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Sitecore7 Basics Lets see Basics of Sitecore7!. Agenda Whats new? System requirements Whats improved? Assemblies Updated Knife tools Demo Q & A.

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1 Sitecore7 Basics Lets see Basics of Sitecore7!

2 Agenda Whats new? System requirements Whats improved? Assemblies Updated Knife tools Demo Q & A

3 Whats new? – Major Highlights Code named as Elbrus – Why? - ArchitectureArchitecture Unlimited items! (SC7 scales to virtually unlimited content volumes) – Say bye to 100 child items limit! – Magic lies in Item BucketsItem Buckets Awesome search! (Content Tagging, Faceting, Boosting, Performance) – available via CE,PE, and dialog boxes! – Search statistics!Search statistics New LINQ layer with Sitecore.ContentSearch API – got power for Indexing and search! (Client/Kernel/Analytics – 3440 methods, SC.CS/SC.Buckets – 3200 methods) – LINQ API statistics!LINQ API statistics New field types! (Multilist, Tree list, GenerallinkEx with search) Device simulator! (Since, Sitecore 6.6) Supports Lucene/Solr/ElasticSearch!

4 System requirements Requires.NET framework 4.5 Developers must use Visual Studio 2012 when developing for Sitecore, even if their own projects are compiled for.NET 4.0 or.NET 3.5 Supports Windows Server 2008 R2, Windows Server 2008 SP2, Windows 7, and Windows Vista SP2+ and the associated IIS versions (IIS 7, IIS 7.5). Require SQL Server 2008 R2 or SQL Server 2012 and their corresponding SQL Server Express editions [SQL 2K8 – Not supported] Sitecore is deprecating support for running Sitecore under IIS application pools configured to use Classic pipeline mode.

5 Whats improved? IFilter support DataSource improvements – Datasource rendering parameters stored in GUID instead of path Improved logging for indexing and search – few more log files to analyze! Renderings and layouts – clear index on update Changes around the list of supported browsers: IE 8, 9 + 10 (IE 7 is no longer supported) Chrome 25 and later Firefox 17 and later Apple Safari 6 for Mac OS (Apple Safari for Windows is no longer supported by Apple) Troubleshooting – patch info in showconfig.aspx

6 Assemblies updated Following 3rd party assemblies has been updated, might have to update and recompile your code if you are referencing them! AssemblyBeforeNow Lucene.Net.dll2. HtmlAgilityPack.dll1. NewtonSoft.Json.dll3.

7 New Knife tools /Sitecore/Admin ToolDescription LinqScratchPad.aspxA new admin page that allows you to write LINQ statements through a web interface to test different queries. FillDB.aspxA new admin page that allows you to quickly create huge amounts of items in the content tree for test data. pipelines.aspxProvides pipeline profiling, which lets you monitor utilization, performance, and other aspects of Sitecore pipelines

8 Its Demo time! http://sc7demo – Autohaus -- An open source demo site for Sitecore 7 [] http://sc7demo http://sc7 – Plain Sitecore7 version http://sc7

9 Resources Sitecore7 Webinars Sitecore7 Documentations Moon.aspx f0cc3c9f90d8 Toolbelt.aspx

10 Q and A The test of a good teacher is not how many questions he can ask his pupils that they will answer readily, but how many questions he inspires them to ask him which he finds it hard to answer.

11 Questions for you! Whats the release date of SC7? How Sitecore solved 100 child items limit? Device Simulator is new feature of SC7?Yes/No You can use VS 2010 while developing on SC7? SC7 hosted on IIS7 will work with Classic pipeline? Using which page you can do pipeline profiling? If you switch your provider from Lucene to Solr – Do you need to change your code?

12 Thank you! Happy Sitecoring! Kiran Patil – Sitecore MVP 2013

13 Item Buckets Can store millions of content items Stored as unstructured content Search item and work on it – Faster way to work! Alert! Children property and GetChildren() method will not work as expected when used on items stored in a bucket container. it is recommended not to use the item.Axes methods due to performance considerations.

14 Search statistics Data source – Tim ward in his first session for MVPs New Sitecore LINQ layer to fetch data, So, if you switch from Lucene to Solr/ElasticSearch – no need to change your code! ActionSitecore 6.6Sitecore7 Rebuild index with 10 Million items27 hours98 minutes Simple retrieval search3.9 seconds0.3 seconds Complex searches (sort date, and wildcard).NET exceptions 0.3

15 LINQ API statistics 20K+ items Started from /Sitecore Repeated count 3 times Test NameLINQQueryItemSearchManagerFast Query Where TemplateName Equals 18ms405ms139ms11ms81ms Where TemplateName Contains 20ms409ms145ms17ms6367ms Get Children3ms4ms0ms21ms42ms Get Descendants3ms25ms215ms71ms146ms Get Ancestors5ms19ms3ms10ms21ms Where Created Data Between 25ms21ms241ms10ms1864ms

16 Architecture

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