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SRF Accelerator Test Facility at NML Jerry Leibfritz May 23, 2011.

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1 SRF Accelerator Test Facility at NML Jerry Leibfritz May 23, 2011

2 AEM Meeting2 Outline Quick Recap of NML Facility Current Status –Cryomodule testing –Expansion construction –Cryomodule Test Facility (CMTF) –Development of linac Future Plans Schedule

3 NML Test Facility May 23, 2011AEM Meeting3

4 May 23, 2011AEM Meeting4 Phase-1 Layout of NML Cryomodule-1 (CM1) (Type III+) Capture Cavity 2 (CC2) CC2 RF System 5 MW RF System for CM1 4

5 May 23, 2011AEM Meeting5 RF Gun & Capture Cavity II (CC2)

6 Cryomodule-1 (CM1) May 23, 2011AEM Meeting6

7 CM1 Test Plan Virtually identical to DESY run plan for XFEL modules (courtesy of Dennis Kostin) and Fermilab experience at HTS and CC2 TEST PROCEDURE: –1. RF Cable Calibration done –2. Technical Interlock / Sensor checkout done –3. RF source / Waveguides / LLRF done –4. Warm Input RF Coupler Conditioning done –5. Cooldown to 2K done –6. Cavity Spectra measurements done –7. Cavity Tuners Test and Tuning done –8. Coupler Q load measurement done –9. Set Cavities On Resonance done –10. Cold Input RF Coupler and Cavity Conditioning done –11. Single Cavity RF Measurements in progress –12. RF Measurement of 8 Cavity Cryomodule –13. Cryo performance testing May 23, 2011AEM Meeting7

8 CM1 – RF Distribution May 23, 2011AEM Meeting8

9 Phase-1 Civil Construction Existing NML Building New Underground Tunnel Expansion (Space for 6 Cryomodules (2 RF Units), AARD Test Beam Lines) Funded by ARRA May 23, 20119AEM Meeting

10 May 23, 2011AEM Meeting NML Expansion Existing NML BuildingAlcove for Cryoplant Tie-in CM6CM5 Rack Room/Laser Lab Beam Dump Test Beamlines/AARD Area -Construction Complete 4/11 10 10 meter Ring

11 NML Expansion Construction May 23, 2011AEM Meeting Finished TunnelElectrical Service BuildingDigging Tunnel 11

12 Phase-2 Layout of NML Cryomodule Capture Cavity 1 (CC1) 5MW RF System for Gun CC1 & CC2 RF Systems RF Gun 10MW RF System for Cryomodules High Energy Beam Absorber CC2 Test Beam Lines May 23, 201112AEM Meeting

13 Utility Upgrade New Transformers, Switchboards, Generator New Chiller for LCW System May 23, 2011AEM Meeting13

14 Beam Absorber/Dump Three High Power (75 kW) Beam Absorbers May 23, 2011AEM Meeting14

15 Beam Absorber/Dump Recycled over 600 Tons of Class-1 Steel from Railhead (value of ~ $500k) May 23, 2011AEM Meeting15

16 Phase-2 Civil Construction (CMTF) New Cryoplant & CM Test Facility (300 W Cryogenic Plant, Cryomodule Test Stands, RF Test Area, Vacuum Cleanroom) Vacuum Cleanroom Cryomodule Test Stands RF Systems Compressor Building Cryogenic Refrigerators Funded by ARRA May 23, 201116AEM Meeting

17 CMTF Construction May 23, 2011AEM Meeting17

18 New Cryogenic Plant Ordered 12/10 from Linde with ARRA Funds –24 month lead time Supplement system with SLAC Refrigerator Recycle Tevatron Equip. –Compressors –Storage Tanks –Cryogenic Piping May 23, 2011AEM Meeting18

19 Phase-3 of NML and CMTF May 23, 201119AEM Meeting

20 NML Complex May 23, 2011AEM Meeting20

21 NML Complex May 23, 2011AEM Meeting21

22 Summary and Future Plans Phase-1 of Project is complete! –CC2 and CM1 have been cooled to 2K and RF powered –Upcoming talk on CM1 Operations – Elvin Harms Phase-2 in progress –Installation of gun, injector, beam lines, absorber/dump –First Beam in 2012 Phase-3 –Full Accelerator Operations (beam through at least 3 CMs) –Advanced Accelerator R&D (AARD) Program May 23, 2011AEM Meeting22

