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Test Review.

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1 Test Review


3 Test Review What does the relative location of a place tell you?
The location of a place compared to the places around it Test Review

4 Which two continents are located entirely in the Western Hemisphere?
North America and South America Test Review

5 Test Review What is map distortion?
Change in shape, size, and position of features that occur when representing the Earth on a flat map Test Review

6 What do geographers use to indicate absolute location of any place on Earth?
A global grid Test Review

7 Test Review What is a meridian of longitude?
Line that runs north to south Test Review

8 Which map showed the size and shape of the continents most accurately?
Goodes Test Review

9 Test Review What does the tilt of the Earth’s axis cause?
The changing of the seasons Test Review

10 Test Review What does a map’s scale compare?
Distance on a map to the distance on Earth Test Review

11 Test Review What does a map’s title tell a user?
What the map is going to be about Test Review

12 Test Review What does a compass rose show us?
The cardinal directions on a map; N,S,E,W Test Review

13 What is another name for a Map key?
A legend Test Review

14 Test Review What is a hunter-gatherer?
A person who gathers wild food and hunts animals to survive Test Review

15 Test Review What does domesticate mean?
To adapt wild plants and animals for use Test Review

16 What is sedentary living?
When someone lives in one place. Test Review

17 Test Review What is the specialization (division) of labor?
Specialization of labor is when certain individuals perform specific tasks / skilled trades. e.g. blacksmith, carpenter, tailor etc… Test Review

18 Test Review What are three examples of human characteristics?
Examples will vary Test Review

19 Test Review What are we talking about when we talk about Movement?
The transfer of information, people and goods around the world Test Review

20 John built a dam near his house to create a body of water he can swim in. What is this an example of? Modifying the environment Test Review

21 Sarah started to wear lighter, cotton dresses when she moved to Arizona. What is this an example of?
Adapting to the environment. Test Review

22 Farmer Pete is really praying that it rains this season, his family needs a big crop to survive. What is this an example of? Depending on the environment Test Review

23 Name a local region with a similar language, religion and culture.
Ex. East Dearborn, Southwest Detroit, Southfield, Corktown Test Review

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