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1 PRESENTED BY Cindy Hurley District Testing Coordinator Tucson Unified School District 225-5418 Spring 2009 Elementary AIMS & Terra Nova Pre-Test Training.

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1 1 PRESENTED BY Cindy Hurley District Testing Coordinator Tucson Unified School District 225-5418 Spring 2009 Elementary AIMS & Terra Nova Pre-Test Training

2 2 Agenda Introductions Part 1 – District Test Coordinator Responsibilities Part 2– Receiving Materials Part 3 – Test Administration Part 4 - Returning Materials

3 3 Test Coordinator Packet

4 4 Critical Dates for Spring 2009 A copy of the critical dates is in your testing packet Dates for each test administration AIMS DPA Writing / Reading/Math Terra Nova AIMS Science - 4 th grade Mathematics Field Test – grades 3 – 5 Make note of and plan for all critical dates Due to our Spring Break---we have less time than ever to return and check-in materials. We all have to pull together on this!

5 5 Critical Dates for Elementary Schools AIMS DPA, TerraNova, Science & Math Field Test AIMS DPA Materials DeliveryMar. 9-12 Materials Delivery to Sites Mar. 19 – 20 Short-Add Window ClosesMar. 23 4:00 pm AIMS DPA WritingMar. 31 AIMS DPA Reading/Math Part 1Apr. 1 * Terra Nova Grade 2 Apr. 1 AIMS DPA Reading/Math Part 2 Apr. 2 Terra Nova Grade 2Apr. 2 AIMS DPA Reading/Math Part 3Apr. 3 AIMS Science – 4 th GradeApr. 7 (no make-up) AIMS Math Field Test – Gr. 3-8Mar. 30 – Apr.16 (no make-up) AIMS Check-In of Materials Apr. 15 – Apr. 21 * Please note, April 1, Wednesday, is a regular length school day (A copy of this is in your test packet)

6 6 Who Tests? Terra Nova Students in grade 2 AIMS DPA Students in Grades 3 – 5 AIMS Science Students in Grade 4 AIMS Math Field Test Students in Grade 3 – 5 Remember: All Students Test in grades 3 – 8 test on AIMS They either take AIMS or AIMS-A

7 7 Additional Students Who May Test Non-enrolled students may participate in AIMS testing: Private schooled students Home schooled students Non-enrolled students many not participate in the field test Part 3 - Test Administration

8 8 District Test Coordinator Responsibilities Part 1 - Test Coordinator Responsibilities

9 9 Test Coordinator Responsibilities Part 1 - Test Coordinator Responsibilities Train school test coordinators, test administrators, and test proctors Order, coordinate, distribute, and collect all test materials for you school Act as liaison between your school and the District Testing Coordinator Assume responsibility for all testing at your site

10 10 Provide Training Part 1 - Test Coordinator Responsibilities All test administrators and proctors throughout state are required to attend a pre-test training through their district/charter before each test administration Any person administering AIMS or TerraNova tests is required to attend Every adult in a test room must have received training in the correct test administration procedures

11 11 Receiving Materials

12 12 Material Delivery Window March 9 – 12 AIMS DPA, AIMS Science, Mathematics Field Test, and TerraNova delivered to testing warehouse March 19 – 20 Materials delivered to sites Part 2 - Receiving Materials

13 13 Receiving Materials Each shipment that is received must be inventoried Packing list is in box 1 Verify all materials have been received Verify that the number of materials received is sufficient for the number of students testing If additional materials are needed, they must be ordered immediately (see short-add deadlines). Email Cindy Hurley how many you need for each content area Part 2 - Receiving Materials

14 14 Elementary School Test Materials Test Books Grade 2 TerraNova – consumable scorable test book Grade 3 AIMS DPA W/R/M consumable scorable test book Math Field Test consumable scorable test book 1 nonscorable writing draft booklet Part 2 - Receiving Materials

15 15 Elementary School Test Materials Test Books AIMS DPA and Field Test - Grades 4 - 5 2 test books Combination Writing, Reading, Mathematics Mathematics Field Test 1 scorable answer document Writing, Reading, Mathematics, Mathematics Field Test Students must bubble the Field Test form code on answer document Science - Grade 4 1 test book 1 scorable answer document Part 2 - Receiving Materials

