/TC22/SC12/WG6 is developing injury risk curves for the WorldSID Draft presented at ISO/WG 6 Meeting in May 2004 Seating procedure ISO/TC22/SC10 is developing a seating procedure for the WorldSID Draft is included in ISO/CD 15830

24 Next Steps Evaluation of WorldSID by the NHTSA beginning in August 2004 WorldSID Task Group to manage comments and revisions Continue updates to GRSP WorldSID Task Group to work with safety regulators to seek agreement for WorldSID to be the globally harmonized side impact dummy by 2007

25 Thank you!

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