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MFCTEST Muon Fanout Card Test Software Satyanarayana Bheesette Tata Institute, India.

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1 MFCTEST Muon Fanout Card Test Software Satyanarayana Bheesette Tata Institute, India

2 October 16, 2000Muon Commissioning Meeting2 Specification of MFCTEST Initialization procedures Memory and register probes and checks Different readout modes (needs MFTC) Interrupt responses (needs MFTC) Diagnostic functions NVRAM management Data browsers and other functions

3 October 16, 2000Muon Commissioning Meeting3 Software environment External network connectivity to the processor through Ethernet. Hosts: d0ola at DAB and fasic14 at High Rise Console port used for user interface –COM port on PC through HyperTerminal at High Rise –Dumb terminal at PDT test stand MFCTEST runs under VxWorks

4 October 16, 2000Muon Commissioning Meeting4 MFCTEST features Coded in C, cross-compiled in d0mino to run on 68k CPU targets MFCTEST operates through simple, menu driven functions; no graphics or GUIs Log file maintenance option On-line help

5 October 16, 2000Muon Commissioning Meeting5 MFCTEST functions Initialization functions Reset MFC & MFTC Initialize MFC & MFTC Initialize SCL & HL Memory & register tests MFC & MFTC registers MFC Non-volatile RAM MFC Sequencer RAM MFC FIFO RAM MFC NVRAM handler Printing configuration file Setting MFC configuration MFC readout modes Internal(Single & Continuous) SYS(Normal & Framer enabled) EXTernal mode

6 October 16, 2000Muon Commissioning Meeting6 MFCTEST functions(Contd.) Interrupt response tests Internal –Init rising & falling edge –FIFO full & empty –MFC internal error Readout –VBD Done –L1Acc, L2Acc, L2Rej Front-end –L1Busy, L2Busy, L1Err, L2Err, SRQ Browsers & Diagnostics Browse FIFO banks Browse NVRAM error records Display/Modify MFC and MFTC registers Display/Modify memory blocks Memory loops etc.

7 October 16, 2000Muon Commissioning Meeting7 MFCTEST documentation Specification of the D0 MFC test stand software Memory map, registers and bit allocations of MFTC Get started with MFCTEST software On-line help on MFC test software A note on the MFC test stand?

8 October 16, 2000Muon Commissioning Meeting8 To do list Testing of code for Ext and Sys readout modes(MFTC Hardware intensive). Testing of code for interrupt response from above modes. Have one more week at FNAL Hope to continue interaction with Mark from India. Suggestions Welcome.

9 October 16, 2000Muon Commissioning Meeting9 Thanks to… Boris Baldin Igor Chrin Tom Diehl Sten Hansen Mark Kozlovsky Terry OBrien

10 October 23, 2000Muon Commissioning Meeting10 MFCTEST Status Started accessing MFTC registers on last Friday; still there are problems to tackle. Interrupts checked; problems with FIFO and FE interrupts. Reason understood? MFTCs HOTLink has started to work. Hope to have reframing and BIST today. SCL yet to take off. Started to check new MFC boards with MFCTEST. So far so good!

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