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Biological Medicine Symposium 2012

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1 Biological Medicine Symposium 2012
Diagnosis and Therapy Applications  For Your Biological Medicine Practice  June 15-17, 2012 Vancouver, B.C. Canada Held at the Delta Vancouver Airport Hotel in Richmond, B.C. Canada

2 Occidental Institute Research Foundation Your Information and Technology Bridge linking German Biological Medicine with English speaking practitioners worldwide – since 1972!

3 Celebrating our 40th Anniversary!
Sponsored By Occidental Institute Research Foundation 2002 West Bench Drive Penticton, B.C. V2A 8Z3 Canada Toll Free Phone: Phone: (250) Fax: (250) Website: Celebrating our 40th Anniversary!

4 With the generous Cooperation and Support of:
Advanced Medical Systems, Germany BioMed, Canada and Terra Medica, USA Holistic Concepts, Germany Med-Tronik, Germany The Fdn. for Applied Science for Alternative Medicine & The Healing Arts, USA

5 Optional Hands-On Workshop
BioResonance and the MORA® Nova Dr. Uwe Uellendahl, Germany Vancouver, June 14, 2012 Dr. Uellendahl has been a long time practitioner, teacher and researcher for BioResonance and Biological Medicine. During this one day pre-Symposium Workshop, he introduced the new MORA® Nova device to North American practitioners. Contact OIRF for details on this innovative new device.

6 Hands-On Workshops Biological Dental Assessment: Dr. Gary Verigin
BioResonance Therapy: Dr. Uwe Uellendahl EAV Diagnostics: Dr. Bärbel Aldridge Magnetic Field Therapy: Dr. Ted Cole REBA/PSE: Dr. Reimar Banis Risk Assessment with Thermography: Dr. Alex Mostovoy

7 Getting ready and setting up the exhibits . . .
So much activity – if they would only stay still while I try to take their picture! Carolyn, if you will only do it this way your manuals will look beeaaauuutifulll !!

8 S. Craig Wagstaff, ND British Columbia, Canada
Biological Medicine Therapies with An Introduction to Phenolic Therapy

9 The very first session on Friday Morning
The very first session on Friday Morning. Always a dynamic speaker this was the perfect opening session covering several possibilities for Biological Medicine therapies. And it was nice to see Dr. Karin Wagstaff too!

10 An early start on Friday morning. Dr
An early start on Friday morning! Dr. Cole immediately took on the duties of timing and introducing the speakers.

11 Simon Yu, MD Missouri, USA
Think Parasites When the Latest Medical Therapy Fails: Paradise Lost in a Parallel Universe

12 Don’t these docs ever slow down when they’re talking
Don’t these docs ever slow down when they’re talking? Honestly they are not all a blur! We have the evidence – Simon does smile! A great lecture on a topic all practitioners should take into consideration with their patients.

13 PaedDr. Uwe Uellendahl, HP Cologne, Germany
BioResonance Therapy with the MORA® Nova Blood Amplification Resonance Test

14 Another very dynamic speaker, Dr
Another very dynamic speaker, Dr. Uellendahl again introduced the new MORA® Nova and a unique testing method using MORA BioResonance.

15 Alex Mostovoy, HD, DHMS, BCCT Ontario, Canada
Clinical Applications of Medical Infrared Thermography

16 Another non-invasive assessment tool that is practical and applicable in many practices. Dr. Mostovoy gave us passionate but precise reasons for utilizing this method for breast cancer patients.

17 The Chairman, Dr. Ted Cole – This guy must be almost done?!
Carolyn and Elaine get first dibs on the chocolate for the break! Who’s whispering at that back?

18 Reimar Banis, MD, PhD Hergiswil, Switzerland
Practical Applications of Psychosomatic Energetics (PSE)

19 An excellent presentation introducing this unique method of both analysis and therapy. Information on REBA and the Rubimed remedies can be obtained from BioMed Int’l who sponsored this lecture. Will you please slow down when I’m taking your picture???

20 Two of the small workshops Dr
Two of the small workshops Dr. Banis was in the main room with another small group Dr. Alex Mostovoy explains thermography in more detail … Some of the lecturers join Dr. Uwe Uellendahl to see the new MORA Nova in action and hear about Mora Color Therapy.

