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Quality Assurance FDT Test and Certification. Background – FDT Specification I All work together FDT Specification defines how products from different.

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1 Quality Assurance FDT Test and Certification

2 Background – FDT Specification I All work together FDT Specification defines how products from different manufacturer work together Prove in practice The theoretical possibility must be proved in practice Demand for guarantee Customers require a maximum of guarantee for the interaction of products from different vendors Certification Certification of the products can give a guarantee

3 Background – FDT Specification II Tested independently Before a product gets the certification it must be tested independently Product matches specification The independent test checks if the product matches with the specification in all points Interoperability Interoperability is a major objective of FDT

4 Background – Vendor test Tests necessary Vendor specific tests are also necessary Not recognized Sometimes errors can not be recognized by vendor specific tests due to Different and wrong interpretation of the specification Incomplete or wrong implementation Independent test These kind of errors should be found during an independent test Tools to perform the independent tests

5 Background – Development support I Verify The developer of a DTM or Frame application needs support to check his DTM or Frame against the FDT specification. From early beginning on The FDT conformity check should begin as soon as possible within the development process. Logging The tools provides extensive logging capabilities. Close to source code If there are errors in the software implementation, the developer will be navigated near to their locations in the source code.

6 Test Scope In scope DTM or Frame application fulfils the FDT Specification Out of scope Functional tests of the DTM or the Device Extendable The official test scripts can be extended by the manufacturer to cover also product specific tests These tests are not relevant for certification tests (Semi-) automated software tests can be performed

7 Types of the Test Good cases Test flow with variation of parameters and variation of method calls, which are in scope of the FDT-Specification Bad cases Bad behavior which is in scope of the FDT-Specification, e.g. communication errors Robustness cases Parameters or a sequence of method calls will be used, which are not conform to the FDT- Specification

8 Types of the Test (Optional) Style Guide Test Conformity test of GUI related attributes defined by the FDT specification

9 Certification Process

10 Certification Process - Details At first a manufacturer develops a DTM or a frame application and puts these through extensive tests, potentially already making use of our test tools for in- house tests. Following this initial phase a manufacturer then arranges the conditions of the conformity test with the test laboratory. Next, the test laboratory conducts the tests according to the rules laid down by the FDT Group and then issues a test report. The test report is then being given to the manufacturer. If in testing it turns out that there are still deviations from the conformity, the test laboratory will consult with the manufacturer in great detail. It is this consulting service that constitutes a real benefit for the manufacturer, because he now can eliminate the deficiency and resubmit the DTM for testing. After a positive test the manufacturer can submit the test report to the certification office and apply for a certificate. Optionally the certified product can be listed on the FDT Group homepage.

11 FDT Test Sites BIS Endress+Hauser Process Solution Ifak System M&M Software M&M Software (China) 11

12 Beyond Certification > Interoperability Interoperability Test DTMs are being incorporated into different Frame applications. Frame application will be tested with a number of DTMs Interoperability Test 3 (22 suppliers) 7 frame applications 21 device DTMs 6 Communication DTMs HART, Profibus, FF All DTMs performed dtmINSPECTOR test successfully Results from the Interoperability Tests are input for Conformity Test definitions

13 Status of certified DTMs 114 certificates are issued 1354 particular devices are covered HART and Profibus devices are covered (generic DTM) Companies: ABB – CodeWrights – Emerson – Endress+Hauser – Flowserve – HMS Industrial Networks – ICS – Ifak system – Invensys/Foxboro Eckardt – Krohne – Magnetrol – Metso Automation – M&M Software – Moeller – Omron – Phoenix Contact – ProSoft Technology – Rockwell Automation – Smar – Softing – Trebing & Himstedt – Turck – Tyco Valves – VEGA – Westlock Controls – Woodhead – Yokogawa 13

14 Questions

15 Thank you for your attention

16 M&M Software GmbH reserves all rights for its documents and printed information. These documents and information material may be used internally for the designated purpose. But this material, either completely or in parts, may not be passed on to third parties, especially to competitors of the M&M Software GmbH, and it may not be duplicated. These documents and information material contain confidential information and you are therefore requested to keep it strictly confidential. You are also requested to commit your staff that is using these documents and information, to the confidentiality obligation. Thank you.

17 M&M Software GmbH behält sich sämtliche Rechte an ihren Unterlagen und Informationen vor. Diese Unterlagen und Informationen dürfen intern, zu dem vereinbarten Verwendungszweck verwendet werden. Sie dürfen jedoch weder ganz noch in Teilen an Dritte, insbesondere an Wettbewerber der M&M Software GmbH, weitergegeben und/oder vervielfältigt werden. Bitte behandeln Sie diese Unterlagen und Informationen aufgrund ihres geheimen Inhalts als streng vertraulich und weisen Sie Ihre mit diesen befassten Mitarbeiter auf die Geheimhaltungsverpflichtung hin. Vielen Dank.

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