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P11210 – WOCCS: RF Test Bench Michael DeFrancis (CE) Shaheer Khan (EE) Demetrios Koukouves (ME) Andrew Nosal (EE) Final Design Presentation Friday, 2/18/10.

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1 P11210 – WOCCS: RF Test Bench Michael DeFrancis (CE) Shaheer Khan (EE) Demetrios Koukouves (ME) Andrew Nosal (EE) Final Design Presentation Friday, 2/18/10

2 Project Background This project is part of the Wireless Open Source / Open Architecture Command and Control System (WOCCS). The project family aims to create a modular system that transmits and receives basic data from a base unit to a remote unit. Test bench objectives: Test system level functionality of WOCCS Capable of interfacing with WOCCS modules Main deliverables: Mobile and remote test bench User manual Software package & GUIs Board layout & mechanical drawings for reproduction

3 Needs and Specs CN1HighThe Test Bench needs to test the system performance. CN4MediumThe Test Procedure needs to be repeatable. CN5MediumThe Test Bench needs to be user friendly. CN6MediumThe Test Bench needs to be mobile. CN7LowThe Test Bench needs to be compatible with future projects. CN8HighThe Test Bench needs to be open source and open architecture. CN9HighThe Test Bench will function independently of the system. ES1CN1Measurable range for mid range 1m10 to 4000 to 500 ES2CN1Measurable range for mid range 2m10 to 4000 to 500 ES3CN1Measurable range for long rangem100 to 40000 to 5000 ES4CN1 Measurable Command Data Loss Range%0.1 to 1000 to 100 ES5CN1 Measurable Telemetry Data Loss Range%0.1 to 1000 to 100 ES6CN1Measurable Latency Ranges0.01 to 50.001 to 10 ES7CN1Measurable Data Bandwidth Rangekbps0 to 600 to 128 ES8CN1 Measurable Operating Time Range of Systemhr0 to 80 to 12 ES9CN2, CN3User manual and test procedure Average Score in %70100 ES10CN6, CN9Test Bench operating timehr812 ES11CN6Test Bench Weightg400300 ES12CN6Test Bench Size L x W x Hcm 7.6 x 12.7 x 12.7 7.6 x 10.2 x 10.2 ES13CN7, CN8Open Source/Open ArchitectureBinaryYes

4 System Architecture

5 Hardware – Arduino & PCB for Power Testing Measures WOCCS system battery voltage and current draw Calculates instantaneous system power consumption Arduino Uno performs Analog to Digital Conversion, power consumption calculation and USB communication to the PC

6 PCB Layout

7 Software – Test Bench Control Station GUI automatically detects devices and allows for manual configuration Allows the user to upload / download files and perform bandwidth, data loss, and latency tests Communicates with WOCCS according to a serial protocol developed by members of each team

8 Software – Power Meter Arduino software streams power calculations over USB GUI Reads incoming voltage, current, and power data over the USB serial port and graphs data in real- time Toggles between different test modes such as voltage, current and power

9 Subsystem Testing For a 222 byte file the calculated bandwidth was 64.571 kbit/s and bandwidth was consistent 9 out of 10 times. We believe there is an issue with how the RF microcontroller calculates bandwidth causing occasional inconsistencies. The data loss test showed a 0% data loss for a file sent over the RF link as expected. To verify that we were correctly calculated data loss, the data was modified after it was received such that it would be 10% incorrect. The data loss test accurately reported a 10% data loss. For a 111 byte file the calculated latency was 182 ms, 204 ms, and 200 ms. For a 202 byte file the latency was 178 ms, 188 ms, and 188 ms. This indicated that the latency test consistently measures latency. The accuracy of the latency test is dependent on accuracy of the time stamps taken on the RF microcontroller. At the present state, the operating time test is not fully functional due to a complex grounding issue. Under certain, controlled conditions, the operating time test can successfully measure the voltage, current, and power of the WOCCS system and therefore ensure operating time.

10 Project Successes Meets majority of specifications Interfaces with mid range 1 module over USB Capable of testing of bandwidth, data loss, latency, and range User manual for testing WOCCS created Test bench meets a minimum operating time Mobile Light weight Small Project Failures Operating time test which includes voltage, current, and power does not function under all conditions due to a grounding issue Cannot measure current below 5 mA Over budget due to an additional PCB order

11 Budgeting WOCCS family received $5000.00 from Harris RF Test bench allocated $500.00 (not including shipping) for base and remote test bench with Arduino microcontrollers, PCBs, enclosure, and software Total spend by Test Bench team: $538.45 Over budget $38.45 due to need for additional PCBs

12 Moving Forward/Recommendation Triple Check the PCB layout to ensure not only electrical layout, but mechanical tolerances Explore designs which would remove the dependency on other devices being designed concurrently Redesign the USB communication protocol to allow the transfer of larger files Explore possible increase of the data rate over USB

13 Acknowledgements Harris Corporation Philip Bryan Leo Farnand Vince Burolla Dr. Dorin Patru Dr. Edward Hensel Dr. Andreas Savakis Robert Kraynik

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