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EA Games: Electronic Arts Simulations of Modern Business.

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1 EA Games: Electronic Arts Simulations of Modern Business

2 A brief Rundown Electronic Arts was founded in 1982 by innovator who thought that the box could one day do more than just be used to watch. Now EA is a leader in interactive technology and employs more than 9,000 people worldwide. With PC games, Console games, Mobile Apps, Social Networks Apps, and MMORPGs EA has a spot in every aspect of the industry. Facts & Details – Has 29 offices located around the Globe Reported $4.1 Billion in Net Revenue for 2012 2007 Best Console Game: Mass Effect 2005 RPG of the Year: Jade Empire 2003 Game of the Year: Star Wars: KOTOR Also a founding member of the Entertainment Software Ratings Board (ESRB) EA has continued a tradition of keeping parents aware of the content that is in each title under their name.

3 Corporate Big Wigs John Riccitiello CEO Peter Moore COO Rajat Taneja CTO Frank Gibeau President, EA Labels Patrick Söderlund Exec VP, EA Games Andrew Wilson Exec VP, EA SPORTS Gabrielle Toledano Exec VP and Chief Talent Officer Joel Linzner Exec VP, Business and Legal Affairs

4 Codes of Conduct Electronic Arts Inc. has a global set of values for the employees of their company in every location of the world. These codes of conduct are known as the EA Actions. Be BoldGo big | Take the right risks | Back our bets | Lead Think Consumers First Listen and respond | Deliver beyond their expectations | Build lifetime customers Create Quality and Innovation Deliver products and services that surpass expectations | Be relentless about improving quality | Take creative risks Act with Integrity Do the right thing | Trust others and support their decisions | Be transparent Be Accountable Deliver on commitments | Always do what we say | Play our positions | Deliver and reward results Learn and Grow Work hard, play hard | Develop yourself and others | Measure your improvement | Share knowledge generously

5 Geek Line Dance The process each game goes through from initial idea to completed product for sale has several steps. Its more complicated than this simple list makes it sound but EA has made a formula to follow for all of their productions. This has allowed that all their products are tested and given the proper amount of attention ever time. Have an Idea Add to Drawing Board. Get approval for funding. Pre-Production Phase Begins Define Characters Define Levels of Play Develop Phases of Creation Develop Storyline Create Schedule Prototyping Phase Begins Animations Models Created Mechanic Codes Developed Special Effects Started Milestones Established & Reached Development Phase Begins Full Production initiated Alpha, and Beta testing Marketing Campaign design begins Then Ship to the World.

6 North American Superhive There are six locations in the United States including the EA headquarters in Redwood Shores California. Then there are three locations in Canada that collaborate with many of the other offices to complete many of the projects creating a full beehive of activity across the continent. Handling different departments from a global customer service staff that takes place 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to all of the online interactive games for every platform device available today. Each of the offices EA has in the US have their own personality as well as their own gym. The company however functions on a global scale without bumps communicating flawlessly between offices.

7 Fairy Tale Virginia The Fairfax Virginia office is the home of Mythic. The main object of Mythic studios is MMORPGs and currently has a product line of over 15 titles. Based on their own proprietary technology the office strives to bring new ideas and innovations to every game they produce. There are more than 200 employees at the Mythic office on MMORPGs & having fun while doing it near Fairfax. Some of the titles included in their resume are: Aliens Online Dark Age of Camelot Silent Death: Online Spellbinder: The Nexus Conflict Warhammer Online: Age of Reckoning Most of the titles made previously are no longer available.

8 Florida Sports Club EA Tiburon is located just North of Orlando and is the sports capital of company. In every possible way Tiburon is about sports, the games they make, play, watch, and award. The campus is sprawled across three buildings and includes nature paths, a free coffee bar on every floor of each building, a huge free DVD library, an arcade, a car wash, and a masseuse. They also hold their own in house sports league for virtual every sport and their own awards show known as The Sharkies. Titles EA Tiburon has produced include: The Madden NFL Series NASCAR Thunder Series Tiger Woods PGA Tour Series

9 Playa Land Cali The Los Angeles campus is located just blocks from the beach and is state of the art. Home of the global headquarters for EA Interactive and its executive team the LA office is the source of all social network, online destination, casual gaming, and mobile apps. There are three development studios in EALA: Danger Close, Victory Games, & Visceral Games some of the title these studios have created are: Call of Duty Command and Conquer Series Dantes Inferno The Lord of the Rings Series Medal of Honor Series

10 The Redwood EARS Located outside of San Francisco in Redwood Shores is the EA Corporate Headquarters. In addition to executives the campus also houses a development studio just like all other locations. Also like all other location EARS has an impressive list of hit titles including: Dead Space Series The Sims Series License Titles like: James Bond The Simpsons

11 Simulating Lake Utah Opened in 2010 the State-of-the-Art campus located in downtown Salt Lake City is booming. Home to the companys PC and family game division the SLC employees work on many of the most popular games EA makes, and social networking games for Facebook that are a huge new resource. Home to the HASBRO division and The SIMS development team some of the titles coming out of EA SLC are: The SIMS: Medieval HASBRO Family Game Night Monopoly Streets RISK

12 Texas Showdown The Austin Texas office is home to Bioware and the Worldwide Customer Experience Organization. Bioware is responsible for the these projects: Baldurs Gate Series Dragon Age Jade Empire Mass Effect & Mass Effect 2 Neverwinter Nights Series Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic The Worldwide Customer Experience Organization is the global hub for all game titles under the EA name and customer service. Providing 24 hour, 7 days a week help for every game player anywhere in the world. These include online MMORPGs and console games.

13 Canadian Royal Rebels Edmonton and Montréal Canada are the Northern home of EA Bioware. The offices here have had a hand in helping develop all of the multplayer games that have been released under the EA Bioware name since 1995. The three offices as Bioware have produced: Baldurs Gate Dragon Age: Origins Mass Effect Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic Sonic Chronicles: The Dark Brotherhood

14 Movin and Shakin Mounties Home to the EA Nintendo team and EA Mobile the Montreal office has produced some of the most highly successful titles in the EA lines worldwide. The EA Nintendo Group has made: Boogie Superstars Skate It Spore SSX Blur EA Mobile has made games the iPhone and other mobile devices including: SimCity Metropolis SKATE Tetris Pop

15 British Columbia Speed The Burnaby office located outside Vancouver British Columbia is home to Black Box Games, the companys state-of-the-are motion capture studio and over 1300 employees. EA Canada is responsible for the largest global sports titles in the EA production lineup: FIFA Soccer Fight Night NBA Live NHL Live Black Box Games is the proud creator of one of the most popular games of all times: The Need for Speed

16 The European Kingdome EA has 11 offices located throughout Europe. Including Criterion Games, Phenomic, Jamdat, Playfish, DICE Studios, and a second EA Mobile Headquarters. The Romanian location is also home to the test facility which employs 150 testers that get to try out all the merchandise. State of the Art facilities are at home in : Cologne, Germany Ingelheim, Germany Galway, Ireland Stockholm, Sweden Madrid, Spain Bucharest, Romania Geneva, Switzerland London, England

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