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Meike McDonald Charleston County School District Math and Teacher Cadet Teacher Teresa McDonald Retired Teacher

2 Outcomes for Session Review and Practice Essential material for the SC HSAP Mathematics test Review calculator skills useful for passing the SC HSAP Mathematics tests

3 I. General Information 1. Two types of questions on the HSAP Math
63 multiple choice 3 integrated response questions You are to answer _All__ questions! 2. On the integrated response questions you must show work! If you use a calculator to do the work you must __write down what you punch in_____.

4 II. Mathematics Review Problem Solving Tips
Decimal <-> Percent d2p 1. To change a percent to a decimal _Move the decimal 2 places to the left 2. To change a decimal to a percent Move the decimal 2 places to the right Practice: Change to a percent 0.25=___ 0.5=___ 1.2=___ Change to a decimal 26%=___ 6%=___ 32.5%=___ Answers: 25%,50%,120% 0.26,0.06,0.325

5 Problem Solving Tips Continued
3. To do BEST BUY/UNIT PRICE/COSTS MOST/COST LEAST problems AMOUNT($) ÷ HOW MUCH Practice: Flour comes in four sizes. Which is the best buy? A. 1 lb for $0.49 B. 5 lbs for $1.05 C. 10 lbs for $2.20 D. 20 lbs for $3.80 Answer: A. $.49 per lb B. $.21 per lb C. $.22 per lb D. $19 per lb

6 Problem Solving Continued
4. To do TIP/SALES TAX/COMMISSION/ DISCOUNT/DEDUCTION problems the 1st step Amount($) X Percent Sometimes there is a 2nd Step on these problems: Sales Price: Subtract Total Cost: Add Practice: A $179 chair is on sale for 30% off. What is the sales price? Answer 179 X .30 = 53.70 179 – = $125.30

7 Problem Solving Tips Continued
5. To do percent problems that are not real life problems use a proportion: % = IS OF Practice: 15 is what percent of 60? What is 20% of 60? x = = x x= x=12

8 6.Word Problem Tips-Operations to use
a. How much left? How much more? How much further? Subtract b. How many you get when you split something up? Divide c. If you know how much it takes for one of something, to see how much it takes for all? Multiply d. To find how much carpet you find the area. e. To find interest you use I = PXRXT $ x % x YRS f. To find how much wall paper border or fence needed perimeter g. To find your speed use r = D Distance t time

9 Practice for determining operations
It is 82 miles from Timmonsville to Myrtle Beach. Ms Thornton has driven 27 miles. How much further does she have to drive? Ms. Williams came to school with 544 pieces of leftover Halloween candy. She gave an equal amount to each of her 34 students. How many pieces did each student get? The basketball team practices 15 hours per week. How many hours do they practice in 13 weeks? Mr. McDonald’s circular game room is 12 feet across the center. How much carpet will he need for this room? Ms. Kershaw deposits $500 in an account bearing 9% interest for a period of 9 months. How much interest will she earn? Mr. McDonald is fencing in his back yard that is 90 feet long and 60 feet wide. How much fence will he need to buy? Mr. Woods travels 960 miles in 16 hours nonstop. How fast did he drive?

10 Answers for determining operations
82-27 = 55miles 544÷34 = 16 15 x 13 = hours A = πR2 = 3.14 x 62 = ft2 500 x .09 x 9/12 = $33.75 = 300 ft r = 960 = 60mph 16

11 7. Properties You Need to Know:
Commutative Property means you can change the order when you add and multiply. Example: 5 + x = x + 5 Associative Property means you can change the grouping when you add and multiply. Example: 2 + (3 + y) = (2 + 3) + y Distributive Property means you multiply by what is outside the parentheses. Example: 3x(2x-5y) = 6x2 -15xy Identity Property means whatever you can add or multiply by and get the same identical thing. Example: The identity for addition is 0, a + 0 = a, the identity for multiplication is 1, y x 1 = y. To solve equations or inequalities you use the addition property, subtraction property, multiplication property, or division property. Example: To solve 3x + 5 = 17 Given 3x = 12 Subtraction Property

