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FCAT Writing Field Test December 4 th & 5 th 2012.

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1 FCAT Writing Field Test December 4 th & 5 th 2012

2 Administration Schedule and Changes Test administration on Tuesday, December 4 (main) with makeup administrations on Wednesday, December 5. Prompt is in the writing Folder Testing all students in grades 4, 8, and 10, including ELL and ESE students Security Numbers must be recorded on the Admin Record/Security Checklist Test Group Codes must be recorded on the Admin Record/Security Checklist & Seating Chart Seating Charts are Mandatory Signed documents for Students and Test Administrators – Student Pledge – Test Administrator Prohibited Activities Agreement & FCAT Security Agreement REMEMBER, NO: – Inappropriate actions by school personnel ie Reading the Prompt – Electronic Devices – Re-entering a test after leaving campus – Administration to Family Members Test time: 60 minutes All materials to be picked up by Pony on Thursday (charters) December 6th or Friday Dec 7 th (everyone else).

3 Administration Accommodations (Appendix A) ELL students Flexible setting Flexible scheduling Flexible timing Assistance in heritage language Dictionary ESE/504 students Presentation Responding Scheduling Setting Assistive Devices See manual for expanded accommodations.

4 Pre-ID Labels Pre-id labels have been sent to you Make sure the following is correct: – Student name – Student ID Number – District & School Number – Grade Level If the ID number is the ss# followed by an X, the label will have the last 4 digits listed preceded by five Xs

5 Test Invalidations Procedures Grid the DNS bubble on the School Use Only section of the Writing Folder Reasons: Cheating or disruptive behavior Illness during testing Incorrect time Possession of prohibited electronic devices Defective Writing Folder-transcribe response into new folder with same prompt No re-administration for invalidations

6 Test Security All personnel are prohibited from: Reading, revealing, or copying, any part of the writing prompts Interpreting or reading a prompt for a student Changing or interfering with student responses Reading or copying student responses All personnel must sign the FCAT Administration and Security Agreement and all Test Administrators must sign the Test Administrator Prohibited Activities Agreement Never leave folders unsecured Folders must be collected daily, security numbers must be recorded, and folders must be placed in locked storage Use the Chain of Custody form to record who is in contact and where documents are stored.

7 Test Security, continued One additional proctor required for every 30 students Test administrators give the test; proctors are administrative assistants School system personnel may handle and distribute secure materials, grid answer documents, and answer student questions. Non-school system personnel may be used to assist test administrators and act as an extra set of eyes, but may not participate in test administration or monitor in a room in which family members are being tested.

8 Security Numbers Track materials at all times using the security numbers and security checklist Make certain that test books and answer documents are counted each time they are removed from and returned to locked storage Test Administrators should report any missing materials to the School Coordinator IMMEDIATELY

9 Missing Materials Initiate a thorough investigation School Coordinators should IMMEDIATELY contact Student Assessment at (754) 321-4250 Principal must generate a letter of explanation on school letterhead Letter should be sent to Dr. Desmond Blackburn, cc to Paul Houchens, Director of Student Assessment and Research, within 2 days

10 Test Administrators should… Before testing: Prepare the room for testing Assemble materials needed for testing Grid folders with student information During testing: Distribute materials individually and sequentially Read scripts verbatim and ensure students are signing the Student Pledge Maintain Required Administration Information and Seating Chart Keep time & Maintain test security After testing: Return materials to School Coordinator

11 Test Administration Security Log

12 Material Return Test Administrators Complete Security Checklist and Administration Record (Required Administration Information) & FCAT Seating Chart Verify FCAT Security Log is complete Check student information Collect and stack Planning Sheets Group materials Planning Sheets (used and unused) Administration Manual TO BE SCORED cover Sheets and Writing Folders NOT TO BE SCORED cover sheet and Writing Folders (unused) Return materials to School Coordinator

13 School Coordinators should… Before testing: Receive and inventory test materials Track security numbers Assure implementation of accommodations Train test administrators Collect and file FCAT Admin & Security Agreements and Prohibited Activities Agreements for all staff involved During testing: Supervise test administration and security procedures After testing: Complete and photocopy Writing Field Test Security Checklist/Admin Record, Test Administration Security Logs, Chain of Custody Forms and Seating Charts Prepare materials for return

14 Material Return School Coordinators Separate test materials: Planning Sheets (used and unused) TO BE SCORED Writing Folders NOT TO BE SCORED Writing Folders (unused & invalidated) Band TO BE SCORED folders Complete Document Count Form Prepare shipment Pack the ORIGINAL Writing Security Checklist & Administration Record, FCAT Seating Charts, Security Logs, Chain of Custody Forms and Used Planning Sheets separately Keep your administration manuals for FCAT Writes Dispose of unused bands, unused document count forms, and unused return labels

15 Packing Order Materials for shipment: TO BE SCORED materials Banded stacks of used Writing Folders (Document Count Form inside band of first stack) Affix the RED shipping label and number boxes NOT TO BE SCORED materials Unused and Invalidated Writing Folders YELLOW Affix the YELLOW shipping label and number boxes DISTRICT COORDINATOR ONLY BOX: ORIGINAL Writing Required Administration Information ORIGINAL FCAT Seating Charts ORIGINAL Test Administration Security Logs ORIGINAL Chain of Custody Form Used Planning Sheets

16 Material Return Pony will pickup materials Thursday, December 6 th or Friday, December 7 th, 2012

17 Contact Information If you have any additional questions or concerns, please contact Student Assessment and Research at (754) 321-4250.

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