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1 Susan Bockhoff, McKesson Igor Gershovich, Connected Testing Enterprise-wide Test Automation with HP Quality Center Suite for Agile development projects.

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1 1 Susan Bockhoff, McKesson Igor Gershovich, Connected Testing Enterprise-wide Test Automation with HP Quality Center Suite for Agile development projects.

2 Agenda McKesson and Project Background Project Goals and Test Automation ROI Why BPT was Selected Test Automation Approach and Results Behind the scenes: the BPT architecture Creating Business Components Setting up Parameters Creating automated tests using BPT Components 2

3 McKesson: Who Are We? Largest healthcare services company in the world Fortune 15 – $106 billion in revenues (FY09) More than 32,000 employees dedicated to healthcare Oldest U.S. healthcare company Established 1833 Only company offering solutions at every point of care Deep clinical, IT and process expertise 3

4 Horizon Clinicals Software Products Manage information across the healthcare lifecycle 4 Patient & Family Pharmacy Local Hospital Pediatrician Primary Care Physician / Medical Home Grandmas Physician Alternative Medicine Practitioner

5 Our Software Is Complex …. We develop software in multiple locations Westminster, Colorado Alpharetta, Georgia Roseville, MN Bangalore, India Using many development tools Java.Net GWT Standard HTML New release contains 35 different applications and over 40,000 tests 5

6 Why Automate Our Tests? Revenue: Faster time to adoption will speed license revenue recognition, market penetration Cost: Reduced cost to execute tests Agility: Ability to run regression tests more quickly to speed time to market of our products. Repeatability: Detect regression errors more quickly without human errors or variability. Coverage: Increase platform coverage on each release. Increased confidence in our application quality. 6

7 Status at the Start of the Project 2000 working automated tests using QTP These took 3 years to develop The team was using a keyword-driven framework Tests were scripted using VB script (no record and playback) Tests required a lot of maintenance and many had to be abandoned There were many false failures 7

8 The Challenge! 5000 new working automated tests in one year Must be in production and executed successfully Broad product coverage Be able to execute the tests in 3 days Tests must be re-usable over multiple releases with a minimum of maintenance Automate first – SME Centric approach Use automated testing as part of agile development process 8

9 Business Process Testing HPs Business Process Testing (BPT) product was selected for this project The QTP framework had some problems we wanted to resolve: Tests still required a lot of maintenance Tests required automation engineers to write, and they did not know the applications well enough to know what the tests should do When tests failed the failures could not be resolved by the automation engineers (did not know enough about the app to know if it was a bug) 9

10 Advantages of BPT Components are created by automation engineers who can create them without really knowing everything the application needs to do Tests themselves are created by subject matter experts who know what the tests need to do and how best to prioritize them. Test failures are analyzed by subject matter experts who know if it is a software defect or a problem with the automated script itself. 10

11 How to Select Good Candidates for Automated Tests App must be in a technology that is automatable (no apps requiring reading of bitmaps). Frequently run tests are automated first since they will give the greatest payback This requires that a full risk-based analysis be performed on your regression suite to prioritize all regression tests High-priority regression tests (wide and shallow) are the ones that should be automated for highest ROI. 11

12 Frequency of Automated Tests Environmental Health Check – 1 hr. Can you log in to all apps? Executed on every build. Smoke tests – 4 hrs. Can all main pages be accessed? Executed every two weeks. Critical automated regression – 6 hrs. can all major transactions be performed? Executed at start of regression testing and also last thing before release. High priority regression - executed several times on a release. 12

13 Test Automation Architecture Application Under Test Business Process Testing (BPT) Component Test Resources: -Functions -Object Rep. -Environment HP Quality Center (QC) HP QuickTest Pro (QTP)

14 SME-centricTest Automation Process Automation Engineer Automation Architecture Design Create Function Libraries Create Object Repositories Create Business Components Drag Components to create tests in QC Configure Input/Output parameters Debug tests in QC Test Plan module Add tests to test set in Test Lab module Subject Matter Expert or Test Engineer

15 SME-centric Process Advantages Responsibilities are clearly defined: Automation developers define architecture and create components Subject matter experts create automated test cases SME doesnt need to know/use QTP. Uses very flexible Keyword/Data-Driven approach. Reduced learning curve due to same approach across different applications/technologies Applicable to all areas of automated testing, like regression, smoke, acceptance, etc. Designed for Maintainability