21 The 40th Anniversary Reception
Getting setup and ready to go. What a fantastic spread plus a Champaign toast!

22 The 40th Anniversary Reception
The Cake Those who have contributed so much! All dressed up – looking lovely ladies

23 The 40th Anniversary Reception
Good food – good friends – good memories – what a wonderful evening!

24 The 40th Anniversary Reception
Part of the “European Contingent” Prof. van Wijk But I have another question . . . You can tell by the girls’ expressions that we really believe that Ted!

25 The 40th Anniversary Reception
We shared memories from the past 40 years – some funny and some sad – and made many new memories during this evening. It was my pleasure to propose a toast to the continued growth of the Institute and Biological Medicine – for the next 40 years! Thank you to everyone who attended.

26 Prof. Roeland van Wijk, PhD Amersfoort, Netherlands
BioPhotons in Diagnostics – Progress and Expectations

27 Really, we did give him a pointer, but his hand kept disappearing into the projection screen!
This Keynote Lecture became one of the highlights of this Symposium. Dr. van Wijk was able to tell us about his decades of research and work with BioPhotons in a way that all of us could understand and absorb this incredible information.

28 A much needed mental break after the Prof. . . .
Everyone’s rapt attention – right to the end! Drs. Verigin and OIRF Staff An Ionized Oxygen break The MORA® Nova

29 Bärbel Aldridge, HP, ND Doug Aldridge, MA North Carolina, USA
Advances in EAV for Efficient Assessment and Effective Therapy

30 An intense and very passionate presentation about Electro-Acupuncture According to Dr. Voll – true EAV. The team presentation of Doug and Bärbel Aldridge brought us up to date on current and modern EAV techniques as acknowledged by the German EAV Society.

31 The Group (less a few) . . .

32 Gary M. Verigin, DDS Lisa Verigin, MFA, PhD California, USA
Mapping a Route to Healing for the Medically Compromised Patient in Biological Dentistry, or All Roads Lead to (and from) the Terrain

33 We want to specially thank Gary, JoAnne and Lisa for making the long and difficult trip from California to honor us with this outstanding presentation. Remembering that Dr. Gary actually attended Dr. Voll’s initial North American seminars, his experience and expertise both as a tester and a biological dentist shone throughout his lecture and workshop. An exceptional man willing to share his vast knowledge.

34 Arno Josef Heinen, MD, MSc and Dagmar Thurmann, Therapist Germany
Stress Diagnosis of Environmental Stressors with a Special Voice Frequency Presentation of a Rhythmic-Functional Diagnostic and Therapeutic Method This paper was presented by: Mrs. Judith Dunlop, OIRF, B.C. Canada

35 We had a lot of difficulty preparing this lecture since “we are not the experts” in this method. However we felt it was important to include this new methodology in this Symposium and Judith was able to give us a brief but concise introduction to Voice Frequency Analysis.

36 Another break – Whew! Ahh BioPhotons – I know there’s more hair up there now! Goodbye Uwe – travel home safely! May I have Ionized Oxygen next?

37 Theodore J. Cole, DO, NMD Ohio, USA
On Saturday Afternoon The Frequency of Life: Pulsed Electro-Magnetic Field Therapy On Sunday Morning Energy Medicine: One Name, Many Paths

38 On Saturday Afternoon: Pulsed Electro-Magnetic Field Therapy
On Sunday Morning: Energy Medicine. Both lectures presenting important therapy information

39 Two of the small workshops Dr
Two of the small workshops Dr. Verigin was in the main room with another small group Sorry about the bright pictures – the lighting in this room was not the best. But, here is Dr. Cole with a group getting a demonstration and more detailed information on the AMS magnetic field therapy devices. Dr. Aldridge working with a small group demonstrating true EAV techniques.

