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فاطمه داودی مرکز تحقیقات مخابرات ایران

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1 فاطمه داودی مرکز تحقیقات مخابرات ایران
gpon Test فاطمه داودی مرکز تحقیقات مخابرات ایران

2 References ITU-T G984 ITU-T L ITU-T Recommendation Technical Report
T-REC G. Sup 46 ITU-T Recommendation TR 124 TR 156 TR 167 TR 247 Technical Report ADC EXFO JDSU Agilent iol WRI Huawei Test Document &Test Solution

3 Performance and Alarms Tests
Test Title Physical layer Test ONU Activation Test Performance and Alarms Tests GPON Interface Test

4 Physical Layer test Fiber Test Connector Test Splitter Test
Optical Return Loss Test Link Characterization Power Budget and limits Test

5 Fiber Test

6 Connector Test

7 Optical Return Loss Test

8 Link Characterization

9 Power Budget and limits Test

10 Physical Layer test Optical Source Test Receiver sensitivity Test
Receiver Overload Test OLT and ONU emission wavelengths Timing Parameter Test Jitter and Wander Test

11 Optical Source Test

12 Receiver sensitivity Test

13 Receiver Overload Test

14 ONU Activation Test ONU start-up Cold PON, multi-ONU
Warm PON, multi-ONU

15 ONU start-up

16 Performance and Alarms Tests
Receiver performance Loss of Signal Test Signal Degrade Test Signal Fail Test Loss of GEM Test Disable_Serial_Number and Emergency Stop Test PEE Test REI Test Dying gasp Test Transmitter Failure Tests

17 Performance and Alarms Tests
Loss of Acknowledge with ONU Test Message Error from ONU Test Drift of window of ONU Test Loss of Frame of ONU Test Message Error Message Test Upstream-Overhead PLOAM Message Authentication of Serial Number Test Assign ONU-ID Test

18 Performance and Alarms Tests
ONU A OLT Equipment ONU B ONU N splitter

19 Ethernet interfaces test
Receive and Transmit Bit rate Activation/inactivation Ethernet Port Activation/inactivation Ethernet Traffic Control Port Aggregating Ethernet Port Setting Ethernet Port Mode Ethernet Throughput Test Ethernet Back-to-Back Test Ethernet Frame Loss Test Ethernet Latency Test Ethernet Complementary Test

20 Usage of GPON Test Accuracy Assurance of GPON based on ITU-T G984
Quality of Assurance of GPON based on ITU Standards

21 GPON Test Equipment Optical Time Domain Reflectometer (OTDR)
Pulse Suppressor Box: PSB Optical Loss Test Set (OLTS) Fiberscope Busty PON Power meter Oscilloscope Optical filter Smartbits ONT-512 Protocol Analyzer GPON Doctor 8000 IP TV Probe Optical Attenuator Optical Circulator

22 GPON Test Equipment

23 GPON Test Equipment

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