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CELDT Pre-test Workshop for CELDT Site Coordinators

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1 CELDT 2010-11 Pre-test Workshop for CELDT Site Coordinators
August 25, 26, 2010 IMC, Building 7 Cin Rogers, Ed.D. CELDT District Coordinator

2 CELDT Pre-test Workshop Objectives
CELDT Site Coordinators will Understand the roles and responsibilities of the CELDT District Coordinator, CELDT Site Coordinator (aka Test Site Coordinator), and CELDT Test Examiners (trained site employees). Understand security procedures of CELDT Learn how to administer CELDT using standardized techniques (Training of Trainers Model)

3 Preparing for CELDT Testing
The CELDT Site Coordinator manages the overall testing process at the school site. This person is responsible for, but not limited to, ensuring tests are kept secure, ensuring correct testing procedures have been followed by examiners and proctors, and ensuring required demographic information is complete so that test results are reported accurately.

4 CELDT Site Coordinator Tasks
Sign Test Security Agreement and Affidavit. Conduct a formal training for test examiners and proctors on test security, testing procedures, and test schedule. Review, organize, and distribute test materials. Check answer documents for completeness. Complete Group Information Sheets. Complete School/Group Lists. Prepare test materials for inspection.

5 Security Agreement and Affidavit
The CELDT Site Coordinator is required to read and sign the Test Security Agreement and the Security Affidavit. Test examiners and proctors are required to read and sign the Test Security Affidavit. The completed forms MUST be returned to Tami Whaley in REA. Materials cannot be delivered until the CELDT Site Coordinator has attended the CELDT workshop and signed the Test Security Agreement and Affidavit.

6 Who should take the CELDT?
Initial Assessment Students with primary language other than English on the Home Language Survey, who have not been previously assessed for English proficiency, are given CELDT to determine if they are English learners, and, if so, their level of English proficiency. This occurs year-round. Annual Assessment All previously identified English learners, who have not been reclassified, are given the CELDT annually to assess their progress in acquiring English proficiency. This occurs from July 1 through October 15 at FUSD.

7 Identifying Eligible Students
Student lists should be provided to Test Examiners by the CELDT Site Coordinator

8 Delivery of Materials The following days are scheduled for delivery:
August 25, 26, 27, 30 See CELDT Schedule by School provided by REA (please hold questions and comments about schedule until workshop ends) Last Day of Testing is October 15.

9 Review Test Materials Counts were determined by pre-registration in April 2010. Locate the School Packing List enclosed in Box 1. Inventory all test materials against the School Packing List immediately after receipt from the district. Report any shortages to Cin Rogers ( ) within two (2) working days of receiving your CELDT materials. Save the original boxes your CELDT materials came in and use them for returning your CELDT materials. If you need boxes, please contact REA, Ernie Gonzales ( or ).

10 Review Test Materials (continued)
Review your Test Coordinator’s Manual (TCM) and Examiner’s Manuals. This will help you answer questions for your site staff and prepare materials for return. Determine if the materials you received are sufficient to test your EL students based on lists available using AiS. Reminder: All test materials must be locked up when not in use.

11 Requesting Additional Materials
Go to REA Website. Click <Requests> From Request page click on <CELDT Materials Request> Complete the form. Click <Submit> Print a copy for yourself. Additional materials will be delivered or may be picked up.

12 Train Test Examiners and Proctors
Explain and obtain signatures on the Test Security Affidavits. CELDT Test Examiners (Assessors) provided by REA have been trained to administer K-12 Speaking and K-1 Reading and Writing of CELDT. Site Test Examiners will administer the remaining (group) parts. Explain daily check out and check in of secure test materials. Review the school’s testing schedule. Review what “reading directions exactly as written” means (the “SAY” boxes). Review how make-up testing will be handled. Review Pre-ID labels and hand-bubbling. Reminder: The students must use the same Answer Book for the entire test.

13 Special Materials Check with your Special Education teachers regarding students needing accommodations or modifications. See Testing Variations, Accommodations, and Modifications matrix in packet. Request Large Print and Braille materials ASAP. It can take two weeks to receive these materials from EDS.

