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Psych Testing Services Selection Testing for Quality Manpower.

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1 Psych Testing Services Selection Testing for Quality Manpower

2 Psych Testing Services Our Mission Your business depends on your employees Our business is helping you find the BEST employees

3 Psych Testing Services Testimonial Psychological tests have been found to be one of the most valid and cost effective means for identifying the most suitable applicants for the job (Schmidt & Hunter, 1998).

4 Psych Testing Services Goals To offer psychological testing for selection of adult males and females To arrange paper-pencil and / or computerized selection testing facility in our office or on client site To provide testing (like MBTI) to in- service staff of organizations / companies

5 Psych Testing Services Why Tests Psychological tests are increasingly being used to assess job applicants because university degrees are no longer seen as a reliable indication of students' skills Employers are turning to psychometric tests to assess candidates' ability to think logically and work under pressure, as well as measure how mature they are

6 Psych Testing Services Psychometric Testing I T companies, financial institutions, management consultancies, local authorities, the civil service, police forces, fire services and the armed forces all make extensive use of psychometric testing Psychometric testingis now used by over 80% of the Fortune 500 companies in the USA and by over 75% of the Times Top 100 companies in the UK Psychometric testing is now used by over 80% of the Fortune 500 companies in the USA and by over 75% of the Times Top 100 companies in the UK

7 Psych Testing Services Testing Program A general outline of the tests being used by Psych Testing Services is given in the following paragraphs. Special tests are used according to the specific demands of the job and the special needs of the employer. Intelligence Test: This test contains verbal and non- verbal items (questions). Areas like comprehension, verbal facility, numerical reasoning, logical thinking, speed, perception, etc. are measured by this test. Projective Tests: like Sentence Completion, Word Association, Thematic Apperception Test etc. are used to assess and evaluate various factors of personality.

8 Psych Testing Services Program (cont) Personal History Form: This form contains information about a candidates family, education, extra curricular activities, previous work experience etc. Language Facility Test: An executive is expected to know the correct usage of English language. This test evaluates the capacity to comprehend English language. Group Discussion: The aim of group discussion is to observe and assess leadership abilities like dynamism, influencing ability, verbal expression, initiative etc.

9 Psych Testing Services Program (cont) Interview: A brief interview is held to screen candidates for obvious neurotic behavior like nervous tics, excessive anxiety, compulsive behavior etc. Motivation is also explored through this interview. The whole testing program lasts for about 5 – 6 hours. A batch of 10 candidates is tested at one time. Individual reports are submitted one week after the testing program. A debriefing session on the reports is held with the employer.

10 Psych Testing Services Value-added services Psych Testing Services provides additional facilities like: Focused screening Customized testing /evaluation on any criteria Counseling session after selection

11 Psych Testing Services What to do? If you have 10 or more employees and would like to improve your hiring and reduce employee turnover, please complete the Information Form.Information Form Our first task is to understand your problems and goals, then arrange the best psych tests battery to solve those problems. Completing the Information Form will begin this process. Once you have submitted your form to us, we will meet you to discuss which evaluation tools best fit your needs. We are looking forward to working with you.

12 Psych Testing Services Specimen Report Name: Mr. AAge: 29 yearsEducation: M.Sc Applicant for Research Officer Mr. A is endowed with above average intelligence. He can comprehend complex concepts and is able to make viable plans to solve practical problems. His written expression is up to acceptable standard. He can express himself with ease and eloquence. He is a self confident and self assured individual who is more of an extraverted type. He can withstand normal stress and strain. He shows some signs of compulsive behavior. Mr. A is a good mixer. He can form normal social relation with ease and grace. He exhibits the ability to adjust with all kinds of people. He is a dynamic individual who can persist and persevere to achieve his goals. He can become a good example for others. Generally he abides by moral / religious norms. He exhibits a fair amount of interest in outdoor activities. Mr. A seems to be well suited for the job of a research officer. Recommended to undergo the next step of selection. On completion of testing session the following type of report is given on each candidate

13 Psych Testing Services Contact Us Badi-uz-zaman (Director) E-9, Street No 6, Cavalry Grounds, Lahore Cantt Mobile: 0321-4413846

14 Psych Testing Services Directors Profile Badi-uz-zaman M A Psychology, 1970. Govt. College, Lahore. Gold Medal Doctoral Student 1976 – 1978, Umea and Lund Universities, Sweden Total Work Experience 35+ years Work Areas: Human Resource Management Selection / Recruitment Guidance / Counseling Teaching Training Psychometric Research (including Integrity Inventory and initiating work on Flying Aptitude Test Battery for PAF) Marketing Research (Qualitative)

15 Psych Testing Services Directors Profile (Cont) Employers: Lakson Tobacco Company Limited Probe & Focus (Pvt) Limited SoftNet Systems, Lahore (now Xavor) Aftab Associates (Pvt) Ltd Pakistan Air Force (ISSB) (retired as Squadron Leader) Govt. of the Punjab IER, University of the Punjab Govt. College Lahore Psychological Center Lahore Positions: Consultant Marketing Research Consultant Human Resource Manager Human Resource Manager Qualitative Research Psychologist PAF / ISSB Vocational Guidance Officer Lecturer Associate Psychologist Currently working as Consultant / Counselor

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