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1 Wireless Safety Card Guide for Your KidsSafety.

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1 1 Wireless Safety Card Guide for Your KidsSafety

2 2 Table of Content 1. Product Background 2. Market Demand & Analysis 3. School Schedule (David) 4. Safety Card Demonstration 5. Features of Safety Card 6. Product Demonstration

3 3 Case Study Case Study 1: Student being robbed after school, parents are scared Case Study 2: Form 2 student died being beated by gangster Case Study 3 Primary school died of being beat after basketball match Case Study 4 Gangster culture arises in secondary school Case Study 5 12 years old student girl being raped by principal Case Study 6 Secondary student was killed by schoolmate, parents said he was cut 39 knife. Case Study 8 Form 5 student bring his gangs to kill 2 form 3 students after some disputes Case Study 9 15 years old girl became crazy after being bully for long time in school Secure Safety, Prevent Tragedy Background Chapter 1

4 4 Chapter 1 Product Background

5 5 Demand Analysis Chapter 2 Effective Client Administrative Department of school Traditional Attendance : Require Teacher to look at the school for attendance manually. Sometimes, this may consume time during the peak hour during class when students are queuing outside the school gate, it may exposed safety issue. Demand for School Management: There are blindness exist in the school management, most of the school prohibited students to bring handphone in the class. During class period, controlled of students activities may be exposed when a particular student not stay in the school area. Lack of facility in school that may caused some blindness in school management issue. Besides passive protection, this may require students to take some initiative in their own safety prevention.

6 Demand Analysis Chapter 2 Potential Client Parent & Students from Kindergarden, Primary & Secondary School Digital Mall Playground School 1 Student Attendance Check 2 Have Students arrive / leave the school 3 How to make sure students could be contacted all the time? 4 What to do when students are facing threat or in danger? 5 What if students get lost? This may cause tragedy for parents and their life could facing threats. Security Issue Learning Issue

7 7 Go for study 8:30-9:00 In class, Rest 9:30-12:00 Lunch, rest 12:00-14:00 Study, Rest 14:00-17:00 Back to home 17:00-18:30 Doing Homework 18:30-19:30 Parents Worry (Daily) Is it safety during the journey to school? on time? Always hope to get the location of their sons Always hope to know the performance of their sons at school How to contact their sons as students are prohibited to bring handphone at class Any unusual thing happen at school? Latest update in school, subject learning as well as status for homework? What to do if emergency happen? Chapter 3 School Schedule (David)

8 Safety Card Demonstration Chapter 4 Professional Safety Proposal, by creating new marketing strategy Safety Universal Platform which connect the bridge between the school and parents Mature Platform, Easy to handle, Easy to upgrade system Unique Compatible User Friendly 4 main system (safety monitoring, school management, connectivity between school & parents and relative connection Efficient Unique Function by providing excellent user experience

9 9 Safety Card Demonstration Chapter 4 Creating Safety Education Multi-Platform 3. School Management 1 School Monitoring Tools 2 Student Grade Management 3 Teachers message management 1. Security Monitoring 1. Notification about Students Arrival & Departure in school 2. Real Time SOS Signalling 3. Safety Location Tracking 4. Locus Motion Tracking 4. Relative Contact 1 Relative Call 2 SMS Notification 2. School Interactive 1 School Notice Board 2 Homework 3 Class Timetable 4 Synchonize Subject Classroom 5 Result Management 6 Teachers Comment 4 Main System

10 10 Wireless Safety Card Guide for Your Kids 'Safety Chapter 5 Features of Safety Card

11 11 Digital Attendance Sign-In SOS Emergency Help Button 1-Button Parent Talk Interaction between parents and teachers Student ID Verification GPS Location

12 12 Punctuality? Attendance Status? Check-In Time? Check-Out time? Digital check in Interaction between parents and school notification alert message on student leaving send to parents automatically. Digital Attendance Sign-In 1 st Core Value of Security Card Traditional Punch Card School Monitoring System Your kids has been checked in school at 8:40:35. Dont worry! Your kids has been checked out at 16:50:12. Please aware!

13 13 Real time location inquiry? Get lost? In danger? GPS Tracking Inquiry- this would enable easy monitoring of parents on their child in real-time SMS 123GPS? Parent will receive the current location of student in real time within 30 seconds. GPS Tracking 2 nd Core Value of Security Card Your child is now at Chicago, IL 60607 20 ft N, US 1234GPS

14 14 Contain parent button on card, student can easily call their parent just a press of button. It is ecocomic friendly too as it will be a low radiation wireless card. Class is not allow for bringing handphone? What should I do? 1 Button Parent Talk, enhance the relationship between parents and children. Automatically turn sound into vibration during class, it wouldnt disturb the student. No other phone can be answered except from parentscall. Family Member Communication 3th Core Value of Security Card

15 15 Injured Bully Robbery Get lost Who to find How to get help …… Just press SOS button in the card for 3 second, parent will able to get the location from the children. At the same time, children and parents are able to talk to each other. SOS Help Signalling 4 th Core Value of Security Card Robbery Injured Bully Get Lost

16 16 How to actively know your child surrounding? With whom? What they are doing? When parent need to know the surrounding of their child, they just need to call to this wireless security card. After this, parent are able to listening to the voice near to the nearest surrounding of the children. Remote Monitoring Function Parents are able to spy and listen to the nearest voice near his child! If David is loitering at the cyber café. Parents are able to get track with any case study happened to their child. Meanwhile, student just need to press SOS button in the card and able to contact their parents in real time. Parents are able to get track with the current situation of their children after school.

17 17 Every student will have 1 username that can login into platform, parents will get a password to access and view the student performance. School News Message? Homework? Student result? Reward? Punishment? … Student card and the Platform can be synchronize with school notice board. Any news regarding school, student results and event notice will enable parents to check it through online. Parent and School Interaction 5 th Core Value of Security Card

18 18 Substitute traditional student card, modernize student details electronically Student who wear the wireless card device will have their school name, logo, student photo, name, class, year of birth and others attached. It has a function for parent button, that can call parents immediately Student ID Verification 6 th Core Value of Security Card School Name & Logo; Student Photo; Student Name; Student Class Year of Birth Student ID Validity Date & Barcode

19 19 Low Battery Alert If Battery Level is lower than 10 %, this wireless card will automatically send a message to inform parents. Other Features Other Supplementary Function Block Other Phone Contact Number SMS Blocking & Game Blocking Features This device has contact lock feature, if contact is locked, students will only get call from their parents. Any other phone number wont be able to contact this card.

20 20 Client Interactive Platform Feel safe & secured within finger tips 1 Results Notification 2 Performance Notification 3 School Event Notification 4 Fees on message Notification 5 Temporary Message Notification 6 Accident Absent Notification 7 Student Guide Message 8 Student Education Check, General Knowledge Check

21 21 This software platform use B/S Structure and SQL Server. User just need to connect to Internet to login into platform. It contain monitoring features, homewok platform, school management as well as providing user preferences for easy customization. Product Demonstration Chapter 6 Management Platform Student Safety GPS Manage ment School Interacti on Teachers Comment Result Statistics Monitori ng Manage ment

22 22 Product Demonstration Chapter 6

23 23 Wireless Safety Card Help us create a SAFETY environment for kids!

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