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Test Accommodations Students with Disabilities 2013 Presented by Janice Koblick, Curriculum Supervisor Exceptional Student Education 1.

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1 Test Accommodations Students with Disabilities 2013 Presented by Janice Koblick, Curriculum Supervisor Exceptional Student Education 1

2 Participation in Testing In general, ALL students enrolled in the tested grade levels should participate in test administration. 2

3 Students with Disabilities ALL students with disabilities will participate in the same way as other students. Some students with disabilities will participate using allowable accommodations. A small percentage of students with disabilities will participate in an alternate assessment. 3

4 Students with Disabilities (contd) For exemption of students with disabilities from state and district assessments, all of the following criteria must be met: The students demonstrated cognitive ability prevents the student from completing required coursework and achieving the Sunshine State Standards as incorporated by reference in Rule 6A-1.09401.FAC., even with appropriate allowable course modifications and The student required extensive direct instruction to accomplish the application and transfer of skills and competencies needed for domestic, community living, leisure, and vocational activities. 4

5 State Guidelines for Determining Appropriate Accommodations for Students Accommodations should facilitate an accurate demonstration of what the student knows or can do. Accommodations should not provide the student with an unfair advantage or interfere with the validity of the test. Accommodations must not change the underlying skills that the test measures. Accommodations must be the same or nearly the same as those the student uses in completing classroom instruction and assessment activities. Accommodations must be necessary for enabling the student to demonstrate knowledge, ability, skill, or mastery. 5

6 Remember Arrangements for accommodations for eligible students: Must be made in advance. Accommodations provided to one student must not interfere with the testing of other students. School Assessment Coordinators must provide opportunities for Test Administrators to become familiar with the allowable accommodations and to participate in planning the FCAT and FCAT 2.0 administration process for SWD prior to the test administration date. School Assessment Coordinators will determine what staff will be needed and what facilities will be used. 6

7 Test Invalidation If a student does not receive the accommodations designated in the IEP or Section 504 plan, the test administration may be considered invalid. Parents must be notified and given the option of having the test scored or declaring the administration invalid. This situation may not be used for promotion or retention decisions. Refer to Policy 6000.1/Student Progression Plan. 7 X

8 Categories of Accommodations Presentation Responding Scheduling Setting Assistive Devices (across all categories) 8

9 Presentation Specialized presentation forms may include: Large print, Braille, text to speech technology, sign language Other presentation supports include: Repeated, clarified, or summarized test directions Student to repeat or paraphrase directions to demonstrate understanding Student to read test passages and questions aloud to themselves Use of a highlighter to mark key words or phrases in directions, items, and passages Verbal encouragement 9

10 Responding Allows students to respond to the test item in different ways. Alternate response modes include: Dictate response to test proctor Sign language Special paper with raised lines, shaded lines, color coded lines. Mathematical grids/guides to organize mathematical computation. 10

11 Scheduling Involves changes to the date or time when the test is given or the amount of time allowed. Some students may need to take the test in several brief sessions. Students with extended time MUST complete one session before going on to the next session. 11

12 Scheduling In very limited cases, students may not be able to complete a session in one day. The following conditions must be maintained: Student not permitted to change responses to items completed on a previous day. Closely supervise the test administration to make sure the student does not preview parts to be answered on the following day. Secure all test books at the end of each testing day. Student must complete one session of the test before continuing on to the next session of the test. 12

13 Setting Involves changes to the location or changes to the conditions of the setting where the student takes the test. Alternate settings may include: Individual or small group. Familiar place with test proctor present or a familiar person who has been appropriately trained to administer the test. Increased or decreased opportunity for movement. Environment with reduced stimuli. Adaptive or special furniture. 13

14 Assistive Devices May be used to provide specialized presentation formats or alternate ways of responding. Must be the same devices typically used in classroom instruction and assessment activities. Communication devices that serve as alternate keyboards are allowed within the limits regarding word prediction and spell checking. Spelling and grammar features are always to be turned off. 14

15 COMPUTER BASED TESTING 2012-2013 CBTs include: Grade 5 Math Grade 6, 7 Reading Grade 9,10 Reading High School Retakes All EOCs 15

16 TEST HEAR Computer based platform that provides the specific accommodated forms. For ESE only Accommodated platforms include: -screen reader -zoom -large print font -assistive devices -color contrast 16

17 PAPER-BASED TESTING 17 One or more of the following conditions must be indicated on the IEP or 504 Plan: -student cannot access assessments on computer -the accommodated CBT form is not available -extended time requires session to take more than 1 day -student is hospital/homebound -accommodation cannot be implemented on a CBT

18 Accommodations Not Allowed on the FCAT and FCAT 2.0 Section 1008.22 (3) (c) 6, Florida Statutes …Accommodations that negate the validity of a statewide assessment are not allowable. Some accommodations that are used in the classroom are not allowed. Examples include: Reduced number of test questions or answer options. use of spelling or grammar check in a word processor for responses. Graphic organizers or software to assist in preparing responses. Oral or sign language presentation or use of text-to-speech software for passages and items that test reading. 18

19 Test Accommodations Questions and Answers Exceptional Student Education 754-321-3450 19

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