16 16 Test Coordinator Kit Contents of Test Coordinator Kit Test Coordinators Manual Packing List box 1 Student Bar Code Labels, Instructions, and Reference List Part 2 - Receiving Materials

17 17 Short-Add Window Must order any test shortages by March 23, at 4:00 pm for: AIMS DPA Writing, Reading & Math Mathematics, AIMS Science There is no short-add for Mathematics Field Test Critical Information Part 2 - Receiving Materials

18 18 Part 3 - Test Administration Test Administration

19 19 Test Administrators are required to: Attend training scheduled by the Site Test Coordinator Read and sign a security agreement Adhere to all test administration security procedures Follow test administration directions exactly as stated in the Test Administration Directions Read the test administration script aloud to the student exactly as stated in the Test Administration Directions

20 20 Test Security Part 3 - Test Administration It is unethical and will be viewed as a violation of test security for any person to: Examine content of any portion of test Disclose or allow to be disclosed the content of any portion of test or any test item before, during, or after test administration Influence students answers by offering assistance of any kind Change or review students answer choices, including the writing rough draft and writing final copy

21 21 Test Security Part 3 - Test Administration It is unethical and will be viewed as a violation of test security for any person to: Photocopy, transcribe, or in any way duplicate any part of AIMS test books Fail to return all test materials, including unused documents Participate in, direct, aid, counsel, assist in, encourage, or fail to report any violations of these test administration security procedures Allow students to have access to test questions, writing prompts or share information prior or during test administration Use scratch paper

22 22 Test Security Part 3 - Test Administration All adults involved in testing must read and sign the Security Agreement Spring 2009 Review security procedures in Test Administration Directions on page 3 Security agreements must be retained at district or school for a minimum of 6 years Return principals security agreement to District Test Coordinator

23 23 Prior to Testing Part 3 - Test Administration Prepare the Testing Room Cover or remove all visual aids Lighting and ventilation should be good Free from distractions and interruptions Arrange seating appropriate for testing Refer to the Test Administration Directions p. 2-3 and Test Coordinators Manual p. 6 for further instructions

24 24 10 TerraNova Grade 2

25 25 TN Test Dates TerraNova given over two days - April 1 - April 2 Make-up Window ends April 17 Three sections to be administered Reading Language Arts Mathematics

26 Approximate TerraNova Times It is permissible to change the order of the tests. 26

27 27 Most students will have a precoded Student Information Sheet (SIF) – no demographics need to be filled in. This SIF must be placed behind the front cover of the test book when the tests are returned. Do not remove them. If there is no precoded SIF for a student, then student-identifying information will need to be filled in by school personnel. Follow the directions on pgs. 6-7 of the Test Directions to enter the information in by hand. If a student has used an accommodation, then boxes AA must be filled in on their answer document – see slides 28 & 29. TerraNova Student Demographics

28 AA BB (no longer valid) X 28

29 Note: This information can only be found in the Test Coordinator Manual – Pg. 12. Filling in Sections AA and BB on TerraNova Answer Document BB No Longer Valid 29

30 30 Mathematics Field Test The field test is necessary to prepare for the redesigned Spring 2010 AIMS Mathematics test that will be aligned to the newly adopted Arizona Mathematics Standards Administration will follow the same procedures as the AIMS DPA Math Every student enrolled in a district school or who tests on AIMS will participate in the field test NEW Part 3 - Test Administration

31 31 Mathematics Field Test Grades 3 – 5 18 items Estimated times 45 – 60 minutes Scheduling is flexible within test window Students should receive same accommodations as on AIMS DPA Mathematics NEW Part 3 - Test Administration

32 32 Mathematics Field Test Teacher Directions for the field test will be included in the Test Administration Directions Test materials will be provided based on online ordering for AIMS DPA No make-up for Mathematics Field Test NEW Part 3 - Test Administration

33 33 Timing for AIMS AIMS tests are untimed. These are estimated times necessary for the vast majority of students to complete the test For students who are not finished in the allotted time, arrangements must be made to allow them to finish testing NO AIMS testing session may carry over to the next school day Part 3 - Test Administration