23 AARD Program May 23, 2011AEM Meeting23

24 AARD Program - 2 May 23, 2011AEM Meeting24

25 Results of FNAL/ANL AARD Meeting Selected Three Phase-1 AARD Experiments for NML –Double Emittance Exchange (D-EEX) beam line for pulse shaping experiments (at 250-350 MeV) –Integrable Optics Test Accelerator (IOTA) to demonstrate new nonlinear optics solution (at 150-300 MeV) –High Brightness Compact Diamond Radiator (NIU/Vanderbilt) test experiment (at 40 MeV) May 23, 2011AEM Meeting25

26 May 23, 2011AEM Meeting NML Schedule/Milestones 26 Phase-1 Cryogenic System Operational(August 2007) Delivery of First Cryomodule to NML(August 2008) Begin Construction of CMTF Building(August 2010) Cold RF Testing of First Cryomodule(Dec. 2010) Complete Construction of NML Expansion (April 2011) Install Injector & Test Beam Lines(2011-2012) First Beam(2012) New Cryoplant Installation/Operation(2013-2014) Install 3 Cryomodule String(2013-2014) RF Unit Test with Beam (S2)(2014)

27 NML M&S Budget SRF (18.2) – FY11$1,100k Beamline/Facility Equipment (ARRA)$9,800k –FY10-FY11 Expansion Construction (ARRA GPP)$4,900k –Essentially Complete CMTF Construction (ARRA GPP)$7,100k –Expected Completion – 9/11 Cryoplant Purchase (ARRA MIE)$9,300k –Ordered 12/10, Delivery ~ 2013 RF Equipment for HTS2 & CMTF (ARRA)$2,900k Total$35,100k May 23, 2011AEM Meeting27

28 Thanks to… May 23, 2011AEM Meeting28 The Entire NML Team!

29 Backup Slides Additional Information May 23, 2011AEM Meeting29

30 AEM Meeting NML Project Overview Overall Goals –Build an RF Unit Test Facility at the New Muon Lab (NML) ILC RF Unit = 3 cryomodules 10-MW RF system Beam with ILC parameters (3.2 nC/bunch @3 MHz, Up to 3000 bunches @ 5Hz, 300-μm rms bunch length) –Build Test facilities for Project-X cryomodules Phase-1 (FY07 – FY10) (Completed Dec. 2010) –Prepare facility for testing first cryomodule (CM1) without beam Infrastructure, RF power, cryogenics (Tevatron satellite refrigerators #1 & #2) Install first cryomodule (CM1) and Capture Cavity-2 (CC2), cooldown, and begin RF testing New tunnel civil construction (capability for 2 RF units) May 23, 201130

31 AEM Meeting NML Project Overview Phase-2 (FY11 – FY12) –Prepare for First Beam Civil construction for new cryoplant and test stands Move parts from FNPL photo-injector to NML Install new gun, injector, Test beamlines, and beam dump Swap CM1 with second cryomodule (CM2) - (S1) Commission gun – generate first beam Accelerate beam through single cryomodule Phase-3 (FY12 – FY14) –Complete RF Unit Upgrade RF system to 10 MW Install RF Unit (3 cryomodules) Commission new Cryogenic Plant Operate full RF Unit with beam - (S2) May 23, 201131

32 NML Project-X Test Stands CMTF (FY14 – FY15) –Test Stands for Project X Install shielding, RF, cryo for PX test stands 1300 MHz (pulsed) CM test stand (with India) 650 MHz (CW) CM test stand (with India) 325 MHz (CW) CM test stand (with India) May 23, 201132AEM Meeting

33 Beam Parameters May 23, 2011AEM Meeting33

34 May 23, 2011AEM Meeting34 Cooldown of CM1 Cool down to 4.5 Kelvin (2+ days) Cool down to 2 Kelvin (~2 hours)

35 May 23, 2011AEM Meeting35 Cavity #1 Performance Fast Thermometry response during a possible quench Gradient (22 MV/m) HOM temperature Cavity vacuum

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