16 Automated Testing with Agile Automation Engineers SME Testers Shared between Agile teams Create BPT components during each sprint Modify components as needed Embedded in Agile teams Write automated tests using BPT components during each sprint Execute automated tests at the end of each sprint Use BPT tests as regression tests during later sprints

17 Benefits of New Approach Leverage product knowledge of SMEs to write more meaningful and reliable tests Increase test coverage -> fewer product escapes Ability to keep up with increased product workload without increase in staff Reduce time spent analyzing automation failures Faster execution of automated tests

18 The Results The team created 5500 new, working BPT tests in one year using this approach. With the same budget, the team increased the number of automated tests created by 5 times using this approach. Automated tests now comprise 25% - 40% of the tests executed depending on the size of the release. These tests are being maintained and executed consistently. The team is now working on maintenance, speed of execution, unattended execution, and new projects. 18

19 Automated Testing Process Quality Center QTP AUT BPT Components, Automation Resources Results AUT Testing Test case Data


21 Test Automation Elements IDE: Quality Center with BPT/Mercury QuickTest Professional (QTP) Environment Files Application Areas Function Libraries Object Repositories Business Components and Test Scripts

22 Flexible Test Automation Lab – over 30 VMs and Desktops 22 Test Sets Environments Under Test Lab Machines QA1 QA2 QA3

23 Environment (BPT Test) for Computer Name–Test Environment Mapping Computer name – Test Environment mapping

24 Environment.xls

25 Function Libraries Technology libraries Web GWT.Net Win32 Common libraries Utility DB CommProtocols Project Specific libraries


27 Business Components A component is a reusable module to perform tasks on logically independent application parts (Page or Window). Components use Input/Output parameters for data input/verification and navigation within Page or Window. Input/Output parameters also are used to pass data between components. Components can use iterations.

28 Login Component Steps (Example for Web Application) Component initialization Load environment variables like URL, login credentials, DB connection strings, etc. Close all browsers except QC Invoke an application Login Verification that login is successful

29 Functional Component Steps (Example for Web Application) Component initialization – ComponentInit() function Load environment variables like URL, login credentials, DB connection strings from Environment.xls file using QC OTA Verify that Expected page is displayed Side or Top menu navigation Web Page internal flow

30 BPT Component Script and AUT AUT QTP


32 BPT Test Case in Quality Center Data

33 Parameter Naming Conventions PrefixObjectExample lstListlst_User txtEdittxt_User chkCheckboxchk_User radRadiobutton/RadioGrouprad_User tabTabtab_User tblTabletbl_User cellCell in Tablecell_User fileWebFilefile_User eleWebElementele_User cmbComboboxcmb_User stStatic Text (Read Only)st_User

34 .Apply Method Object.Apply Parameter(Parameter_Name).WebEdit(Name).Apply Parameter(txt_Name) Apply method functionality: Performs data substitution Verifies if object exists and visible Makes decision what to do with Name edit object based on Parameter data

35 Input Constraints for Edit (Text Box) Object ValueActionExample No action Clear edit field textEnter textHello [text]Verify text[Hello] [ ], [ ] Verify if object is Enabled/Disabled [ ],[ ] Verify if object exist/no- exist [ Pattern] Verify that Pattern matches text [ TestCase.*]

36 Working with Objects in Grids row=WebTable().GetRowIndex(Parameter(search_),clmn) WebTable().CellApply row, clmn, objType, Parameter(cell_) iRow = WebTable().GetRowIndex(Parameter(search_Name),2) WebTable().CellApply iRow,3,WebElement,Parameter(cell_Age) Parameter prefixed with the word search_ indicates which row to work with. Row can be selected by using row number: #n the text contained in the specified Column Pattern Parameters for objects in table cells are prefixed by cell_

37 Example: Working with Grids

38 Data Substitution Special tags for Dates, Times, SSNs, Unique values, DB Queries, Random, etc. - get substituted with unique SSN - get substituted with today date (03/19/10) get substituted with 3 random digits Tags can be combined [ at.* AM]

39 Summary This method provides a way for test automation engineers to create re-usable components without having to know all the ways the application will be used. Subject matter experts can use the components to easily create tests that can do anything that the application can do without having to be software engineers. This method allowed us to create a great number of working automated tests in a relatively short time. The project has been a major success and has helped us achieve greater confidence in our release quality. 39

40 Q&A 40

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