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Test Automation on Mobile environnents Eder Figueroa 4/29/203.

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1 Test Automation on Mobile environnents Eder Figueroa 4/29/203

2 Automated Testing: Testing technique that uses automation testing tools to control the environment set- up, test execution and results reporting. It is performed by a computer and is used inside the testing teams.

3 Automation does not require Human intervention Automation increases speed of test execution Manual Testing can become tedious and hence error prone Manual Testing on all possible work flows including: all fields, all combination, all rainy scenarios implies time and cost consuming

4 Typical phases in mobile application testing

5 Device Diversity Multiple platforms Rendering devices Hardwar e Multiple network types (e.g., GSM/GPRS/ Wi- Fi/Wi-Max). Multiple network operators with customized network features. Network Limitations in processing speed. Limitations of mobile memory size. Even Limitations in battery life spam Functionality Gaming Browsing Business Communication Social Mobile automated testing challenges


7 Examples of automatable Non functional testing for mobile application Performance Testing: Response form application Stress/ Load Testing Usability and UI

8 GUI Test Automation Tools for iOS and Android Platform Specific Tools Instruments Monkeyrunner Generic Script Based Tools Sikuli Robot Framework Random Event Generator UI/Application Exerciser Monkey Automation Whitebox testing tools Android Instrumentation Instruments (IOS) Blackbox testing tools Sikuli Robotium

9 Used for testing native android apps Open source Active community Selenium Open source Supports large number of browsers Support multiple languages (java, c# ….) Active community Sikuli Image Based test Automation Visual verification on expected output Works Windows Mac, Linux Automates anything on screen, no API internal support Instruments Used for testing native IOS apps Proprietary Apple supports it More closely linked to device and works with device and simulator. Supports all gestures (pinch, zoom, swipe, flick, long press, scroll, etc.)


11 Disadvantages: Depends on high resolution Can not run in background Dynamic path are tricky or even impossible to automate Dont support gestures

12 Instruments Disadvantages: Requires linking with application to produce a special build. Tester needs to write custom test script to get consolidated report of all test cases.

13 Source: Test automation tools for mobile applications: a brief survey white paper. Huges mystique Feature comparison

14 Test Execution Test tool selection Define the scope of Automation Planning, Design and Development Conclusions

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