40 Dickson Thom, DDS, ND Arizona, USA
Application Based Learning For Your Clinical Practice

41 Finances, business practice, how to “operate” a successful practice
Finances, business practice, how to “operate” a successful practice. Practical and timely information that every practitioner needs to take into consideration. Another exciting and informative lecture. With this closing lecture we have taken participants in a full circle. With constant attention to the practical, we have moved through various therapies and evaluation methods into the theoretical explanations of BioPhotons and back to the “business” of how to operate your practice for personal and financial reward. Join us again next time – or for the forthcoming 39th Biological Medicine Group Tour to Germany in the fall. Thank you for attending. CLWS

42 Closing Remarks from Carolyn Winsor-Sturm
I offer a special “Thank You” to all the speakers and participants. We appreciate that they were able to travel to Vancouver for this amazing Symposium-style conference. Also thanks to those organizations and individuals who generously and graciously sponsored and supported this event with special mention to Mr. Terry Cotter and Mr. Harlan Lahti of BioMed International, Dr. Simon Yu and Med-Tronik. Also, Elaine and I want to give special mention to our “Volunteer Ambassadors” Mrs. Judi Ritcey (Power Point, OIRF table and pictures), Mrs. Judith Dunlop (SFA presentation with demos of BioPhotons, Ionized Oxygen Therapy and SFA) and Mr. Kevin Ritcey (for hooking up equipment, and generally taking care of all of us). Dr. Yu will sponsor his 8th International Biological Medicine Conference in mid-September, 2013 in St. Louis, Missouri USA. Occidental Institute will host the Biological Medicine Symposium on June 6-8, 2014 again in beautiful Vancouver, BC Canada. Recordings of all the lectures from this Symposium along with a copy of the Symposium Manual are available from OIRF for $500 plus shipping. Looking forward to meeting you again soon . . . Carolyn

43 The Exhibitors The following exhibitors all paid a fee to participate in this Symposium. Some of them were also invited to present a lecture during the Symposium. Only those exhibitors identified with the OIRF logo as above presented products or services which are recommended and recognized by Occidental Institute. Always “let the buyer beware”. Should you have questions or comments concerning these exhibits please contact Elaine or Carolyn at (250) or by at

44 The Exhibitors Biomed International Products Corporation
Unit North Fraser Way Burnaby, BC V5J 5G7 CANADA Toll Free: ext 120 Local: ext 120 Fax: Order online at or call toll free

45 The Exhibitors The Foundation for Applied Science for Alternative Medicine & the Healing Arts Simon Yu, MD Prevention and Healing 10908 Schuetz Road St. Louis Missouri USA Phone: (314) Website:

46 The Exhibitors Healing Waves – Vital Energy Dynamics
Bärbel Aldridge, ND Healing Ways Holistic Health 207 C Oakdale Road Jamestown North Carolina USA Phone: (336) Fax: (336) Website:

47 The Exhibitors Canada RNA Biochemical Mr. Martin Kwok
680 – 4400 Hazelbridge Way Richmond, B.C. V6X 3R8 CANADA Phone: (604) Fax: (604) Website:

48 The Exhibitors CyberScan North America Dr. Steven Small
CyberScan Professional 578 Washington Blvd., #509 Marina del Rey, California USA Phone: , Ext. 4

49 The Exhibitors Thermography Clinic, Inc. Dr. Alex Mostovoy
143 Sheppard Avenue West Toronto, Ontario M2N 1M7 CANADA Phone: (416) Website:

50 The Exhibitors Synergy Health Systems Home of the EDS 2000
Dr. Jim Jose 1223 Wilshire Blvd., #321 Santa Monica, California USA Phone: (310) Website: Home of the EDS 2000

51 The Exhibitors Occidental Institute Research Foundation
Through Occidental Institute you can receive information on the following products, and many will be on display for demonstration purposes: Membership in our professional non-profit research association with Bi-monthly newsletters filled with valuable information Annual Clinic & Lecture Tours to Germany A catalog of Books & Publications Reputable instrumentation recommendations A full schedule of practical Workshops and Conferences Med-Tronik, Germany MORA BioResonance Therapy MORA Color Therapy BE-T-A (BioElectronic Terrain Analysis according to Prof. Vincent) OXIMED Electronic Homeopathy Programs Holistic Concepts, Germany Voice Frequency Analysis AMSAT Segmental Diagnostics Advanced Medical Systems, Germany Pulsed Electro-Magnetic Field Therapy MEDISEND Protect! CSTronik, Austria Ionized Oxygen Therapy VNS Diagnostics Medical Electronics (sorry there is no internet presence for this company) BioPhoton Therapy AQA 707 Water Treatment System Manufacturer of numerous proprietary devices including AMSAT and PSE

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