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Belgrade Chamber of Commerce Cluster Club Project – WP5 Pilot Project - Mini marina Conceptual solution with economic and feasibility study Milan Vlahovic.

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2 Belgrade Chamber of Commerce Cluster Club Project – WP5 Pilot Project - Mini marina Conceptual solution with economic and feasibility study Milan Vlahovic PMP

3 Activities of Belgrade Chamber of Commerce within WP5-Development of Pilot Actions The feasibility study for the creation of a river mini-marina in Serbia in accordance with the EU standards – The proposal for conceptual layout and feasibility study was put out to tender according to the project plan – Among prequalified selected firms, firm DAAM had the lowest tender and was contracted to do the job

4 Development of the conceptual solution with the economic and feasibility study of the mini marina project on the river Sava on the territory of the Surčin municipality – a multi disciplinary team was assembled – the team consisted of 17 smaller teams, among them: architectural and construction team environmental team team for energy efficiency and alternative energy sources feasibility study team

5 Basic principles of design Preservation of the environment – with minimal pollution Energy efficiency - the use of renewable energy sources Integration in urban and natural environment Rationality and functionality in architectural design Use of preferably natural materials such as wood Adjustment of construction costs and use of reasonable and realistic possibilities

6 Urban and technical analysis of the marina Surčin location The selected location of a marina on the river Sava left bank on the territory of Surčin municipality was already anticipated in the land use plan of the municipality of Surčin It has a number of benefits for recreation, tourism, fishing and hunting According to requirements of the Surčin land use plan, it is necessary to establish the concept of protection and regulation of river water and river banks

7 The potential for tourism development The possibility of building a pier for tourist and recreation boats and ships, the proximity of touristic location Obedska bara Outstanding values and natural beauty, environmental benefits and values for the development of weekend and recreation tourism, especially in Progar, Boljevci and Jakovo Outstanding traffic position, primarily on the international infrastructure corridor 10

8 Belgrade Surčin Site plan of marina Surčin location Position of location -1km downstream from the Obrenovac bridge, -13km upstream from the Sava river mouth, -6km by local road from Surčin

9 Photo documentation of location

10 The most frequent functions of typical marina ? Information on existing facilities in marinas in the United States gathered in about 4500 marinas: boat places100% halls for winter boat places70% facilities for boat transport77% boat and motor repair and maintenance service60% gas stations74% sales of a boats, motors and trailers50% sales of boat accessories50% sales of ice, fishing supplies, baits, etc67% sales of food 5% boat chartering46% room facilities for personnel77% beverage service70% snack rooms30% restaurants21%

11 What should be included in mini marina? Management with a view over the port area with bulletin boards, with features for providing information on different topics (wind, water levels, advice for driving,...) Enough space for berths for boats of various dimensions within the pier A device for pumping motor fuel for boats, sailboats Devices for transporting boats on land and in water direction and for boat extraction from the water Winter storages for boats in the open air or in the halls A devices for maintenance and repair of boats An opportunity to purchase replacement parts and accessories for boats and yachts A saving and rescue service Organizing sailing courses and courses for driving motor boats, learning and teaching of scuba diving and water skiing Basic hospitality and tourist facilities (restaurant, coffee bar on the water, tourist office etc.)

12 Additional facilities in a good marina? A promenade with benches Areas for sport and recreation, playgrounds for children Motel or hotel departments, apartments for rent or bungalows A pier for liners, for charter rides and crews of big sailing ships



15 Marine zone Hotel and restaurant Service zone Sports and recreations zone Green area Parking zone Winter boat storage

16 Standardization Design was made to meet EU standards for that type of club marinas According to the national regulations and standards for the classification of marinas (Official Gazette RS no. 56/2011) the Surčin marina will have the highest category of 4 anchors The facilities are designed to a high standard of thermal protection

17 The position and orientation of facilities and the shaping of architectural resources are suitable for an energy-efficient systems with renewable energy – Photo-voltage system – Wiessmann earth-water heat pump The project sought to maximize the nature preservation and enhancement and to minimize the impact on the natural ecosystem

18 By using solar energy (photovoltage panels) and earth (geosondes and heat pump) the facilities will be heated, cooled and ventilated with minimal impact on nature. No emissions gas and other pollutants. One of the biggest potential contaminants and risks of pollution in coastal areas are the sewerage system and waste water technology that marina creates. On this matter, a particular account was taken through the prediction and determination of all the systems that purify wastewater and return it as a technical water for use in the service and land surfaces




22 Feasibility study The implementation of the marina can be carried out in three stages. The first stage includes primary activities related to the water facilities (the part of the pier with berths) and the management part of the facility, service building, water gas station and a part of the covering infrastructure. The second phase includes a restaurant and a part of the pier, landscaping and infrastructure. The third stage would be carried out with the construction of a covered boat winter storage, the hotel and the boat docks.


24 FEASIBILITY STUDY (PHASE 1) PHASE 1: Investment size: 1,600,985 EUR Net Present Value = 394,430 EUR Internal Rate of Return = 11.91% Payback period = 7.4 years

25 FEASIBILITY STUDY (PHASE 2 and PHASE 1) PHASE 1 AND PHASE 2: Investment (Phase 1 and Phase 2): 2,976,443 EUR NPV = 731,238 EUR IRR = 12.20% Payback period = 6.6 years

26 FEASIBILITY STUDY (PHASE 3 and PHASE 1+PHASE 2) PHASE 1+2+3: Investment Phase 1+2+3: 4,600,501 EUR NPV = 1,177,254 EUR IRR = 12.29% Payback period = 6.5 years


28 Feasibility study findings Based on the market analysis, the demand for the mini marina and adjacent facilities is present in Belgrade. The envisioned marina in the Surčin municipality should provide slips and gas station for river boats, along with the modern facilities such as restaurants, hotel and recreational facilities. The Phase 1 profitability enables the stakeholders to seek the additional funds from commercial banks, bond issuance or any other form of borrowed capital in order to build Phase 2 and Phase 3 The feasibility study for Phase 1, as well as feasibility study for the other two phases has provided positive findings in terms of profitability and self-sustainability

29 Thank you for your attention!

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