34 Spring 2009 - AIMS DPA Test Schedule Testing DayContent AreaGrade(s)Session(s) / Time Day 1Writing3 - 8 1 session – 2 hours Day 2Reading Part 1 Mathematics Part 1 3 - 8 1 session – 45 - 60 min. 1 session – 45 min. Day 3Reading Part 2 Mathematics Part 2 3 - 8 1 session – 45 - 60 min. 1 session – 45 min. Day 4Reading Part 3 Mathematics Part 3 3 - 8 1 session – 45 - 60 min. 1 session – 45 min. Day 5Science Part 1 Science Part 2 4444 1 session – 45-60 min. 34

35 35 AIMS Breaks Stretch breaks: Writing – between rough draft and final draft Significant breaks: Reading / Mathematics – each day between administration of Reading test and administration of Math test Science – Grade between session 1 and 2

36 36 Acceptable AIMS Resources AIMS Writing Commercially published English dictionary Commercially published English thesaurus Several copies must of these must be available in each testing room during the writing test AIMS Writing/Reading/Math Translation dictionaries for ELL students Part 3 - Test Administration

37 37 Unacceptable Resources for AIMS Items that may not be used for any portion of AIMS: Math manipulatives: charts, and aids, including but not limited to a ruler, number line, compass, and an abacus Electronic devices including but not limited to: Computers, calculators, cell phones, digital watches, personal digital assistants, and portable music players Scratch Paper Part 3 - Test Administration

38 38 Use of Unacceptable Resources Test Administrators who observe students using unacceptable resources are to remove the item as soon as possible Student must be allowed to continue testing After investigating situation thoroughly, notify Cindy Hurley (225-5418) You may be requested to fill out an incident report (see copy in test coordinator packet) Part 3 - Test Administration

39 39 Use of Scratch Paper Can not use any scratch paper for any portion of the AIMS test. Students may write inside test books. Can use scratch paper for TerraNova,

40 40 If A Test Needs To Be Invalidated Only The Arizona Department of Education can make the determination to invalidate a test When a testing issue occurs notify Cindy Hurley (225-5418) as soon as possible and then she will get guidance from ADE The Arizona Department of Education recommends that the students parents or guardians receive written notification of the incident and its consequences

41 41 Handling Materials Keep answer documents intact Use only pencil on answer documents For AIMS Writing, only responses that are handwritten in pencil on the pages designated Final Copy will be scored Be sure any large print and Braille have been transferred to a regular answer document Part 3 - Test Administration

42 42 Students Who Leave Room During Testing Students are to remain into the testing room during the entire scheduled testing session Students are allowed to go to the restroom Only one student may leave at a time Students must turn in test materials before they leave the room and give back when they return Part 3 - Test Administration

43 43 Students Who Leave School During Testing Students who leave school before completing a particular test session are ineligible to continue the test for that session This includes students who leave because of illness. High School students are not eligible to participate in the make-up test for this content area Answer document will be sent in for scoring even if student did not finish testing ADE recommends documenting time student left and reason for leaving early Part 3 - Test Administration

44 44 Disruptive Students Students who disrupt testing, refuse to participate, receive help from others, or otherwise engage in behavior not consistent with a acceptable classroom behavior should be subject to disciplinary procedures established by the school Students should be allowed to continue testing in a different location so that other students may test undisturbed Incident report must be completed and submitted to ADE for all possible cheating situations Part 3 - Test Administration

45 45 Monitoring Testing Move about room unobtrusively Make sure students are progressing through the test Allow students to work at their own pace Supervise room at all times Answer students questions that pertain only to clarification of test directions Verify students are marking answers in proper locations Part 3 - Test Administration

46 46 As Students Finish Testing Collect student test book and answer document – make sure student has written name in top corner Check answer document to verify student has completed proper sections of test and have not used ink Check inside test books to make sure no answer documents are tucked inside Part 3 - Test Administration

47 47 AIMS Bar Codes Grade 3 1 set for AIMS DPA 1 set for Mathematics Field Test Grade 4 1 set for Combined AIMS DPA/Field Test 1 set for AIMS Science Grade 5 1 set for Combined AIMS DPA/Field Test Use correct bar code for correct test Use correct bar code for correct test Part 3 - Test Administration

