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Mona AL-Kahtani. Measure the students proficiency in grammar ranging from inflection to syntax. Mona AL-Kahtani.

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1 Mona AL-Kahtani

2 Measure the students proficiency in grammar ranging from inflection to syntax. Mona AL-Kahtani

3 Much ESL teaching has been based on grammar. There is a general agreement on what test. Errors in grammar are easily identified. Both active and passive skills can be tested. Mona AL-Kahtani

4 (Direct physical responses and visuals) Mona AL-Kahtani

5 Use oral questions that require easy spoken replies or simple nonverbal actions. e.g. TEACHER: How many books are on the table? STUDENT: six << it can be in their language Mona AL-Kahtani

6 The teacher should use familiar words! WHY?? e.g. TEACHER: Put the red folder between the two green ones OR TEACHER: Where are the three yellow notebooks? Mona AL-Kahtani

7 Pictures can be used to test grammar as well. (i.e. to test prepositions, tenses, conditional statements,..etc). Page.36 Mona AL-Kahtani

8 It is suitable for students with very little knowledge about English. Mona AL-Kahtani

9 Test groups using directed physical responses. For example, Drawing THE TEACHER: Draw an airplane in the middle of the paper. Then, draw a house below the air plane. Next, draw a cloud in front of the air plane. - Comparative (page. 37) Mona AL-Kahtani

10 It put students at ease and avoids unnecessary stress. It avoids skills such as reading and writing the students have not mastered yet. It can scored easily and objectively. Mona AL-Kahtani

11 Individual testing takes a long time. It is difficult to find a suitable pictures. Only limited number of grammatical structure can be tested that way. Mona AL-Kahtani

12 (incomplete sentence followed by four options to complete the sentence) Mona AL-Kahtani

13 #She is ___________ her breakfast. a. eatb. eatingc. ated. eaten Mona AL-Kahtani

14 Choose the grammar points you need to test. Prepare the right kind of sentence context (i.e. stem). Select three logical distractors. Prepare simple, clear instructions. Mona AL-Kahtani

15 Structures covered in class. Quizzes and assignments might help. HOW? Ignore well known structures except at the beginning of the test. WHY? Give different weight to various grammar points. Mona AL-Kahtani

16 Good context is important. Yet, it should not be long e.g. test (to + V) I dont want to ___ <<< e.g. test (must) You need a longer context to explain the meaning of the modal. Mona AL-Kahtani

17 ______ the ones who know the answers. a. They are b. There c. Theyre d. Their Avoid distractors that sound alike. Mona AL-Kahtani

18 You can get it from the lady _____ he sold it to. a. which b. who c. whom d. why Mona AL-Kahtani

19 If I had a new fur coat, ________________ a. I showed it to everyone. b. Id show it to everyone c. Ive shown it to everyone d. Ill show it to everyone Avoid repetition in the distractors. If I had a new fur coat, …………. It to everyone. a. I showed b. Id show c. Ive showed d. Ill show Mona AL-Kahtani

20 They just bought ____ furniture. a. a few b. several c. some* d. with Avoid mixing categories. They just bought _______ a. a few furnitures b. several furnitures c. some furniture d. a furniture Mona AL-Kahtani

21 Space saver. Tom lives (A. at, B. on, C. in, D. __ ) Center Street. Dialogue context. Did she ask you to go with her? No, she asked someone ___ instead. a. Elseb. anotherc. otherd. ___ Error identification (which items?) A B One of the girls lost her wallet and does not have C D some money for the game. Mona AL-Kahtani

22 Test the grammar point directly which increase the validity of the test. Scoring is easy and reliable. It allows teachers to diagnose specific problems of students) Mona AL-Kahtani

23 It is not easy to prepare a good item. Easy for the students to cheat. It does not appear to measure the students ability to reproduce the language structures. It can have a negative influence on class work which leads to a harmful backwash effect. Mona AL-Kahtani

24 Sentence with a missing grammar point. Mona AL-Kahtani

25 Example; He went ____ school. Students will; a. decide from the context which word to use. b. write an option from a list c. change the form of a key word. Mona AL-Kahtani

26 1. Select the grammar points you want to test. 2. Provide an appropriate context. 3. Write good instructions. 4. Decide on the kind of simple-completion question to use. Mona AL-Kahtani

27 The ____ child was crying for her mother. (losing, lost*). Choose the best question word from the following list (who, which, where, what, why, when) _____ were you late? We ran out of gas. Mona AL-Kahtani

28 Similar to multiple-choice completion, but with two options only. Example; Complete the following sentences with do or make a. He ___ a lot of money last year. b. I always ____ my best. Mona AL-Kahtani

29 Students should produce the appropriate form. It calls for more productive response. Hes the ____ (tall) person in the class. Mona AL-Kahtani

30 He _____ (sing) a song. Poor item. Why? Context is not enough. How to fix it? - He is ___ (sing) a song. - He ______ singing now. -What is Tom doing now? Oh, he ______ (sing) Mona AL-Kahtani

31 Use common terminology. Add a question tag to these sentences. Tom was indecisive, ………………………? It is good to use an example. Why? Mona AL-Kahtani

32 You would get better sooner if …………….. - Minimum amount of contextual control. - Require real productivity. - Flexibility - Communicative Mona AL-Kahtani

33 Easy to prepare. It appears to measure the productive skills. There is no exposure to incorrect grammatical forms It provide a sensitive measure of achievement. Mona AL-Kahtani

34 Time consuming to correct. Handwriting might be a problem Students can avoid the structures being tested by providing unexpected answers. Mona AL-Kahtani

35 Passage with deleted words. Mona AL-Kahtani

36 Cloze tests are popular these days. Why? - easy to prepare - easy to correct - integrative - it is a good measurement of overall proficiency Mona AL-Kahtani

37 Select an appropriate passage. Decide on the ratio of the words deleted. Write the instruction and prepare an example. Mona AL-Kahtani

38 Select a passage. from reading material. appropriate to the level of the students. length of the selection depends on the number of blanks you plan to have. Dont ! Use passage with a lot of proper nouns, numbers, technical word. Dont use a passage with a lot of quoted material. Mona AL-Kahtani

39 Ratio of the deleted items; - selected – deletion - take out every 7 th word. Write instruction First, read over the whole story quickly. Then read it carefully and fill in the blanks. Finally, read it again to see that your words make sense. Mona AL-Kahtani

40 Scoring the cloze test. 1)Give credits for only the exact word from the story. 2) Allow full credit to equivalent words as well. Problems ! misspellings??? bad handwriting?? Two or more words in the blank. Mona AL-Kahtani

41 Multiple-choice cloze Selected-deletion cloze Inflectional cloze. * They do not have a fixed ratio of words deleted from the passage. Mona AL-Kahtani

42 It is easy to prepare and score. It is a good measurement of integrative English skills. It is a good measurement of the overall ability in English. Mona AL-Kahtani

43 It can not be used to measure the short term gains. It is difficult for non native teachers to choose accepted equivalent words. Mona AL-Kahtani

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