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Alternate Choice Test Items

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1 Alternate Choice Test Items
Easy to write (?), easy to grade, guessing is high Good alternate choice tests are actually difficult to write Many objectives can be tested quickly Write items definitely Use short statements Avoid absolutes (always, all, never, only) Alternatives: tend, generally, usually You may require revision of false statements (underline & revise)

2 Alternate Choice Test Items
Trick questions are seldom appropriate Avoid double negatives Highlight or emphasize negatives Avoid double-barreled items Write approximately equal numbers of each alternative Keep statements the same approximate length Avoid a systematic order Avoid taking statements directly from the text and placing them out of context Use other symbols other than T/F, G/O, O/Q, N/M

3 Alternate Choice Test Items
T F - High IQ children always get high grades in school Guns should not be outlawed unless they are never fired The Duroc is a red breed of swine with erect ears

4 Matching Test Items Easy to grade
Appropriate for associations between facts Emphasize facts and memorization Problems when using many scan sheets Keep the list and descriptions short (8-12) & homogeneous Arrange in a logical order

5 Matching Test Items Use plausible distractors
Descriptions should be in the left column and longer Lists should be in the right column and short phrases, words, or symbols Descriptions should be numbers, lists lettered Include more options than descriptors & instruct as such

6 Completion Test Items Easy to write, easy to grade, guessing is low
Many answers could be correct Refer to alternate choice rules Avoid grammatical clues Write items so there is a single word answer A question is usually better Omit only key words from statements Avoid awkward sentences Word so that the blank is near the end of the sentence

7 Essay/Short Answer Test Items
Easy to write, bears to grade, guessing is low, bluffing is high Also measure communication skills Write the items for specific answers Grade on evidence instead of opinion Avoid giving students options in answering Establish reasonable time & page limits Grade using a scoring scheme Rubric

8 Multiple Choice Test Items
Hard to write, easy to grade, guessing is reasonable Like alternate choice, items can become tricky Use longer stems than choices Use only one correct answer Use plausible distractors Avoid grammatical clues & double negatives Avoid negative statements If used … emphasize the negative Include 4-5 options … Put in logical order Avoid “None of the Above” and “All of the Above”

9 Multiple Choice Test Items
Red pigs with droopy ears are __________ A. Hampshire B. Yorkshire C. Duroc D. Hard of hearing E. None of the Above F. All of the Above

10 Quantitative Item Analysis
A numerical method for analyzing test items (usually alternate choice, matching, or multiple choice) Difficulty Index (P) – The proportion of students who answered the item correctly Discrimination Index (D) – Measure of the extent to which a test item differentiates between students who do well and those who do not do well

11 Quantitative Item Analysis
The Discrimination Index Positive – Those who did well chose the correct answer more than those who did poorly Negative – Those who did poorly chose the correct answer more than those who did well Zero – No discrimination between those who did well and poorly

12 Qualitative Item Analysis
Are the items based on the objectives? Do the distracters distract? Is there only one correct answer? Or do the students have to find the “MOST” correct answer?

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