48 48 AIMS Bar Codes Part 3 - Test Administration

49 49 AIMS Bar Codes Master Label Bar Code Label Extra Bar Code Part 3 - Test Administration

50 50 Student Identification Information - AIMS Per instructions in Test Administration Directions student identification located on the front covers of the test books and answer documents, MUST be completed by the student prior to testing Student name Teacher School District Part 3 - Test Administration

51 Pre-coded student barcode labels are to be placed on the front of the student answer document in the designated area. You must utilize only a CTB- generated label with a barcode. Do not write or mark in the designated barcode label space. Placement of Pre-Coded Barcode Labels Student MUST complete this section

52 52 Student Bar Code Labels for AIMS If there is a bar code label USE it Bar code labels are provided for each test administration Place the label with the bar code on the front of the corresponding AIMS answer document. Only the Test Coordinator, Test Administrator, or Test Proctor should place bar code labels on answer documents

53 53 Student Bar Code Labels for AIMS If the student information on the label is incorrect, it needs to be changed through SAIS Never write or try to make changes on the label Part 3 - Test Administration

54 54 Student Demographic Information for Students Without AIMS Labels For students without a bar code label, the grid on the top half of the back must be completed by school personnel The bottom half is not necessary in our district

55 55 Private School or Home School Student Demographic Information Fill in the top half of the back side of the AIMS answer document and since there is no SAIS #, put in students phone number where the student ID field is Mark box 6 (not enrolled) on bottom half of the back side of the AIMS answer document

56 2 Complete only for students without bar code labels Top Half of Back of Answer Document Part 3 - Test Administration 56

57 Do not need to complete except for #6 (not enrolled) for a home schooled or private school student. Part 3 - Test Administration Bottom Half of Back of Answer Document 57

58 58 Test Accommodations All Test Administrators are to read the Testing Accommodations Guidelines for 2008 – 2009 (copy in your testing packet) Universal accommodations are available for all students Standard accommodations are available for Special Education students with an IEP, 504 students, and English Language Students Not all accommodations appropriate for instructions are available for use during a standardized state assessment Part 3 - Test Administration

59 59 Part 4 - Returning Materials Returning Materials

60 60 Return of Materials You need to make an appointment to schedule your return. Please call 225-5418 and be sure to tell the person that answers why you are calling We can not accept any drop-ins…you must schedule Because there is less time than ever before to return materials, you will need to organize return of materials as you go and immediately after the last test administered

61 CTB Pick-Up 61

62 62 Return Date Windows April 15 – 21 Due to our Spring Break, we have lost several days for make-up as well as for checking-in materials Even though the test window does not close until April 17, please schedule an early return if you finish before April 17 It will not be possible to check-in materials for every school at 3:30, so some schools will need to come throughout the day Please seek support early from your school to be released during the school day for return of materials Testing this year requires more flexibility than ever this year Please call 225-5418 as soon as you can to set up an appointment – be sure to tell whoever answers the phone that you are calling to set up a return of materials

63 63 Inspecting Scorable Materials Did student complete his/her name, teacher, school and district on front of test book and answer documents Is student bar code in correct area? If no label, demographic information must be complete on back top half Is the letter for the math field test form correctly coded on answer documents Large Print or Braille - Are student responses transferred to a standard answer document Part 3 - Test Administration

64 64 Inspecting Scorable Materials Accommodation information is complete for students receiving standard accommodations Erasures are complete and clear on answer documents Light marks and marks not made with a no. 2 pencil should be marked over with a no. 2 pencil Part 3 - Test Administration

65 65 Returning Materials to Testing Warehouse Separate test books and answer documents. Keep AIMS, TN, Field Test and Science in their own stacks Keep test books in separate labeled boxes from answer documents Test Books need to be grouped by content area Answer documents need to be grouped by content area and then by used and unused Used AIMS answer documents need to be sorted further by grade level – use a colored paper to separate Part 4 - Returning Materials

66 66 Need help? Have questions? Email Cindy Hurley or Call her @ 225-5418

67 What do you mean I am missing a test book??? A big heartfelt thanks for all your hard work and effort to Help get the best test results we can!! AIMS TerraNova AIMS 67

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