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OCP International Partnership © 2011 OCP-IP Corporate Introduction Ian R. Mackintosh President, OCP-IP.

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2 OCP International Partnership © 2011 OCP-IP Corporate Introduction Ian R. Mackintosh President, OCP-IP

3 OCP International Partnership © 2011 2 OCP-IP OCP-IP President and Chairman Ian R. Mackintosh

4 OCP International Partnership © 2011 3 The ONLY complete and proven SoC socket… Important OCP Facts

5 OCP International Partnership © 2011 4 IP Core Target Bus A Target Bus B OR OCP Interface SOCKET SOCKET IS NOT A BUS INTERFACE Core-centric Interface Note: OCP separates the computational IP core from its communication activity. White Paper available re: Sockets at

6 OCP International Partnership © 2011 5 Enables IP core creation independent of system architecture and application domain Describes all inter-core communications Optimizes die area by configuring into the OCP interface only those features needed by the core Specified timing categories assure core interoperability Facilitates rapid, plug-and-play IP integration OCP: The only Complete and Proven SoC Socket

7 OCP International Partnership © 2011 6 Exceptional flexibility Structured method for inclusion of sideband signals: high-level flow control, interrupts, power control, device configuration registers, test modes, etc. Synchronous, unidirectional signaling allows simplified implementation, integration and timing analysis Configurable address and data word width Transfers may be pipelined to any depth for increased throughput Optional burst transfers for higher efficiency Multiple concurrent transfers use thread identifiers for out-of-order completion Connection identifiers provide end-to-end traffic identification for differential quality of service, etc. Synchronization primitives include atomic test-set, lazy synchronization, non-posted write commands System-wide hardware cache coherence enabled through additional coherence transactions Optional core disconnect scheme to support power management techniques OCP: Defines a Complete SoC Socket

8 OCP International Partnership © 2011 7 OCP – Applications Served – Shipping Over One Billion Units, Annually Set-top Boxes PrintersMobile Phones Wireless LANs Game Consoles Video RecordersDTVs Note: OCP usage is expanding in both FPGA and military applications (both low and high volumes) Switches DVD Players Computers

9 OCP International Partnership © 2011 8 OCP-IP Mission ….to promote and support OCP as the complete socket standard that ensures rapid creation and integration of interoperable IP cores. What is OCP-IP?

10 OCP International Partnership © 2011 9 Charter of OCP-IP Governance of OCP Specification Evolution and enhancement Compliance testing and certification Community source products administration Specification Tools, support, services, etc. Promotion of the standard Non-profit operation HQ Beaverton, Oregon

11 OCP International Partnership © 2011 10 Developed by a Community of world-class technology companies Approx. 250 member companies Continuously evolved and enhanced based upon community need Ensured vendor independence Supporting Community source products and infrastructure Ensured only Best-of-Breed solutions OCP: The Community-Supported SoC Socket

12 OCP International Partnership © 2011 11 Membership Structure Governing Steering Committee (GSC) The Governing BoD Sponsor Eligible for Working Groups Community Free Community Source Products Note: Sponsor fees $25K, Community $10K per year ($1K for company with annual revenues < $10million)

13 OCP International Partnership © 2011 12 Industry-wide Breadth of Standards and Specifications Focused Depth Verification Tools Technical Support Self-Certification Seal Compliance Program Training Program High-Level APIs Implementation Tools Continuous Enhancements Interface Specification Successful interface adoption requires depth OCP-IP provides this depth OCP-IP Benefits are Compelling

14 OCP International Partnership © 2011 13 Extensive OCP Infrastructure Visit the website for details of the benefits offered by OCP-IP:

15 OCP International Partnership © 2011 14 OCP-IP in Asia: Supporting Global Design Multiple, existing local-language websites: Japanese, Chinese and Korean Reach homepages via Technical support in Japanese, available now Contact OCP and CoreCreator Training in Japanese, available now Contact Expansion continuing in India CY2011 Many Indian companies already hold membership in OCP-IP

16 OCP International Partnership © 2011 15 OCP-IP Working Groups (WGs) Technical Vision Marketing Specification Cache Coherence (*) System-Level Design Functional Verification Debug (*) NoC Benchmarking (*) MetaData (*) …all groups meet weekly or bi-weekly (*) Newer WGs driven by Heterogeneous Processor, Multi-Core Systems

17 OCP International Partnership © 2011 16 Reviewing Status of OCP-IP WGs View infrastructure wheel for general status and activities of working groups Quarterly updates on individual working groups provided in OCP-IP newsletter Inquiries regarding specific working group activity or your request for participation Contact us at

18 OCP International Partnership © 2011 17 OCP-IP Membership Benefits

19 OCP International Partnership © 2011 18 OCP-IP Promotional Benefits Access to OCP-IP endorsed promotional activities such as tradeshows, technology pavilions, presentations, etc. Company listing, URL and logo on the member roster Collaboration or support on article placement Promotion in OCP-IPs libraries IP: EDA Products: Related Services: Newsletter feature Joint press releases

20 OCP International Partnership © 2011 19 Becoming an OCP-IP Member Get membership application: Membership application download Membership application download Complete application form (takes two minutes!) Fax completed application to 1- 503-644-6708

21 OCP International Partnership © 2011 20 Join OCP-IP now by contacting: OCP-IP Association 3855 SW 153rd Drive Beaverton, OR 97006 USA Phone: 503-619-0560 Fax: 503-644-6708 OCP-IP Membership

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