14 Organize and Distribute Test Materials
Know your site’s testing schedule so you can prepare the correct set of materials for each test examiner. Materials are to be distributed each day of testing and returned each day after testing. Test materials include: Examiner’s Manuals Test Book (Grades 3-12) Answer Book (Grades 3-12) Student Book (Grades K-1) Student Book (Grade 2) Additional materials needed by examiner No. 2 Pencils, DO NOT DISTURB sign, and half-sheet paper or card stock (for K-1 Reading and Writing).

15 Sample Answer Document
See page 2-21 in Trainer’s Kit for a sample of the answer document. Box 2 - write the teacher’s name and the assessor’s name on line TEACHER, write school’s name on line SCHOOL, and write Fresno Unified or FUSD on line DISTRICT Hand-bubble Box 12 (Date Testing Completed) If applicable, Box 7 (Braille), Box 20 (Testing Irregularity), and Box 23 (Test Variations).

16 Box 2 Teacher: Write your name here
Write student name written very lightly

17 Box 12 Date Testing Completed
Box 23 If used

18 Pre-ID Labels Pre-ID labels were ordered on August 25.
Pre-ID labels are expected to be received from EDS 2-3 weeks later (September 8 – 15).

19 Test Material Change New Look and Feel Color Scheme K-1: Red
2: Brown (new) 3-5: Green 6-8: Purple 9-12: Blue

20 Test Materials Changes (cont.)
Examiner’s Manuals and Scoring Guides are combined Form 1 (FUSD) instructions separated from Forms 2-6 All scoring information is now in the Examiner’s Manual Grades K-1 Examiner’s Manual separate from Grade 2

21 Test Material Changes (cont.)
Examiner’s Manuals contain: Speaking directions (grades 3-12) K-1 and Grade 2 Speaking directions remain in Student Book Directions for Listening, Reading, and Writing domains Cue pictures for Speaking section Writing rubrics in the Scoring section Scoring guides with anchor samples relocated for ease of scoring Examiners read from the Examiner’s Manuals and bubble in answer documents

22 Test Material Changes (cont.)
Answer bubbles for constructed-response items are all low to high (NR, I, C)

23 Test Material Changes (cont.)
Answer bubbles for multiple-choice items are now labeled “A,” “B,” “C,” and “D”

24 Test Administration Changes
Directions about prompting have been revised to be more precise for Oral Vocabulary For all grades, test examiners are allowed to repeat questions if requested by the student for speaking parts This information can be found in the Examiner’s Manuals (Table 4 – Test Administration)

25 Complete Group Information Sheets and School/Group Lists
Group Information Sheets (GIS) are scannable forms that are submitted with each set of answer documents to be scored and reported by grade (see TCM page 25). Be sure there is one GIS per grade tested. Test Book Plastic Bags are used to return scannable answer documents for scoring. Complete the Number Students Testing and grade-numeral. Complete the School/Group List (SGL) See page 26 in TCM. Scannable form—do not alter or create your own version. Include with scorable materials—one SGL for your school. Keep a photocopy of the completed document for your records.

26 Prepare Test Materials for Inspection
Separate scorable and non-scorable test materials. Be sure scorable answer documents are in plastic baggies with one GIS per grade. Number scorable and non-scorable boxes separately (1 of __, 2 of __, etc.). Scorable test materials will be inspected at the District office in REA.

27 Pick up of Materials Within the next few weeks, you will receive an specifying the day REA will pick up your materials. For pick up, be sure each box is labeled scorable or nonscorable. Only scorable boxed material will be inspected, but all boxes will be picked up.

28 Inspection Inspection of scorable materials will occur at the District office in REA. The following days are scheduled for inspection: Materials will be inspected as they are picked up from the school sites (e.g., if pick up is scheduled for Oct 1, then inspection will occur during the week of Oct 5). During inspection, REA inspectors will be calling the CELDT Site Coordinator at the school site to answer questions and investigate problems. Please be available and cooperative.

29 Questions for the CELDT Team
Cin Rogers Bon Vang Tami Whaley Jan Bianchi Ernie Gonzales or

30 Binder Walkthrough Section 1: Introduction
Section 2: Test Administration Section 3: Oral Vocabulary Section 4: Speech Functions Section 5: Choose and Give Reasons Section 6: 4-Picture Narrative Section 7: Video Scoring Practice for the Speaking Test Section 8: Writing Sentences Section 9: Writing Short Compositions Section 10: K-1 Early Literacy Section 11: Trainer Resources

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