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Sentry. Information Leakage and Loss Data Loss, Theft and Leakage happen in a number of environments and for a number of reasons. To combat many of these,

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1 Sentry

2 Information Leakage and Loss Data Loss, Theft and Leakage happen in a number of environments and for a number of reasons. To combat many of these, Sentry performs quickly and effectively in: Panic Situations Loss or theft of a mobile computer where its whereabouts are unknown. Critical Situations Internal staff theft - widely perceived to be a major source of sensitive data leakage. Controlled Situations Employment Termination All too often when an employee leaves a position, for whatever reason, they take the employers data with them. Computer Replacement Programmes When an organisation / person replaces its computers they are often dispatched with inadequate or no measures taken to cleanse them of data.

3 What is Sentry Sentry is a simple but effective tool that securely eradicates computer data that may be at risk of moving out of its owners control.

4 Mobile Data – Panic Application Your device is missing, lost or stolen. It contains gigabytes of information some of which is inevitably sensitive. Whatever security tools are installed none provide any information to help manage the situation. Sentry works quickly, instructing the device to self-destruct & proving it has done so, allowing effective crisis management.

5 Mobile Data – Critical Application When an organisation suspects that an employee is acting against its interests it needs to respond quickly. Most organisations accept that employees remove information and pass it to unwanted sources. Equally employees store an organisations information at a third party site for use post employment. Sentry can be used in-house to quickly shut down a rogue employee.

6 Mobile Data – Controlled Application Employment Termination When an employee leaves or is removed from position the organisation must ensure that any information on his/her computer is erased before it is compromised. Computer Replacement Programme As organisations replace and renew their computers they need to take adequate measures to make sure the information on the computer is erased before it is dispatched. Sentry can be used in-house to perform an unrecoverable delete on all desktops and laptops in just a couple of minutes.

7 Sentry is an invisible application that waits for an instruction to destroy the data contents on the computer it is protecting. It eliminates human error by having no user interaction, there are no passwords to enter or programmes to start, Sentry is always working when the computer is. Sentry needs no hardware other than its host computer. No restrictions, Sentry protects all data regardless of its location on the device. Sentry is a hosted service meaning there is no expensive infrastructure to install or maintain. What makes Sentry so effective?

8 Password, 2a4n5d7y Why Sentry over traditional security tools? ***************** Sentry is not meant to replace existing data protection strategies or tools and acts as a powerful layer in a complete data protection strategy. Currently accepted tools such as encryption, require user intervention, either to enter complicated passwords or insert external plug in hardware. End users often render these tools useless by recording the password and storing it or the plug in device, with the laptop, stripping the tool of its functionality. Protected data is good, NO data is best. Sentry deletes ALL data, protected or not.

9 Whatever the circumstance, Panic, Critical or Controlled Sentry works in the same way. The authorised operator identifies the relevant device through the Sentry service and quickly issues a request to erase all sensitive data. When the command reaches the device the data is eradicated and the proof is delivered to the relevant parties almost immediately. Authorised Internal Sentry Operator or Data Vault Security is asked to destroy a particular device. Data Vault Security Sentry Issues Self Destruct Command To Required Computer. The Sentry Process Device receives Sentry delete Instruction and shuts down.

10 Hosted Sentry service How does Sentry work? Sentry uses whichever communications channels an organisation uses to deliver the decommission instruction to the device. Whichever channel reaches the device first will trigger Sentry and the data will be deleted. For mobile workers Sentry uses the worldwide mobile broadband infrastructure as standard as well as the internet, meaning that a lost device can be contacted almost anywhere on earth. Sentry Clients Device Mobile Broadband All Other Broadband WI-FI / WI-MAX Intranet Extranet

11 Unrecoverable Data Deletion All selected data is deleted to the US Department of Defence 5220(M) standard which means it is effectively unrecoverable to all but the most sophisticated security organisations. Sentry finishes the job by rendering the operating system inactive, leaving the device completely useless.

12 Data Vault Security Sentry Audit Trail Traditional tools require a leap of faith that the data is safe because there is no information about the device – it is simply missing. The Sentry comprehensive decommission report proves that the data cannot be compromised and that the measures taken to achieve this have succeeded. The report shows a list of ALL files deleted, when, and very importantly, whether any were accessed in the time that the device was missing and unreached by Sentry. Culprit Identification and Device Location are also available.

13 Summary of Benefits at a Glance Sentry uses and will always use the fastest communications methods available to communicate with a computer, whatever the reason for the decommission. Sentry gives control to its users. No need to notify police or other authorities. After purchase Sentry is free to use – there are NO additional costs. Sentry is always active when its host computer is. When it receives a decommission instruction Sentry works quickly to leave the computer risk free. On a typical computer Sentry can destroy 500 MB of data made up of more than 4500 documents (2380 Word docs, 2127 Spreadsheets and several hundred emails) in 103 seconds, too fast for the data to be seriously compromised. Sentry can be integrated with Data Vault Security Backup for ultimate protection.

14 Sentry Wi-Fi / RFID integration Sentry can be triggered by a location based RFID/Wi-FI system to destroy the data on a computer that leaves an authorised zone in a building or compound, for example a hospital. Where appropriate Sentry can be set to simply inform the user of a potential breach and compromise situation by text message or e- mail and await instruction to delete the data if necessary.

15 Sentry ticks all the boxes Sentrys integrated volume encryption or Full Disk Encryption integration make efforts to get round Sentry extremely difficult. Sentry integrates with leading data back up tools to provide an excellent route back to productivity in the shortest time possible. Sentry can be used as a proactive tool, for example with its device vacation functionality that searches for the device in designated downtimes such as user holidays. Sentry is a low cost insurance layer to help an individual or organisation keep its data for its own use only.

16 the data security specialists…

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