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Northern Virginia Community College

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1 Northern Virginia Community College
Placement Testing Northern Virginia Community College

2 What is a placement test?
NOVA requires a minimum skill level for entry into the majority of its courses. The tools we use to determine your skill level are called Placement Tests. Three Placement Tests: Compass® English Placement Test Accuplacer® English Placement Test VPTMath Placement Test Placement Tests are not pass/fail Placement Tests tell you what you are “eligible” to take. Ask your testing center representative about which test is appropriate for you. You do not need to take all the tests!

3 Who needs to take a placement test?
Anyone interested in taking a course(s) at NOVA: First-time Freshman People interested in on-line courses through ELI Students participating in a “Dual Enrollment” class High School students in “Pathway to the Baccalaureate” Employees involved in “Workforce Development” Military personnel enrolled in “Lifelong Learning” courses

4 Where do I take the Placement Test?
At your current location What are the testing dates and times? For dates and times of tests offered Type “Testing Center” in the upper right hand search bar of the website and click the first link available. Then click the button that read, “Testing Center Hours”

5 What steps do I need to follow?
Complete the online application at: If you need help, visit: Write down or print the your SIS # that is automatically generated after you complete your application. Bring your SIS # and a photo ID to your designated testing site. Meet with your NOVA advisor to determine which classes you can take.

6 What if my scores are too low?
Ask your advisor about your options. Options are specific to the type of student taking the test. Possible options: Inquire about tutoring assistance Re-test with written approval of department (English or Math) Enroll in a developmental course at NOVA

7 Compass® English Placement Test:
There are two parts to the exam: Reading - Long passages – main ideas, thesis statements, etc. Writing - No original writing but rather “proofreading” – grammar, punctuation, etc. No spelling errors You can retake the test once every 6 months Results will print when you are finished testing

8 VPT Math Placement Test:
This is a ‘smart test’ Begins with basic math and becomes more difficult You will receive some basic math units (groups of questions) and possible diagnostics thereafter You will have access to a calculator on the test You may use scratch paper You can retake the test one time within a 12 month period Print two copies of the test upon completion or ask a staff member/instructor for assistance

9 Preparing for the Placement Test:
VPT Math: Sample Placement Test Questions Created by the test developers Follow the directions on - Click the horizontal box labeled The Virginia Placement Test for Mathematics Compass® English: Does not look like the test but questions are similar – answers provided Additional Study Tools: Math help English help Study Skills

10 Tests are untimed. Ask your advisor about finishing your test at NOVA.
On the day of the exam: Get plenty of rest Eat breakfast Bring photo ID Bring SIS# If you plan to test at a school, you might need a pass or permission from your teacher. If you plan to test at a NOVA campus, please come alone – family and friends can be distracting. Tests are untimed. Ask your advisor about finishing your test at NOVA.

11 Other frequently asked questions:
Is there a fee? No. How much time do I have? Placement tests are untimed. Can I use my calculator? Yes, one will be provided for you on the computer. Do I need an appointment to come to a NOVA campus? No. Can I retake the test? Yes, ask your advisor for guidelines. If I retake the test, which score will NOVA keep? We keep the most recent score. Who is your NOVA advisor? How do you contact them?

12 A copy of this presentation -
Web links are imbedded in this PowerPoint. Ask your presenter about receiving a copy.

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