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DIRECT TECHNOLOGY, INC. Emergency Call Tracking System.

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1 DIRECT TECHNOLOGY, INC. Emergency Call Tracking System

2 Overview What is ECaTS? System Overview Standard Reports Ad-hoc Reports Key Business Drivers Data Reliability Managed Services SCHEDULE A LIVE DEMO TODAY!

3 ECaTS 9-1-1 System Product Definition: The ECaTS 9-1-1 Reporting System is a secure Internet-based MIS application that reports on all PSAPs in an entire county, jurisdiction or state Intuitive one click reporting Call and Trunk statistics information CDR and ALI information Local call taker statistics Hassle-free & Low-maintenance No servers or expensive equipment at PSAP Easy to use with just an Internet browser CPE Agnostic

4 System Overview Enterprise MIS Reporting Solution One system to collect, manage and report Unified Reporting Managed Services MIS as a Service Fully Customizable - What are your standards and efficiencies? - What do you hold your PSAPs responsible for? - How do you currently use your statistics? For what purpose? System Health Snapshot PSAP Buffer Device Trouble Ticket Management System Data Repository Scheduled Reports Multi-Level Reports 24x7 Monitoring Ad-hoc Reports

5 Standard Pre-configured Reports Call Summary Report Average Call Duration Top 20 Busiest Hours Report Call Trace Report Calls by Circuit Report Circuit Utilization Report PSAP Speed of Answer Class of Service Report Initial Station Total Calls

6 State/Co. 9-1-1 Management Reports Management Exception Reports: Trunk Group Utilization Speed of Answer Monthly Management Reports: Wireless Call Sector 10-Digit Emergency Summary Other Management Reports: Daily Outage Monthly Outage Funky Call Data Day-In-Review e-mail

7 Day-In-Review Generic Co Sheriff - 5/16/2011 Total Count 142 911 Calls 110 Abandoned Calls 32 Average Duration 116 seconds Answered within 10 seconds 92% Answered within 20 seconds 100% Answered within 60 seconds 100% Answered within 120 seconds 100% Answered over 120 Seconds 100% Top 5 Busiest Hours 5/16/2011 7:00:00 PM 13 5/16/2011 8:00:00 PM 13 5/16/2011 6:00:00 PM 9 5/16/2011 4:00:00 PM 8 5/16/2011 1:00:00 PM 8

8 Graphical Support User Definable Graphical Support Pie, Bar, Line, etc.

9 Business Drivers Statewide/Countywide Data trending and analysis Easily answer legislative inquiries – call statistics, PSAP performance Consolidation Projects and Funding Trace calls as they are transferred from one PSAP to another Identification of misdirected wireless calls Statewide/Countywide ranking of PSAPs in overall 911 answer time performance Are calls being answered in a timely manner? Are calls being placed on hold excessively?

10 Business Drivers (continued) Ability to analyze a PSAPs call taking volume and trunk statistics to determine: Trunking Requirements Are all lines being utilized appropriately? Are your PSAPs trunked properly? Are calls being distributed properly in a trunk group? Station Requirements Do they have enough or too many positions to answer the call volume? New Call Type Impacts - retrieve call statistics for a particular type of call and within seconds understand the impact it is having on the PSAPs within their jurisdictions Comparative Analysis - allows the County managers to see their best PSAPs and work with those PSAPs that require more coaching/help

11 Data Reliability - How does it work? CallerPSAP Call Taker CPE Back office Equipment Universal Data Collectors Remote Data Distribution Module Step 1: RDDM (Remote Data Distribution Module) is connected to your CPE equipment Step 2:RDDM connects to a secure connection which stores, compresses and encrypts CDR to a secure database. Step 3:Database is encrypted by the RDDM Step 4:Data is delivered to Direct Technologys data center for processing

12 Local Buffering Device Most crucial architectural difference Non-moveable parts Local Data Capture, Compression and delivery over dial-up Error Detection and Notification Cable unplugged? Change in stream speed? Internal diagnostic report Modem error report 24 hour replacement strategy with standby inventory Additional Validations Heart beat Low Call Volume Monitor

13 Emergency Call Tracking System LIVE DEMO

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