12 Properties Practice Practice: Name the property that justifies each statement. 8x + 4 = 4(2x + 1) ________________ X + 0 = X ________________________ 3x + 2 = 2 + 3x___________________ 3x(5) = (3x)5_____________________ -3x>15 Given x<-5__________________________ Answers: A. Distributive, B. Identity for Addition, C. Commutative Property for Addition, D. Associative Property, E. Division Property

13 8. Calculator Skills You Should Know
A. To enter fractions or mixed numbers in your calculator you put them in parentheses. Practice : Solve the following problem. Ms. Gibson spent the following time grading papers. 1 ¾ hours on Monday, 2 ½ hours on Wednesday, 1/2 hour on Thursday and ¾ hour on Friday. What was the total time spent on grading papers? Enter: (1 + ¾) + (2 + ½) + (½) + (¾) = 5.5 hours

14 Calculator Skills Continued
To do a problem dealing with either equations and a table or equations and a point, you enter the equation into y=and then hit 2nd graph to see a table of points. Practice: 1. Find the equation that matches this table: f(n) = 12 + x2 f(n)=16-2x f(n)=8x+7 f(n)=7+2x2 C. f(n) = 8x + 7 matches the table. 2. If the point(7,k) is on the graph of the equation y=2x+5, then find the value of k. k = ____ (7,19) is in the table therefore k = 19 N 1 2 3 4 5 F(N) 7 15 23 31 39 47

15 Calculator Skills Continued
To change a number to scientific notation on your calculator – Hit MODE then arrow over to SCI and hit ENTER then go back to the home screen. Practice Change these numbers to scientific notation: 36,400___________ ________ 36,400 = 3.6 x = 5.4x10-8 To find the absolute value of a number or expression hit MATH then arrow over to NUM and since ABS is highlighted hit enter. Practice. Simplify |-5| + |-6+2| = 9

16 9. Using Formulas Always use these 3 steps when using formulas:
1-Write the formula down 2-Substitute given numbers into the formula 3-Use your calculator to work the formula out. Example. Find the volume of a 2m by 4.5m by 8m rectangular prism. V = lwh V = 2 x 4.5 x 8 V = 72 m3 You must know the slope formula. They do not give you this formula slope = y2-y1 x2-x1

17 Using Formulas Continued
Practice. Work these problems. Find the area of a circular flower bed that is 12 yards across the center. A 12 foot ladder is leaning against a 2 story house and reaches the top of the first floor. The bottom of the ladder is 4 feet away from the house. How tall is the first floor? Find the slope between these points on a line. A.(3,-4) & (4,5) B. (2,3) and the origin C. (-3,5) & (-3,6) D. (2,4) & (5,4) A =πr2 A = 3.14 x 62 = yd2 X = x = x = √128 =11.3ft A.5—4 B C D.4-4 / no slope 0

18 10. Integrated Response In integrated response questions you are to show your work. If you use your calculator then you must write down what you punch in. Practice: Belk has coats on sale for 40% off. If Jessica bought a coat that regularly costs $75, how much of a discount does she get?(1) If Jessica must pay 6% sales tax, then what will be the amount of tax she has to pay?(1) What will be the change Jessica will get back after paying for the coat and tax from a $100 bill? Answer: A. 75 x .40 = $30 B =45x0.06=$2.70 C = = $52.30

19 Integrated Response Continued
The table below shows the correct dosage of medicine for weight. Make a scatterplot from the table. Be sure to title your graph and label the axes. (2) Describe the correlation between weight and dosage. Explain your reasoning. (1) Weight in pounds 40 50 60 70 80 90 Dosage in mg 1 1.5 2 2.5 3 3.5

20 Integrated Response Continued
Correct Dosage 5 4 Dosage in mg 3 2 1 Weight in lbs B. There is a positive correlation between the weight and dosage. As the weight increases the dosage increases.

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