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2 Go to: Fill in your username and password (you will be provided with one) Login

3 DESKTOP VERSIONWEBSITE VERSION The desktop software and the web version have many similar features.

4 Desktop Version

5 Web Version

6 The following slides depict what is available on the desktop version of WTS It will be pointed out where it differs from the web version of WTS

7 Open Database Web To Desktop Sync Update desktop database with web data Desktop To Web Sync Sync new tests to web Fix Desktop to Web Sync When tests are not syncing properly to web Fix Web to Desktop Sync Login To Web With provided username and password – need to login to sync to and from web Web version only displays company databases

8 Test Date Span: Start Date End Date Enable Span Well Tools: Search Multiple Tests Determined based on date span selected Sort Order Sorts the well tree order by LSD, SEC, TWN, RNG

9 Test Data Settings: Column Picker Can select or deselect columns displayed in main screen Unit Settings: Display Flow, Pressure, Diff Pressure, Temperature and Length in either Imperial or US units

10 Test Data Settings: Exports: Generic Exports all information displayed in main screen Field Sheet Exports to a field sheet designed by SPE Differs from desktop and web versions. Web exports are unique to the company and can be added to (reports, csv files, etc)

11 Total Wells Shows total well count for selected area/battery in date span set Wells Tested Shows how many wells tested Wells Not Tested Show how many wells not tested

12 Show Tested Wells: Last ___ Day(s) Use Date Span This will mark all tests in the well tree in green if they have been tested in the last __ days or the Date Span

13 Right Click on Area Name: Add Area Add Battery Rename Area Delete Area Right Click on Battery Name: Add Well Rename Battery Delete Battery Cut Batter

14 Right Click on Well: Edit Well LSD, Well Name, Description, Pool, AccCode, Custom Fields 1 4 Delete Well Cut Well Paste Test(s) Manual Test Test Well

15 Filters: Desktop: Show Latest Test Per Well Displays according to date span selected Web: Show Latest Test Per Well Show Spot Tests Show Unapproved Tests Show No Tests

16 Find well testing, right click and Test Well or Manual Test

17 Manual: Enter all numbers manually, including flow rate Calculated: Enter all numbers and the program will determine the flow rate No Test: Will zero out all numbers (option to enter casing pressure still)


19 General Tab: Tester Name Test Time (Mins) Max Deviation

20 Flow Computer Settings: CommPort Orifice Size Pipe Size Temperature: Auto / Manual Atmospheric Pressure: Auto / Manual Specific Gravity: Auto / Manual Unit ID Read From Device Write To Device

21 Roc Calibration: Cold Restart Zero Diff

22 Test Data: Reads actual numbers after a short delay (if not reading data or starting test, reads last test numbers) Flow, Static Pressure, Diff Pressure, Temperature, Tubing and Casing Pressure, Comments and Fluid Levels

23 Pool (Gas Composition) Used for auditing purposes Only enter if needed

24 Connect Once CommPort has been determined Read Instant Data Does not save any information Start Test Save Test Discard Test

25 Well Tools: Export This is where you go to export a well list Can sort and filter like main screen (described later) Enabled: This selects tests that have not been tested during the selected date span This function is not available on web

26 Activation: Time Remaining: __ Days This shows how long is left with the current license key Click on Time Remaining to get Computer Product Key and enter new License Key Tab not used on web

27 Once area/battery/well has been selected: Columns – can be moved by clicking on header and dragging Sort by more than one column by holding shift and clicking headers - Allows for column Sum, Avg, Max, Min, Count if able - Allows for filtering for specific information Can specify for equal, starts with, ends with, contains, less than, greater than, etc

28 Correcting Test Data by right clicking on test (before syncing to web): Edit Pressures Edit Comments Edit Internal Comments Add/Edit Tubing Fluid Test Edit Production Hours Cut Test Delete Test

29 Correcting Test Data On Web: This is set by the web administrator through roles assigned to each username and password Once data has been synced to the web, changes can only be made on the web


31 Vision We will be the leader in providing the Energy Industry with Production Testing, and Optimization Services. We provide an excellent working environment for our team, growth and opportunity for ourselves, balance for our families and are proud contributors to our communities. Mission We will exceed our clients expectations through excellence, learning, and innovation.

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